JCALLY TC50 Type-C Inbuilt DAC CS43131 AC Cable With Mic

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Connector: 0.78MM-2 Pin
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Elevate Your Audio Experience with JCALLY TC50 Type-C Inbuilt DAC Cable

Unleashing Audiophile Bliss: CS43131 DAC Chip + SA9123L Amp Chip

Experience audio at its zenith with the JCALLY TC50 Type-C Inbuilt DAC Cable, boasting the powerhouse combination of the high-performance Cirrus Logic CS43131 DAC chip and the SAVITECH SA9123L Amp Chip. The CS43131 chip, revered for its low power consumption, delivers superior sound quality with support for PCM 384kHz/32-bit and DSD64/DSD256 formats. Meanwhile, the SA9123L Amp Chip bridges digital inputs to analog audio outputs, ensuring an unparalleled audio journey. This cable seamlessly harmonizes with diverse In-Ear Monitors (IEMs), promising compatibility across an array of devices.

Crafted Precision: 8-Core Oxygen-Free Silver Plating

Immerse yourself in pristine audio quality with the meticulously constructed JCALLY TC50 cable featuring an 8-core design and 392 strands of Oxygen-Free Silver Plating. This precise engineering enhances conductivity, fortifying signal transmission while minimizing degradation. Ideal for audiophiles, this cable guarantees optimal audio quality and durability, making it a cornerstone for varied audio setups demanding high-fidelity sound.

Futuristic Connectivity: USB Type-C Termination Plug Upgrade

Step into the future of audio connectivity with the upgraded USB Type-C termination plug. Redefining the standard, this cable facilitates digital signal transmission, potentially reducing interference compared to analog cables. The USB Type-C ports provide a broad spectrum of connectivity options, ensuring compatibility with modern devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and DACs, amplifying your audio experience across the board.

Innovative Control: In-Line 3-Button Mic for Effortless Management

Seamlessly manage your calls and audio playback with the in-line 3-button control mic. A single press toggles play and pause, a long press handles call functions, a double press answers calls or skips tracks, and a triple press navigates through tracks during playback. This feature-rich mic is an ideal companion for hands-free communication and high-quality sound capture, offering convenience and control at your fingertips.

A Symphony of Comfort: Over-the-Ear Design

Designed for ultimate comfort, the JCALLY TC50 embraces an over-the-ear style with soft, flexible ear hooks. The unique braiding technique not only ensures durability but also presents a visually striking appearance. The 0.78 2pin connector guarantees compatibility with various in-ear monitors, while the pre-shaped ear hooks secure a snug fit at the perfect angle. Whether leisurely enjoying music or engaged in sports, this cable ensures an immersive and comfortable audio experience.


Model: TC50

Cable Core: Type-C Amplifier Silver-Plated Upgrade Cable

Cable Length: 120m±5m

DAC Chip: Cirrus Logic CS43131 DAC Chip

Amp Chip: SAVITECH SA9123L

DSD: DSD256(1bits 11.2MHz)

PCM: 32bits/384KHz

Output Voltage: 31.25mW@32Ω,3.27mW@600Ω

SRN: 120dB

DNR: 120dB

Distortion: -100dB

Crosstalk: 55dB

Connector: 0.78mm 2Pin

Plug: Type C

Cable Design: Around The Ear

Mic: Yes

Warranty period: No

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