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Top-notch Sound Quality with ZNA In-Ear Monitors (IEMs)

ZNA earphones are designed to offer audiophiles a pure and immersive music experience with their unique combination of dynamic and BA drivers. The drivers are specially designed to handle sound in each frequency range, and the natural tuning by skilful experts ensures that you can enjoy pure and detailed music with ZNA.

12mm Dynamic Driver for Wider Soundstage

ZNA's 12mm dynamic driver ensures that you get a wider soundstage with no compression feeling. The driver has dual cavities made possible by two magnetic circles, and the magnet gap is only 0.15mm wide, which is impossible to make for many companies. ZNA's dynamic driver gives you more details in the music, making it one of the best in-ear monitors for audiophiles.

30095 BA for Clear and Analytical Music

ZNA is equipped with the customized 30095 BA driver to compensate for the dynamic driver's unsatisfying performance for ultra-high frequency. The BA driver is known for its transient response and treble, making high-frequency more enjoyable and clearer to you. With the KZ-made BA driver, ZNA takes the timbre of treble over 2kHZ to a new level, ensuring that you only get enjoyable melodies and no more jarring high-pitch noise.

Stylish and Lightweight Design for Environmental Consciousness

ZNA's design is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it's also lightweight and environmentally friendly. A dense alloy was chosen to be melt-casted for the headphone, which is then embedded with resin lines and a back chamber, representing the strength and purity of the audio you will get. ZNA's environmental concerns are also taken into consideration, as it arrives at your door in simple wrapping to cut down on plastic used.

Comfortable Fit for Longer Listening Sessions

ZNA is designed to suit your ear canal, making it sit tightly but not cause any discomfort. The case itself has undergone several steps to be smooth and not bumpy, ensuring that you can wear it for longer listening sessions. The cable is silver-plated OFC, which provides greater resolution and a wider sound, while the gold-plated pins are strong and fit tight in ports and jack. Overall, ZNA offers the perfect balance between comfort and quality sound for audiophiles.

Product model: KZ-ZNA
Type: In-ear
Impedance: 34Ω
Sensitivity: 1123dB
Frequency: 20-40000Hz
Jack: 3.5mm
Pin: 0.75mm
Cable: Silver-plated OFC
Cable length: 120±5cm

Warranty Period: 1 Year from the date of Invoice
Covered: Manufacturing Defects Only
Warranty Form:
Cable: 1-month warranty only for manufacturing defects only

KZ is a highly popular brand that has gained a lot of recognition in the audiophile community for its affordable yet high-quality In-ear monitors. They also offer after-market upgrades for IEMs, eartips, carry cases, and TWS wireless adapters.

Customer Reviews

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Sandesh Pillai (Pune)
Best Budget IEMs

Dual Drivers definitely was an upgrade, keeping in mind the IEMs sounded very dry the first few hours of use I left it over night for a warm up at 50% they sounded much more delightful, looking forward to adding more to my collection.

Thank you for your review! We're glad you're enjoying the KZ Acoustics ZNA Dual Driver IEMs!

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