JCALLY JA02 Portable DAC Adapter

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JCALLY JA02 Portable DAC Adapter - Elevate Your Audio Experience

WIDE DEVICE COMPATIBILITY: Unlock the potential of your Type C phones with the JCALLY JA02 Portable DAC Adapter. Seamlessly compatible with a range of devices, including OnePlus Nord, OnePlus 10 Pro, Samsung Galaxy series, Google Pixel, Huawei, and more, this adapter ensures that you can enjoy enhanced audio across various platforms.

INSTANT CONNECTIVITY WITH PLUG AND PLAY: Experience the convenience of instant connectivity with our Plug and Play technology. The JCALLY JA02 engages promptly upon connection, eliminating unnecessary delays. Connect your accessories or devices swiftly and hassle-free, enhancing your overall user experience with efficiency at its core.

TID CERTIFIED DURABILITY: Engineered with a robust 316 stainless steel body and a heat-resistant LPC core, the TID-certified connector of the JA02 can withstand even the harshest conditions. Enduring a rigorous 24-hour salt test showcases its resistance to corrosion. With a plug life exceeding 10,000 uses, rest assured that this connector is built for longevity and unwavering performance.

IMPECCABLE DESIGN WITH CNC-MOLDED SHELL: The JCALLY JA02 stands out with its impressive CNC molded shell. Crafted using cutting-edge carving technology, it boasts sleek curved lines that enhance its aesthetic appeal. The metal component receives a special treatment, ensuring a premium feel and look. Elevate your style while enjoying top-tier quality in this compact device. 

ENHANCED FUNCTIONALITY: The JCALLY JA02 goes beyond being a DAC adapter; it supports in-line microphone and media control. Manage your music effortlessly and utilize the microphone for calls and gaming. Whether you're immersed in a game or engaged in a conversation, this adapter adds an extra layer of convenience to your audio experience.

CRYSTAL-CLEAR, NOISE-FREE AUDIO: Immerse yourself in an audio oasis with the JCALLY JA02. Delight in crystal-clear, noise-free sound that accentuates every detail against a silent background. Whether you're enjoying music or catching up on podcasts, this adapter ensures a superior listening experience with audio that's clear, vibrant, and devoid of any disturbances.

Name: Portable DAC digital code adapter

Model: JA02

PCM Format: 24bits 96KHz

Driving Force: 1Vrms@32Ω

Signal to Noise Ratio(SNR): 105dB±2dB

THD+N: 88dB±2dB

Crosstalk Suppression: 53±2dB

Size: 2.5cm*1.38cm*0.68cm

Weight: 5g

Warranty Period: No

JCALLY is a brand dedicated to providing audiophiles with affordable, high-quality upgrade cables for IEMs, portable DAC and amplifiers, audio adapters, and cables. Their products are designed to improve sound quality and enhance the listening experience without breaking the bank. With a focus on durability, performance, and aesthetics, JCALLY delivers exceptional value for music enthusiasts of all levels.

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