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Audio Jack Termination: 4.4mm
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Experience the ultimate audio performance with the AFUL Acoustics Performer 5. This IEM is equipped with the combination of a 5 hybrid-driver configuration and the latest patented technologies.

Feel the Music
Enjoy the power of 5 with the AFUL Acoustics Performer 5. It is fitted with a single custom dynamic driver that offers powerful bass while the four balanced armature drivers deliver a clear mid-range and accurate treble.

Always at the Right Frequency
The in-house developed RLC Network Frequency Division Technology allows for accurate frequency division among each of the drivers. It also corrects the non-ideal frequency response for certain frequency bands for a smooth sound without any irregularities or peaks.

No Pressure, Just Clear Sound
A high-damping air-pressure balance system releases the air pressure inside the ear canal for a comfortable listening experience. It also improves the texture of the bass. The ergonomically-designed housing further improves comfort and fit.

3D Printed for Spectacular Sound
The EnvisionTEC High-Precision 3D Printed Acoustic Tube Structure features a 60mm ultra-long and ultra-thin bass tube with a 30mm mid-bass duct structure. This maintains proper phase correction between different frequencies while delivering a spectacular bass response.

Impedance: 35Ω.
Sensitivity: 110dB@1kHz.
Frequency Response Range: 5Hz-35kHz.
Passive Noise Reduction: 26dB.
Connectors: 2-pin 0.78mm.
Termination: 3.5mm
Package Weight: 0.5kg
Microphone: No
Warranty: 1 year

Warranty Period: 1 Year from the date of Invoice
Covered: Manufacturing Defects Only
Warranty Form: Cable: 1-month warranty only for manufacturing defects only

AFUL is a leading audio brand from China, known for producing high-quality in-ear monitors at affordable prices. With exceptional sound quality and comfortable fit, AFUL IEMs are the perfect choice for audiophiles and music enthusiasts. Shop our collection at The Audio Store and experience premium audio without breaking the bank.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Pankaj Meena (Jaipur)
Awesome. AP5

All i have to say is it like 300% better than my moondrop aira, and tangzu wan'er. Details in notes is just insane. I would say it worth it. It very comformtable in ear. My only nitpick is eartips which i dont find very comfy, I am currently looking for suitable eartips.

Thank you for your review! We're glad you're enjoying the AFUL Performer5 IEMs! The detailed sound and comfortable fit makes them a great choice for music lovers. We hope you find the eartips you're looking for and continue to enjoy them.

Mohd Shakil Ansari (Pune)
Beast of an iem in budget

Listening for last 3 weeks after approx 150 hrs of burn in. Contrary to many online reviews which suggest that this is a bassy iem, I'm of the opinion that it sounds quite balanced (sometimes analytical) yet fun with boosted base.
Wide soundstage with accurate imaging and details.
Bass and treble very very good for the price, would have liked vocals to have little more body, still quite good (I'm really nitpicking here)..
Easy to drive with an good dongle dac (I'm using xduoo link 2 bal) , however a capable portable amp dac brings out the full potential out of these (using xduoo xd 5 plus here)

Thank you for your review. I'm glad you're enjoying the AFUL Performer5 IEM. I think it sounds very balanced and fun, with good bass and treble. I would have liked vocals to have a little more body, but they're still good. The AFUL Performer5 IEM is easy to drive with an good dongle dac, but a capable portable amp dac brings out the full potential. Thanks for your feedback.

Aryan (Pune)
Excellent All Rounder

The Aful Performer 5 is an excellent all rounder iem that suits multiple genres of music and strikes the balance between relaxed and detailed.

The Performer 5 is built extremely well and comes with a thick well-behaved cable. It is extremely light weight and has an ergonomic design that is comfortable for me even after using it for hours at a time. The eartips that come with it are excellent for seal and comfort.

The iem consists of a dynamic driver that handles bass frequencies and 4 balanced armature drivers for the mids and treble. The Performer 5 gives out a well balanced and slightly warm presentation of music while also having plenty of resolution, making it an ideal choice for music genres like pop, indie artists, kpop, and jazz. The bass is prominent, yet clean, however can be boomy for classical and instrumental music, however i found this to be fixable using a replacement cable as the default cable seems to boost the bass quite a bit. The mids are clean, not overbearing, providing accurate replays of vocals and string instruments like guitars holding more weight and being a pleasure to listen to. The lower treble is tastefully boosted, making it energetic and sparkly, while also not being fatiguing. Soundstage using the default cable felt average and a little closed in on certain tracks, however I found using a replacement cable to make it sound very wide and more airy. I find the timbre on these iems to be far superior to most planar iems at the price range, albeit at the cost of some treble microdetails. Eartips can make a difference too, personally the bigger eartips tend to have a better seal for me.

The Aful Performer 5 is a very delightful and relaxed presentation of music, almost therapeutic, making it a worthy upgrade from 10,000 rs iems. Would definitely recommend them to someone who would like to get a hybrid iem without worrying about losing the bass dynamics of a single or dual dynamic driver.

Thanks for the review! The Aful Performer 5 is a great IEM and is great value for the price.

Javed Rana

It's a masterpiece in every aspect
Instruments separation and vocals are mind blowing
Feels like you are in different world
I m using iPhone 5s n apple dongle n working perfectly more than enough sound
Pixel 4 with apple dongle sound is half with Android due to apple limitations to its dongle
Amazing sound

Burn it up at least upto 20 hours
For impactful bass and all

Thanks for the great review! We're glad you're enjoying AFUL Performer5 IEM. We're excited to hear that the instruments and vocals are both stunningly clear and that the overall sound experience is truly unique. We recommend burning this earphone up for at least 20 hours to really get the most out of its impactful bass and immersive sound. Thanks for your feedback!

ashutosh Joshi (Jaipur)
Awesome Iem go for it

Disclaimer: This review is based on my personal experience and preferences, and may not be applicable to everyone.

The IEM Aful Performer 5 offers impressive sonic maturity and polish at a budget-friendly price point. While it's not a neutral IEM, it excels in delivering a vibrant and colored lower frequency response that is sure to please bass lovers.

In all departments, this IEM deserves a solid 5-star rating. The build quality, comfort, and ergonomics are top-notch, and the minimalist packaging and accessories are a nice touch. The included cable is one of the best you can find for any IEM within the $300 price range.


Stellar sub-bass and bass extension that delivers a satisfying punch.

Excellent imaging and 3D sound that creates an immersive listening experience. You can even hear sounds coming from behind your head!

Smooth midrange with good layering, texture, and a lush sound signature.

The treble is mature, well-controlled, and refined without any harshness or sibilance, which can be a rarity in higher-priced IEMs. The treble extension is excellent, providing ample space and air between instruments.

The pinna gain is perfect for my preferences, providing just the right amount of emphasis without causing any listening fatigue during extended listening sessions.

The IEM is easy to drive and doesn't require a lot of power to unleash its full potential.

The crossover technology is impressive, creating a cohesive and natural tonality and timbre.


The mid-bass could be a bit tighter for my taste.

There is a hint of BA timbre in the treble region, which may not appeal to some listeners.

Overall, the IEM Aful Performer 5 is a technically superior IEM that delivers smooth, fatigue-free listening for extended periods. I personally use the kBear 07 ear tips, which enhance the soundstage and overall sound quality. YouTube video placeholder
Nandalal Sarkar (Raiganj)
Best iem under 300 dollar

This iem is unmatched under 300 dollar. Value for money.

Thanks for the review! We're glad you're happy with the AFUL Performer5 IEM.

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