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Setting a new benchmark for dynamic driver IEMs is the all-new CCA CXS. With the aim of reaching the performance levels of IEMs much higher than its price range, its dynamic driver delivers a U-shaped tuning. A superior build quality makes this IEM stand out as well.

U-Shaped for You
Traditional dynamic drivers tend to have a slightly muffled sound signature. The CCA CXS does away with this with its professional U-shaped acoustics sound signature. After years of R&D, researchers at CXS zeroed in on this tuning for clear & punchy bass, smooth mids and clean & extraordinary treble extension.

Feel the Music
Experience amazing timbre and soundstage with the CCA CXS. The 10mm dynamic driver features a super tiny gap between the voice coil and magnet. This creates a higher performance conversion rate and lower distortion.

Open-backed for Open Sound
An open-backed cavity design effectively suppresses the refraction of sound waves to achieve a natural and energetic soundstage. The all-metal, breathable cavity also enhances the soundstage. Ergonomic memory hose earhooks have been included for a secure fit.

Connect Seamlessly
The 0.75mm 2-pin OFC cable offers excellent electrical conductivity for stable and high-quality audio transmission while reducing unwanted noise. A 1-button remote and HD mic ensure high-definition calls. The black sleeve on the cable increases its durability while giving it a stylish look.

Model No: CCA CXS
Wearing Style: In-Ear
Earpiece Connection: Wired
Bluetooth Version: NA
No. of Drivers: 1
Driver Type: dynamic driver
Driver Size: 10mm
Weight: NA
Sound pressure level (SPL): NA
Impedance: 16ohm
Frequency Response: 20HZ-40kHz
Maximum Power Handling: NA
Sensitivity: 109dB±3dB
Codecs: NA
Active Noise Cancellation: NA
Volume Control Function: NA
Microphone: YES
Play Time: NA
Additional Runtime: NA
Battery Capacity: NA
Charging Interface: NA
Audio Jack Size: 3.5mm
Cable Length: 1.25m
Cable Detachable: YES
Connector: 2Pin QDC
Water Resistance: NA
Warranty Period: 1 Year

Warranty Period: 1 Year from the date of Invoice
Covered: Manufacturing Defects Only
Warranty Form:
Cable: 1-month warranty only for manufacturing defects only

Discover the popular Chinese brand CCA, known for their value-for-money in-ear monitors, at The Audio Store. Elevate your audio experience with our collection of CCA IEMs that deliver high-quality sound at an affordable price. Shop now and experience exceptional sound without breaking the bank!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
S.G. (Mumbai)
Built like a TANK!

The best built quality I have seen under 5k. (Probably more) The finish is smooth and they were extremely comfortable for me. Warm sounding iems. Good sub-bass extension and rolled of treble which I like. You can easily sleep on one side of your head and listen to music if you are into that. (30-60 mis max which is good enough). Decent cable and ear tips. They look cool and sound great... extremely happy with them!

Thanks for the great review! We're glad you're happy with the build quality and sound of the CCA CXS IEMs. They're definitely built to last and are perfect for those who appreciate quality audio and comfortable ear-pieces. Thanks for taking the time to write a review!

Adarsh Kumar Debata (Puri)
Great Quality Poor Comfort

After using it for a period of time, here is my opinion :
Pros :
- Great Sound quality (especially if you want to watch movies or music purposes)
- Bass is perfect for me as I don't like very high bass.
- Treble is good
- And finally build quality

Cons :
- Quite heavy ( I thought I get used to it but you can't wear it for long sessions)
- Poor Comfort ( if quality is 5/5 then comfort is 2/5)
- Not good at low volumes
- Wire/Connector quality is not up to the mark ( I expected better, that's one of reason I like wired over wireless)

Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry to hear that you found the CCA CXS IEM With Mic to be heavy and uncomfortable. We would like to thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, and we hope that you found the sound quality to be good.

Akhil Murali (Mumbai)
Budget premium

1. Appearance and Build Quality: in this aspect it beats any other earphones in this range. looks premium with the brushed metal casing and built is sturdy
2.Comfort : Not the best I'll give 2/5.Fit isn't perfect and voz of the metal casing seems a bit heavy on the ears
3. Range: Mids and highs sounds the best
Low range and bass isn't that great
4.Volume: Not too loud. But if we increase the volume to hear more bass becomes painful on the ears coz of the mids and highs

So if you are looking for a premium looking budget earphones where you prefer more vocals and midranges this is the earphone for you
If you're a bass lover I'll suggest you to use it once and then make the decision

Thanks for the review! We're glad you're happy with the CCA CXS

Walter White (Mumbai)

Everything's great for the price point except two things: 1. They are quite heavy, maybe coz of the metal finish but they are on the heavier side. 2. The stock eartips doesn't fit well, leads to pain and irritation after continuous usage of about 15-20 min.
I am thinking of switching to comply foam tips, will let you all know how it turns out.
Thus, the weight and fitting are the only downsides I can point out for now, however, all this contribute to average listening experience even though the sound quality much moe richer and is exceptional as compared to the level of comfort it offers.
However, if you manage to get a good fit out of this, it's a win-win for you at this incredible price point because the fit and weight classes are all subjective and all our ears are unique so, it's not a rule of thumb that the fit is bad, it's just my opinion.

Thanks for reading and I am the one who listens.

Thank you for your feedback!

Pavan kumar (Hyderabad)
Best fun and energetic iem at this price point.

I have a couple of budget IEMs. Chu, salnotes zero, spaceship, bl03, zsn pro x, qkz hbb. This IEM beats everything to dust. I still like the bl03 though. Even performs better than some mid range iems. Ex: Aria. I have upgraded them with qkz max cable, azla crystal tips. This scales very well with power. Pairing with tempotec V6/ ru6. I believe the legendary dynamic driver is infact legendary. Tonality, airiness, spacing, soundstage are all top notch for the price. For the newbies, forget everything and buy this one iem. Later when the budget permits, upgrade to a good dac, cable, tips..those are all worth it in this hobby.

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