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The FiR Audio Radon 6 In-ear Monitors are the ultimate listening experience for audiophiles and music lovers. These limited edition monitors celebrate FiR Audio's 5-year anniversary of pursuing the ultimate in-ear monitor listening experience. Featuring cutting-edge technologies such as Kinetic Bass, Open Acoustics, ATOM Venting, and Rigid Technologies, these monitors offer unparalleled sound quality.

The Radon 6's tribrid driver system consists of tubeless balanced armature OpenDrivers, an ultra-high electrostatic tweeter, and a dynamic driver with the revolutionary Kinetic Bass technology. These drivers work in perfect harmony to deliver powerful, balanced, and immersive sound.

The all-new satin black aluminum shell is sleek and durable, while the gorgeous sapphire crystal glass faceplates add a touch of elegance. With a limited production of only 300 units worldwide, the FiR Audio Radon 6 In-ear Monitors are a collector's item that combines exceptional audio quality with stunning design.

Whether you're a music producer, musician, or audiophile, the FiR Audio Radon 6 In-ear Monitors offer an unrivalled listening experience. Don't miss your chance to own this exclusive and groundbreaking model.

  • Machined Aluminum Shells
  • Sapphire Crystal Glass Faceplates
  • Pure silver, Oxygen copper shielded Black Cable
  • Gold-plated balanced 4.4mm Termination
  • ATOM XS Interchangeable Modules
  • Genuine Leather Protective Case

1x Kinetic Bass 10mm Dynamic Driver
1x OpenDriver Bass BA Driver
2x OpenDriver Mid BA Driver
1x OpenDriver High BA Driver (with Sound Reflect or)
1x Open Driver Ultra-high Electrostatic Driver

Freq. Range: 20-20kHz
Impedance: 28ohms

Warranty Period: 1 Year from the date of Invoice
Covered: Manufacturing Defects Only
Warranty Form:

FiR Audio was founded in 2018 by two brothers, Bogdan and Alex Belonozhko and their friend Daniel Lifflander. Between them they have over 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing some of the most advanced in-ear monitors while they were at 64 Audio. At FiR Audio, they are able to produce the next generation of IEM products, again pushing the boundaries of IEM technology.

In 2019 FiR Audio released the M-Series, their first line of In-Ear Monitors which gained considerable popularity from professional musicians and audiophiles all around the world. Featuring proprietary IEM technologies which all work together to provide the most natural and enjoyable listening experience. Including the ATOM venting system, Direct Aperture Acoustics, Tactile Bass, and the ultra-durable RCX connector. The M-Series showcased FiR Audio’s knowledge, expertise, and capabilities and cemented their reputation as a high-end in-ear monitor company.

Along the way, FiR Audio also tackled some of the biggest unsolved issues when it came to cleaning and maintaining in-ear monitors. This resulted in FiR Audio launching the IEM Vacs, followed later by the IEM Dryers. The perfect solution for audiophiles and monitor engineers who want to maintain their in-ears and keep them at peak performance at all times, also preventing repairs and down time.

Two years later, in 2021 FiR Audio released the Frontier Series, which includes the flagship Xenon 6, Krypton 5, and Neon 4 models. Packed with revolutionary technologies such as Kinetic Bass, a hybrid conduction technology which enables a very rich and natural bass, ATOM XS, the next generation ATOM module, Open Acoustics System, with Open Drivers that don’t use sound tubes, and Rigid Technologies that provide industry leading durability and serviceability of the IEMs. The Frontier Series comes in both Custom-Fit and Universal-Fit models.

Customer Reviews

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Chaitanya Rona (Hyderabad)
Radon 6: Gigantic Bass & Enormous Separation in Mid Rage.

Radon 6 is a limited edition IEM from FIR Audio Company. Only 300 are Set to production for the universal model.

Out of the box they are ready to plug directly into your Sound source. They come with a premium wire that is specially made for the Radon 6 IEM Limited Edition. Stock ear tips are Symbio Hybrid ( Silicone and form). First time in a flagship IEM purchase all accessories are best quality without looking for any alternative cable or eartips change. Really thanks to FIR Audio for giving the best quality accessories with IEM.


Radon 6 is very fast and energetic speed in delivering the sound with perfect bass texture. The instrument separation is crystal clear, especially in mid-range which sounds open so well and accurately. For every sound node, there is an airy, emotional, and nice extension. The vocals stand outstanding and have deep emotion. 

The kinetic bass technology works really well in delivering the physical bass for your ears. Bass has a strong resolution presence and is able to hear different kinds of bass textures. There is turbo speed bass for the very track you play. the energy you feel and it makes fun listening. 

The most interesting of the IEM is tuning. How they made all low, mid, and highs perfectly sound great with gigantic bass. All 3 ranges sound so smooth and perfect and you are able to listen to everything in the best possible way. 

Soundstage and imagining are very well in the room. Even better can it be but never feel like limited at any point in time if you have not come over from 64 Audio Fourte. 

Its all-rounder IEM makes you feel relaxed with its fun sound and separation, joyful full bass, great imaging, and soundstage. Strongly recommend it if you are looking for something to end this High-end IEM game journey. It's an END GAME with this IEM.

It's impossible to get this kind of sounding IEM in the market but dont know why the Company came up with a limited Edition plan. This really works for most of the Aduiphiles' taste. Grab it when it's available :) 

Thanks to Pritam and the Audio store team for bringing the Fir Audio to India and the technology for us to taste. 

My Sound Setup: 

Asten&Kern SR 35 DAP + Radon 6 IEM + Stock cable with Stock ear tips. Music Files: Apple Music and my personal Collection of NativeDSD Music Albums.

Thank you for writing your review of the Radon 6 IEM. We're glad to hear that they are delivering on their promise of an 'end game' IEM experience.

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