Music to My Ears: A Story of One Man's Passion for Audiophile Equipment

My name is Sri Rama Krishna and I am a 42 years old IT employee. My greatest passion in life is music and I consider myself an audiophile. My journey in the world of audio began in the 90s with Sony Walkmans. However, it was not until 1998 when I purchased a Sony WM-EX655 that I truly fell in love with music. Despite owning some of the finest audio gear in recent years, nothing has quite matched the "wow factor" that I felt with that first Walkman.

It wasn't until I purchased a FiiO X5 that I became interested in audio gear again. This led me on a journey of discovery, trying out different equipment and ultimately solidifying my love for audiophile gear. One specific moment that stands out for me was when I was listening to HD650 on Bottlehead crack. The music felt alive and nothing else has quite satisfied me in the same way.

In my long journey, I have bought and sold many pieces of equipment, but there are a few that have stood the test of time. The HD650/HD6XX, for its midrange and vocals, and the Cowons (D2, Z2 and Plenue M2) for having the best DSP in the audio world in my opinion.

My current desktop setup includes the Hifiman EF-400 and TA-26. My portable setup is the combination of the Hiby RS6 and Topping NX7 and Cowon PM2 + Topping NX7. In terms of headphones, I rotate between the HD6XX, LCD2 Classic, Focal Radiance, FiiO FD7, Moondrop Kanas Pro, Koss KPH40, Sennheiser PX100 II, and Sennheiser Momentum. This keeps me fatigue-free and refreshed.

Over the years, my audiophile journey has evolved and I have owned a lot of different equipment. However, my audiophile hobby has become a part of my daily life, providing peace and happiness whenever I am feeling disturbed or tired. When selecting new equipment for my collection, I try to have a variety of headphones and sources to prevent listening fatigue.

For anyone just starting their own audiophile journey, my advice would be to not spend too much money trying to find the perfect pair of headphones or equipment. Instead, try to identify what you like the most and find something that matches that. Additionally, try visiting theaudiostore, headphonezone or other stores that provide demo units so you can try out different gear.

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