HiFiMAN Arya Planar Magnetic Headphone - Stealth Magnet Version

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Always troubled by the distortion and interference that leaks into your music? It’s time to go into stealth-mode with the HiFiMAN Arya (Stealth Magnet Version). Using the latest planar magnetic driver technology, it offers an unparalleled audio experience. That’s not all, it’s build to be long-lasting and look beautiful.

Remarkable Headphone Technology
The HiFiMAN Arya (Stealth Magnet Version)’s cutting-edge planar magnetic drivers use the latest core technology. The diaphragm is only a nanometer-thick for a super-fast transient response. Working with such material is incredibly challenging which is what makes this a one-of-a kind headphone.

No Interference, Just Pure Sonic Bliss
When sound waves are created, they need to pass through the magnets in the drivers. However, conventional magnets can cause a hindrance to these waves, generating interference. With HiFiMAN’s advanced Stealth design, the magnets are engineered in a special shape that lets the waves pass through without interference. This reduces the diffraction turbulence that degrades the integrity of the sound waves so that you enjoy distortion-free audio that’s transparent and accurate throughout the frequency range.

The Epitome of Durability, Style & Comfort
The asymmetrical ear cups of the HiFiMAN Arya (Stealth Magnet Version) follow the natural shape of the human ear. High-grade plastic and metal are used for the headband to ensure ruggedness along with lightweight comfort. A patented ‘Window Shade’ System protects the drivers while ensuring an optimised open-back design. The all-black finish creates a stunning effect.

Cutting-edge Cables
The Arya (Stealth Magnet Version) uses a single Crystalline Copper cable with a jet black woven exterior finish. It features a 6.35mm termination that can connect to most audiophile devices on one end. On the other end, is a robust 3.5mm user-replaceable connector that makes swapping cables easy.

Model No: Arya Stealth Magnet Version
Wearing Style: Open Back Over-Ear
Earpiece Connection: Wired
Bluetooth Version: NA
No. of Drivers: 1
Driver Type: Planar Magnetic
Driver Size: NA
Weight: 430g
Sound pressure level (SPL): NA
Impedance: 32 ohms
Frequency Response: 8-65000Hz
Maximum Power Handling: NA
Sensitivity: 94dB
Codecs: NA
Active Noise Cancellation: NA
Volume Control Function: NA
Microphone: NA
Play Time: NA
Additional Runtime: NA
Battery Capacity: NA
Charging Interface: NA
Audio Jack Size: 6.35mm
Cable Length: 1.5 M
Cable Detachable: YES
Connector: NA
Water Resistance: No
Warranty Period: 1 Year

In The Box
1U HiFiMAN Arya Headphones
1U 1.5mm Headphone Cable (6.35mm)
1U Pair Of Ear Pads(Mounted On Headphone)
1U Owners Guide

Warranty Period: 1 Year from the date of Invoice
Covered: Manufacturing Defects Only
Contact No: 9986010039 / 080 -48534996
Email Id: customercare@hifiman.com

HIFIMAN is a renowned audio brand founded by Dr Fang Bian, dedicated to serving audiophiles and casual listeners alike. They offer a wide range of personal audio products such as planar headphones, In-ear monitors, DAC & Amplifiers that cater to a diverse range of budgets and lifestyles. Dr Bian's undying commitment to audio innovation and quality is evident in every product that HIFIMAN offers.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Karthik S (Mumbai)
Exceptional Headphones

First of all thanks to Pritam for the suggesting Arya and quick shipping. Pritam offered a great deal on these headphones. Im satisfied with the buying experience from Audiostore.

Coming to the headphones itself, this is hands down the best headphones I have heard till now. My previously owned/tried headphones - Sennheiser HD598SE, 600, 650, 660, 800S, AKG K712Pro, Focal Clear MG, Beyer 1990 and Hifiman Ananda. I was using Ananda before Arya and was searching for a end game headphones. Arya was in my mind for so long and Pritam suggested the same.

Sound: Arya stealth magnet version is neutral sounding headphones with a hint of bass warmth. Almost perfect imaging and soundstage (Not as big as 800S). But Arya has better bass. Very quick, precise and enough depth. Arya Stealth delivers quite well with a good amount of extension all the way down to the sub-bass region.
When it comes to midas and treble, Arya is an exceptional headphone. Detailed and well separated. Vocals stands out and is a bit forward sounding than Ananda. Instrument separation is terrific. Soundstage is improved compared to Ananda in all axes. Buid quality is much better than Ananda.

-Terrific dynamics
-Class leading Bass technicalities
-Neutral and balanced yet musical and engaging
-Transparent and accurate
-Terrific imaging
-Excellent midrange
-Exceptional clarity/treble
-Sparkling and alive yet not piercing or fatiguing
-Highly resolving but not analytical
-Wide and spacious soundstage
-Super comfortable to wear
-Easy to drive

-Slightly energetic compared to Ananda. As per reviews and Hifiman, it should get better with burn in.
-Bass not as dynamic or visceral as a hi-end dynamic driver headphones
-Cable is not so good

Soham (Kolkata)
Excellent Headphones - Detail King

Wonderful headphone. Excellent detail retrieval. This one is quite efficient and can run off a smartphone at 70 to 80% volume, though I'll suggest a DAC/AMP combo or stack. Scales very nicely to higher end DAC/AMPs. Tad bit brighter to my liking. The highs could be a bit recessed. I would suggest a DAC/AMP with warm sound signature as a perfect partner for this. Still haven't crossed the 150 Hour suggested burn-in period. Hope this opens up more.

Apurv (Delhi)
Fantastic Buying Experience Despite Hifiman QC Niggles

Wanted to upgrade to Aryas coming from a Sundara. It was premeditated buy. Reached out to Pritam for additional information and discount if any. I was pleasantly surprised with the warmth and genuineness of our discussion where Pritam offered me a very attractive price, going out of the way to help me with the purchase. Seemless buying experience and timely delivery.

The headphones are all they are made to be, definately end game category. The pair i received was an original (not open box), properly sealed and well packed. This unit had 'minor' qc niggles (on the swivel mechansim alignment) and both hifiman customer care India and audiostore were helpful in addressing the concern. Hoping the same is resolved satisfactorily in the time to come.

Barring the QC issue, i wholeheartedly recommend both - Hifiman headphones and Audiostore for offering great products at attractive prices. Recommend Audiostore to anyone venturing into hifi and looking for a genuinely fantastic experience and very attractive prices. Pritam understands audiophile customers well and i look forward to many more purchases in future.

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