The Audiophile Journey of Mahir Efe Falay: Exploring the Beauty of Music through Gears

I am Mahir Efe Falay. The founder of and a husband, father of 2 cats and psychotherapist & coach at the same time.

Can you tell us about your first experience with audio gears?

My childhood was influenced by Bee Gees and ABBA and their vinyls. Their songs filled my home with upbeat melodies and catchy lyrics that I still sing to this day. The disco hits of the Bee Gees and the pop anthems of ABBA will always remind me of my happy childhood. 

What inspired you to start your audiophile journey?

My desire to see beyond the wall is a desire to explore new possibilities and uncover hidden truths. It symbolizes my curiosity and willingness to take risks in order to discover what lies on the other side. It also stands for my desire to learn more about the world and understand it better, as well as my desire to broaden my horizons and go where no one has gone before.

Literally speaking: the thought of more and more can be heard.

Can you describe a specific moment or experience that solidified your love for audiophile gears?

Getting my first higher powered source! It opened up a new age of discovery in sound. I never realized the nuances of music until I got my first higher powered source. It made me appreciate music in ways that I had never imagined before. My first higher powered source made me realize how much I had been missing out on in terms of sound quality, it was like listening to my favorite songs for the first time all over again. 

How has your audiophile journey evolved over time?

I met with many like minded people all over the world. This is insane. I never thought it would be possible to have conversations so rich with people from different backgrounds. It's truly incredible how technology and sound can bring us together. It's amazing to find so many people who share the same ideas and values, despite being so far apart in geographical terms. The sense of community and belonging is indescribable. 

What are some of your favorite pieces of audiophile equipment, and why?

The strongest sources and the most revealing iems are my favorites. Because I value every piece for its functionality, the V30 and now the Ibasso dx300 serve as the foundation of my and MBA's entire operation.

How does your audiophile hobby impact your daily life?

It is clearly enhancing my sonic perception and making me enjoy things more than before. I'm starting to appreciate music genres that I previously disliked, and I'm noticing small details in songs that I couldn't hear before. I also feel like my overall mood has improved since I started reviewing. 

How do you select new pieces of equipment for your collection?

I don’t have a collection. If I am holding any piece, it means that it is useful. But after all, I am looking at the graphs and taking them with a pinch of salt. The next step is to make a blind purchase or find a loaner.

Can you share tips or advice for someone just starting their audiophile journey?

  • Just join the local meetups and experience stuff, after reading the basics. We were you one day and reading didn't help us that much.

  • Buy equipment, experience the bad, learn the value of good.

  • You can always sell your stuff with a 30% loss. 

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