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The Audio Lokahi has left its mark on the audio world. Now, it’s time for an upgrade with Audio Hekili. Created by a freelance engineer who has built up a sizable reputation in the Asian DIY in-ear monitor community, this IEM uses advanced crossover designs that exceed the primitive single-order passes adopted by regular IEMs. Hekili means ‘Thunder’ or ‘Passion’, and its precise tuning achieves every target set for true-to-life audio. Bespoke, hand-crafted housings and cable complete this one-of-a-kind IEM.

Feel the Thunder
Are you a performing artist, studio engineer or music enthusiast? The Audio Henkili is bound to impress. 7 balanced armatures and a single dynamic driver ensure true-to-life sound. Each driver is tuned to perform at its optimal frequency to minimise total harmonic distortion while maximising audio resolution.

Tuned with Passion
Two high-frequency tweeters are tuned to not just match the famed ‘Harman Curve’ survey, but extend the treble decay to highlight the harmonics along with every detail. This increases the airiness of the music. The dynamic driver enhances the bass and sub-bass without hindering the mids which are kept at neutral to ensure a natural tone. The end result: An amazing performance across instruments and genres.

Here to Take the Music World by Storm
Every Hekili unit is handcrafted using medical-grade UV resin. This material is popular among the biggest IEM brands as it improves durability and superior comfort. The ergonomic shell features a unique, elegant and beautiful design. To ensure the highest quality audio, it is paired with an upgraded 4-core silver-plated OCC cable. The MMCX connection makes swapping cables a breeze for better customisation. The cable and connectors have been tested rigorously to last a long time.

Driver:7 balanced armature (BA) and 1 dynamic driver
Cable: 4-core silver-plated OCC copper cable
Connector: MMCX
Material: Medical-grade UV resin

Warranty Period: 1 Year from the date of Invoice
Covered: Manufacturing Defects Only
Warranty Form: Cable: 1-month warranty only for manufacturing defects only

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
P RUDRA (Kolkata)
An Excellent IEM

These come with minimal packaging. Basic DIY stuff. Understandably made by a single person. The faceplates look gorgeous. Cable is basic but surprisingly light weight ,they don't have pvc ear hooks. However it compliments the resin made IEMs. Sound wise these are fantastic. These are special. The bass generated from the DD is addictive. Coherence of the BAs are spot on. Treble is well extended, non-fatiguing. Mids are adequate. Overall presentation is musical. Honestly I don't have any higher priced IEMs to compare. But I do feel these are are huge upgrade over my other IEMs of around 10-15k range. Special thanks to Pritam for recommending these.

Thank you for your wonderful review! We're thrilled you're enjoying the Audio Hekili IEM.

Anup R (Bengaluru)
Audio Hekili : The best I have listened till now

Audio hekili was recommended by Pritam and I was very sceptical whether to go for hekili or to invest in a known brand. I wanted to pair a good iem to go with tempotec v6 Dap.
Finally made up my mind and got my Audio Hekili. Till date I am loving every bit of it.
I am not a very technical person who knows a lot about imaging, layering and resolution stuffs but I do know to distinguish between good and bad sounding iem’s.
Coming back to Hekili, it’s an enjoyable listening and it has all the ingredients like punchy bass, good vocals and pleasurable highs. It doesn’t fatigue my ears and I could listen music for long hours and the details are well presented. I would like to thank Pritam again for recommending Hekili

Thank you for your kind words! We are glad that you like our product and find it enjoyable to listen to.

K. (Bengaluru)
Underrated Hybrid IEM

Very good imaging, for a balanced armature not much sibilant which is good, nice details, good isolation.

Rishav Bhattacharyya
Great set

Brought this from audio store, this set is mostly neutral tuned but vocals are a little bit warm, just the way I like it, good amount of bass that doesn't bleed into the midrange, the highs are pretty good and doesn't become sibiliant, adele-set fire to the rain and bohemian rhapsody were pretty fun listen on this set. One thing though, wasn't able to detach the cable but then again I wasn't interested in breaking my set. Will change cable some day with one that has a mic for general purpose use

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