QKZ X HBB Review: The Best Bass Performance Under Rs.2000


QKZ is a brand known for delivering affordable audiophile-grade in-ear monitors (IEMs) with excellent sound quality. With recent launches such as the QKZ X HBB, QKZ X HBB KHAN, and Q1 MAX Smart modular IEM cable, QKZ is raising the bar and delivering exceptionally good sound quality products. In today's review, we will deep dive into the QKZ X HBB in-ear monitors. The QKZ X HBB earphones are tuned by Hawaiian Bad Boy from "Bad Guy Good Audio Reviews."

QKZ HBB IEM in India

Design and Build Quality-

The QKZ X HBB is made of high-quality shiny plastic material, with half the part being a clear black color that allows you to see the driver and other electronic components. The faceplate is very interesting, with the HBB logo in gold color and black chrome color edges on the right side of the IEM, and the QKZ logo on the left side. The cable is made of transparent, soft, and textured rubber material, with the inside cores covered by a silver color shield. Overall, the design and build quality of the QKZ X HBB headset are fantastic for the price.

Comfort and Fit-

The QKZ X HBB earphones are small in size and fit really well in your ears without any issues for long music sessions. The metal nozzle is long enough to go deeper into your ears and is thick enough to reduce sound leakage.

QKZ HBB IEM cable with mic

Sound Quality-

We are impressed by the QKZ X HBB's sound output. It has the best bass performance under the Rs. 2000 budget or even in a higher price segment. It has sub-bass and mid-bass, and if you appreciate sub-bass, you will be pleasantly surprised by the QKZ X HBB. The midrange has clarity and emotion, and the treble is sweet and sparkly. The soundstage has height, depth, and very good width. Imaging is perfect for the price. Overall, it has all the qualities that every music enthusiast looks for.


The bass feels like you have a sub-woofer in your in-ear monitors. The bass has its own space, is holographic, and has a thick and rich sound. Tracks like Bass Rani by Nucleya make you feel like the sub-bass is hitting hard with a lot of air in your ear! While listening to Ali Maula (MTV Unplugged Version) by Salim-Sulaiman & Salim Merchant, you can feel the mid-bass in the male singer's voice. So far, this is the best bass experience we have seen in in-ear monitors under Rs. 2000.


The midrange is clear and a bit leaner than the bass but still maintains warmth in male and female vocals. While listening to Gulon Mein Rang Bhare by Arijit Singh, you can feel that warmth and hear the echoes. The mids sound very natural, and you feel like the singer is singing in front of you in real life.


The treble is non-offensive, sparkly, and clear. While listening to Chaiyya Chaiyya by Sukhwinder Singh & Sapna Awasthi, you can hear guitar, dholki, drums, maracas, cymbals, and tambourine sounds so amazingly. You can hear the last note of cymbals without any struggle.


The soundstage is wider, with decent height and depth. You can feel the entire stage in front of you. It is an impressive soundstage for the price.


The imaging of the QKZ X HBB IEMs is decent. You can feel the direction of each instrument and singer, but it's not as precise as some of the higher-end IEMs available in the market. However, for the price point, the imaging is good and will satisfy most casual listeners.

QKZ HBB earphones

Pros and Cons-



Value for money

No carry pouch or case

Best Bass performance under Rs.2000/- INR


Intimate midrange


Non offensive clear treble



In conclusion, the QKZ X HBB IEMs are a great choice for those looking for warm and musical earphones with better bass, intimate midrange, and non-offensive clear treble. If you're looking for a great pair of earphones under Rs. 2000, the QKZ X HBB IEMs will be our top recommendation.

Overall, we are impressed with the QKZ X HBB IEMs, and we highly recommend them to anyone who enjoys music. We at The Audio Store stock the QKZ X HBB IEMs and sell them for Rs. 1549 with free express shipping and a 1-year manufacturing warranty. If you need any help, feel free to talk to us. Our small but passionate team spends hours listening to all the audiophile products that we sell at The Audio Store. If you enjoyed this review, please share it with your friends and family who love to listen to music. It will help us grow the audiophile community in India.

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Prashant V Kulkarni

Prashant V Kulkarni

100%Agreed with Pritaji review. I am listening this IEM QKZ HBB with Sony Xperia I ii mobile as well as with Sony NW zx707 dap. These combo is ultimately fantastic. Each and every instruments we can hear. As above Pritamji review he given an song example of chayya chayya from Dilse movie. Mire over oldies of RD Burman songs instruments like guitar hearing like lively. So fantastic IEM it is.
Thanks Pritamji once again for providing me so so….wonderful product.

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