BQEYZ X Angelears Winter Ultra In-Ear Monitors Review: Missing that "wow" factor in sound


We're all familiar with the innovative approach that BQEYZ brings to the in-ear monitor market. Their recent launch, the Winter Ultra IEM, features a unique driver configuration consisting of a 12mm Dual Cavity Dynamic Driver and an 11.6mm PZT Bone Conduction driver. Join us as we dive deep into our review of the Winter Ultra In-ear Monitors by BQEYZ.

BQEYZ X Angelears Winter Ultra In-Ear Monitors Review

Design and Build Quality

The Winter Ultra IEM boasts a simple yet elegant design, with no flashy faceplates. Its CNC-milled metal shell, sporting a royal blue color with silver accents, exudes a premium feel. The modular cable is well-constructed and adds to the overall quality.

Comfort and Fit

With a medium-sized shell and an average weight, these IEMs offer a comfortable and unobtrusive fit. They snugly sit in your ears without causing discomfort during extended use.

BQEYZ X Angelears Winter Ultra In-Ear Monitors Review

Sound Quality

The BQEYZ X Angelears Winter Ultra in-ear monitors feature a midrange-forward sound tuning. The bass is fast and tightly controlled, while the treble is detailed and smooth, resulting in an intimate yet holographic soundstage.

Bass: The bass is quick, precise, and textured but may lack in both weight and quantity. If you're a bass enthusiast, these IEMs might not be your top choice.

Midrange: The midrange steals the show, delivering emotion, texture, and warmth. However, in complex tracks, it may lack vocal clarity. If you appreciate a mid-centric tuning, the Winter Ultra is worth considering.

Treble: The treble is smooth and detailed but slightly recessed compared to the midrange. Adding more weight and body to the details could enhance the overall experience. Occasionally, the treble may feel uneven, although it generally performs adequately.

Soundstage & Imaging: The soundstage is intimate and occasionally slightly congested in complex tracks. Imaging is average.

BQEYZ X Angelears Winter Ultra In-Ear Monitors Review

Value and Competition

The BQEYZ Winter Ultra is priced at approximately $279, placing it in competition with strong contenders like Kiwi Ears Quintet, Audio Hekili, and FiiO FD5.

Kiwi Ears Quintet vs. BQEYZ Winter Ultra: In this comparison, the Kiwi Ear Quintet emerges as the preferred choice, offering an enjoyable sound without sacrificing technical prowess and balance.

Audio Hekili vs. BQEYZ Winter Ultra: While the Winter Ultra excels in the midrange, the Hekili outperforms in the bass and treble sections.

FiiO FD5 vs. BQEYZ Winter Ultra: The FD5 demands more power to drive, but once properly powered, it marginally surpasses the BQEYZ Winter Ultra in all aspects.

Pros and Cons


  • Fast and controlled bass
  • Impressive vocals
  • Intimate soundstage
  • Detailed treble
  • Easy to drive


  • Occasional uneven treble
  • Lacks bass weight and body
  • Missing that "wow" factor in sound


BQEYZ has a reputation for innovation, but the Winter Ultra IEM feels like a partially baked cake missing its cherry and icing. Collecting user feedback and addressing the gaps in this IEM should be a priority. With an in-house R&D team and manufacturing capabilities, we believe BQEYZ can do better. We have faith that they will take this feedback positively and produce an extraordinary product that sets a new standard for the competition.

We extend our gratitude to Mr. Pulkit for lending us his BQEYZ X Angelears Winter Ultra IEM for this review. All opinions on the BQEYZ X Angelears Winter Ultra In-ear monitors are entirely personal and subjective. Thank you for reading this review, and we look forward to seeing you in the next one.

BQEYZ X Angelears Winter Ultra In-Ear Monitors Review

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