The Audiophile Journey of Kenneth Koh: From JVC CD Player to 64 Audio Trio

Hi everyone, my name is Kenneth Koh and I am the main host of my independent YouTube channel, SuperChonk. I am an audiophile who has been on a journey of discovering the best audio gear since my high school days. Join me as I share my experiences, tips, and favorite pieces of equipment.

My First Experience with Audio Gear:

It all started with a JVC CD player which I cherished during my high school days. However, my first serious IEM was the Etymotic ER6 Isolator. The balanced armature was a new thing in the audio world back then and I thought it was so cutting edge owning the ER6.

Inspiration to Start the Audiophile Journey:

As a wind orchestra player, I was inspired to listen to more wind orchestra music in higher fidelity while on the go. Back then, the standard earphone paired with your audio playback device was usually a pair of cheap earbuds, which didn't allow me to hear all the intricate parts of the music. I wanted better and that's when I discovered IEMs.

Eureka Moment:

The moment that solidified my love for audiophile gear was when I first tried the Etymotic ER6. I was finally able to listen to the layers of music clearly for the first time and it was like I was finally able to see. The separation was worlds apart from the congested mess I was used to before.

Evolution of the Audiophile Journey:

Over time, I have tried many earphones and headphones, starting with the Etymotic ER6 and later owning a pair of Ultimate Ears Triple Fi. 10. I also discovered DITA Audio and the tonality of Dynamic Drivers which has become my favorite driver of choice. More recently, my rotation includes the Final Audio A5000 and the 64 Audio Trio.

Favourite Pieces of Equipment:

Some of my favorite pieces of equipment include the Etymotic ER4P, 64 Audio Trio, and the Cayin N8II. These pieces of equipment stand out to me because of their detail, extension, natural tonality, and lush mids.

Impact on Daily Life:

My audiophile hobby doesn't impact my daily life too much. I usually commute to work with an IEM that I am reviewing, but this was before TWS earphones became the preferred choice for commuting.

Selecting New Pieces of Equipment:

When selecting new pieces of equipment, I always suggest trying them out if you have the opportunity. Audio is very personal and subjective, and there is no right or wrong answer. Keep an open mind and try different types of signatures to develop your taste.

Tips for Starting an Audiophile Journey:

My tips for someone just starting their audiophile journey are to keep an open mind and try out different types of signatures. It's easy to be boxed into a particular type when you're new, but I suggest exploring more as your taste will change over time. Watch reviews, but if you have the opportunity to try IEMs, take advantage of it. Graphs are only an indication of a suggested signature and not a complete answer. There are other components that affect the overall tone that aren't shown on a graph.


I hope my journey as an audiophile has been informative and inspiring for you. Remember to keep an open mind and enjoy the journey of discovering your favorite pieces of equipment. Don't forget to like and subscribe to my YouTube channel, SuperChonk

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