Model No: XD-05 Plus

Compliant operating systems: Windows XP/7/8/10, Mas OS X, IOS, Android

DAC chip: AK4493EQ

USB chipset: XMOS XU208

Output power: 1000mW at 32 ohms

Frequency response (amp): 10Hz~100kHz (±0.5 dB)

Frequency response (USB/SPDIF): 20Hz~20kHz (±0.5 dB)

THD+ N (USB/SPDIF in): 0.0016% at 1kHz

THD + N (aux in): 0.0009% at 1kHz

S/N: 117dB

Crosstalk: ≥75dB

Battery: 3.8V / 5000mAh

Battery life: ≥13 hours (USB in), ≥21 hours (SPDIF in), ≥40 hours (aux in)

Sampling Rate Support

USB (PCM): 16–32bit / 44.1–384kHz

DSP: DOP / NATIVE mode, DSD64–256 (1bit / 2.8M–11.2M)

DXD: 24–32bit / 352.8K–384kHz

OPT/COA (PCM): 16–24bit / 44.1–192kHz

DSD: 1bit / 2.82 Mhz (DOP)

Warranty Period: 1 Year 

In The Box
1U USB charging cable

1U Type C to type c cable

1U Type C to Micro cable

1U 3.5mm to 6.5mm connector

4U rubber feet

1U Silicone band

1U User manual