HIFIMAN Ananda Over Ear Full Size Planar Magnetic Audiophile Headphone

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Meet the ultimate planar magnetic headphone — the HiFiMAN Ananda . An upgrade from the popular Sundara, this popular open-back headphone features large planar magnetic drivers that offer lifelike detail in your music. It's designed for long listening sessions and is compatible with just about any audio source device of your choice.

Inject Life into Your Music
The HiFiMAN Ananda uses large planar magnetic drivers with a Neo supernano Diaphragm (NsD) that's barely 2 micrometres thick. The extremely thin nature of the diaphragm allows it to oscillate up to 20,000 times a second, something most regular diaphragms are unable to do. This offers a faster transient response with lifelike details and exceptional imaging.

The Epitome of Durability & Comfort
The Ananda's open-back earcups are asymmetrical to mimic the natural shape of the human ear. This offers a natural and comfortable fit. The window shade grill is engineered from a sturdy metallic material that reduces sonic reflections to ensure superb durability and sonic purity. A weight dispersing strap and lightweight aluminium headband offer comfort along with long-lasting durability.

Connects Easily with Zero Loss
The high-purity silver-plated oxygen-free copper cable ensures no loss in signal transmission. This prevents sound degradation resulting in a rich and transparent sound. The 25-ohm impedance, high sensitivity and 3.5mm jack makes it easily drivable with just about any audio source device, including smartphones. 

Model No: Ananda
Wearing Style: Open Back Over-Ear
Earpiece Connection: Wired
Bluetooth Version: NA
No. of Drivers: 1
Driver Type: Planar Magnetic
Driver Size: NA
Weight: 399g
Sound pressure level (SPL): NA
Impedance: 25 ohms
Frequency Response: 8-55000Hz
Maximum Power Handling: NA
Sensitivity: 103dB
Codecs: NA
Active Noise Cancellation: NA
Volume Control Function: NA
Microphone: NA
Play Time: NA
Additional Runtime: NA
Battery Capacity: NA
Charging Interface: NA
Audio Jack Size: 3.5mm/6.35mm
Cable Length: 1.5 Meter Or 4.9 Feet
Cable Detachable: YES
Connector: NA
Water Resistance: No
Warranty Period: 1 Year

In The Box
1U HiFiMAN Ananda
1U 2.5mm Y Cable With 3.5mm Connector
1U 2.5mm Y Cable With 6.35mm (¼”) Connector
1U Warranty Card And Guide

Warranty Period: 1 Year from the date of Invoice
Covered: Manufacturing Defects Only
Contact No: 9986010039 / 080 -48534996
Email Id: customercare@hifiman.com

HIFIMAN is a renowned audio brand founded by Dr Fang Bian, dedicated to serving audiophiles and casual listeners alike. They offer a wide range of personal audio products such as planar headphones, In-ear monitors, DAC & Amplifiers that cater to a diverse range of budgets and lifestyles. Dr Bian's undying commitment to audio innovation and quality is evident in every product that HIFIMAN offers.

Customer Reviews

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Sandeep Agarwal (Bengaluru)
Hifiman Ananda Stealth

I would like to thank Mr. Pritam for helping me decide upon Ananda SE.

Paired with Gustard X & H 16, I found Anandas to be great sounding. Everyday I discover something new about my favorite tracks on the Ananda's.

To any Audiophile who is willing to spend about 1 L to 1.2 L to pair the Ananda's with a desktop Dac Amp is going to discover or agree that these are a perfect set or a gateway into the "Actual Audiophile" world.

Sky is the limit in music and sound. Ananda's are not only a good start but a setup which can be easily maintained for 5 - 7 years.

Vejesh (Kochi)
The sound I have been searching for

I was in search of some good sounding headphone for a while now. I had some benchmark sound in my mind which I wanted to achieve through a headphone. I grew up listening to some good old Pioneer and Kenwood audio systems. I also owned some headphones and IEMS which I felt were not up to my highest expectations. My favorites were my Audio Technica ATH-M50x BT which I used to use as a wired headphone at home and over BT when travelling and also my RHA T20 IEM. Others in my collection include the Sony WH-1000XM4, Apple Airpods Pro, Anker SoundCore liberty 2 Pros etc. which are not my favorites. I also got a chance to listen to Focal Listen, Beyerdynamic DT 1770 Pro, Beyerdynamic Amiron wired and wireless.

The Hifiman Ananda Story:
I was not feeling that with all the experiences that I had thus far was not cutting my expectations of good audio. I contacted Pritam to convey my expectations and he suggested to audition the Hifiman Ananda which I did. I own a xDuoo XD-05 BAL DAC AMP and tried the Hifiman Ananda stealth magnet version paired with it. I finally felt like I found what I was looking for. Beautiful and effortless sound with great details. I even went to the extent of comparing Ananda to Sundara and Arya. I could tell a substantial difference between Sundara and Ananda on my DAC AMP. Then compared Ananda to Arya and the differences were not immediately evident to me, could be a limitation from my DAC AMP or my lack of attention or experience. Later I tried out the Ananda and Arya on the Hifiman EF-400 R2R DAC AMP. I could hear more stereo separation and more dynamic sound from the EF-400 in comparison to my xDuoo XD-05 Bal. May be some day I can consider upgrading to the EF-400.

Finally after all the comparisons, I finally settled for Hifiman Ananda and got myself a balanced cable for use with it. I must say, I am very happy with my purchase. Thanks to Pritam for his guidance.

Beyerdynamics (all 250 Ohm versions) did not sound that open sounding and enjoyable to me. Focal Listen was a decent pair, but I could feel that it was not in the same league as Ananda as it felt inferior in comparison to Ananda.

Ananda sounds wider than any other open backs that I have heard so far, may be Arya being the only exception. Ananda sounded pretty close to the Arya to my ears on my xDuoo and I could not justify the price jump which was twice the price of Ananda.

Harsh Vardhan(ChintuBat) (Pune)
Pleasurable headphones at amazing price!

Just put some essential oil aroma in your room, turn on slow LED lights, Ananda on your head, turn on music, close your eyes and just relax!
Everything sounds so sweet and pleasurable.
Some binaural recordings will make u feel like the sound is coming from outside of the headphones!

Brief sound description:
- very good instrument separation
- spacious and airy sound
-crisp and detailed(nonfatiguing)
-good sub-bass

Some other things to notice:
-Anything can drive these headphones( even your phone)
-An amplifier will obviously help get the most out of it
-It comes with 2 cables (1 long,1 short) and a 6.3mm adapter
-I have a small head still it fits perfectly fine and is comfortable
-Leaks sound a lot (Another person in your room can hear everything u listening to)

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