Audio Experience At Home Program - 64 Audio Trio IEM

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Audio Experience At Home Program

In India, you can rent directly from The Audio Store and avail the benefits of “Audio Experience at Home Program” to enjoy audiophile-grade IEM’s, Headphones and Earphones in the comfort of their homes.

We’ve always known that your living room is our best showroom and we believe it won’t take much of a listen to hear what The Audio Store can do for your music.

This program is for 3 days and once you receive the product you have full 3 days to enjoy and evaluate it in the comfort of your home. We know you love audio equipment and we hope that you will take care of it as if it were your own.


• You can experience at home program for 3 days except for the delivery and pick-up days. In case you want to experience the product for more days then we will charge 500/- per day. Since the Audio Experience at Home Program is not for an unlimited period and there is a need for us to service other customers, we request you not to extend the experience at home program for more than a week.

• You are requested to handle the product with care and in case the product gets damaged by the customer, he/she is liable to pay the product listing price as a penalty.

• Please return the product in the same packaging that you received it in. Please make sure you have removed your cables, ear-tips or any DAC/AMP etc. before you send us back.

• Once we receive the product back to the warehouse, we will have checked the product that there is no damage and working fine. We will refund the security deposit after deducting handling fee. *Handling fee is non-refundable.

Handling Fee -
Product Name  Handling fee ₹
HiFiMAN HE6se 900
HiFiMAN HE1000SE 1990
HiFiMAN Deva Pro 900
HiFiMAN Deva 900
HiFiMAN HE400se 900
HIFIMAN Ananda 900
HiFiMAN Arya Stealth Magnet Version 900
Sennheiser HD 560S 900
Sennheiser HD 660S 900
Sennheiser HD 650 900
64 Audio U18s 500
64 Audio Fourte 500
64 Audio Trio 500
64 Audio U12t
64 Audio DUO 500
Sennheiser IE 900
Sennheiser IE 600
Sennheiser IE 300 500
Sennheiser IE 200
FiR Audio XE6 500
FiR Audio KR5 500
FiR Audio NE4 500

Customer Reviews

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N. (Surat)
easily the best IEM i've heard Fun all-rounder

I like to thank TAS for giving me the opportune to tries these bad boys at home "audio experience at home" it was a quick and easy process which was delivered and arrived at my house within 15 hours . (pune to Gujarat)

I am in no way a expert audiophile reviewer or can explain in detail what I actually heard as I am pretty new to this hobby but ill do my best ....

On a technical level, the Trio KILLED IT. It's a all rounder IEM very safe tuned , neutral to warm, it has great RICH bass with punch and texture to it . The mids are neutral and slightly forward in the upper registers but tastefully so, the vocals are smooth and organic, the treble is sparkly but well-controlled , the TRio has holographic soundstage with accurate 3D imaging and outstanding layering
Truly all-rounder set that combines playful tuning with careful listening and can complete your collection or if your looking for only one "endgame" IEM to have. Don't pass this one up if you're looking for a energetic and fun-sounding IEM that
combines playful tuning with careful listening

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