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Warning! Megatron is designed exclusively for "harder to drive stuff", like our premium earbuds / all the proper full-size headphones and a few IEMs, especially the planar IEMs, and this is NOT meant for those super easy to drive IEMS, it is just simply not designed for that~

Megatron SAGA (the creation process, from the pre-ordering to final Q&A)from our official Youtube channel

PREMIUM ES9018K2M DAC CHIP:  Adopting professional digital and analogue circuits allows the Megatron to offer dynamic surround sound effects on headphones or active loudspeakers. With the mainstream ES9018K2M DAC integrated into the Megatron, it offers high-fidelity audio playback with support to the sampling rate of up 24-bit/96kHz PCM. This allows you to pick up on even the finer nuances and details of the sound while playing games, watching movies or listening to music.

IMPROVE SOUND QUALITY: Megatron DAC/Amp is suitable for VE headphones or earbuds and those headphones that require very high power, hard to drive, Such as Zen2.0 for more powerful and cleaner sound quality.

MINIMALIST DESIGN: This Megatron DAC & Amp weighed 156g with dimensions of 110mm x 76mm x 22mm it’s obviously in a different category, more like a portable DAC/amp. The design looks rather minimalistic and has a rectangular aluminium chassis with slightly curved sides.  On the front you have a small pinhole for a status LED that turns green in DAC/amp mode and blue in LO mode and on the back this DAC has USB-c charging port, USB-c data port, 3.5mm Line Out, and a toggle switch to select between DAC/amp and LO modes.

MULTIPLE OUTPUT PORTS: The DAC is coupled with a Class AB amp to produce a high-power output with SE 3.5mm at 2.4V and BAL 2.5/4.4mm at 4.9V.  Line Out 3.5mm output is at 0.95V.

TYPE C USB PORT: It's easy to connect an external 5V charger to a Megatron charging port so that it can also provide power to your phone.  This is also true for laptops with Thunderbolt USB-c ports used for charging and data transfer.  When you connect Megatron's data port to your laptop and an external 20V PD charger to Megatron's charge port, you can use your laptop as a source while charging it at the same time which is very convenient!

Brand Name: Venture Electronics
Model Name: Megatron
Input: Type C/USB
Output: 3.5SE/2.5TRRS/4.4TRRS/Line Out
Audio Format: 24bit/96Khz PCM
Weight: 156g
Size: 76*22*110mm
OutPut Power 3.5mm : 32Ohm 170mW
OutPut Power 4.4mm : 32Ohm 300mW

Venture Electronics (VE) is a Chinese audio company specializing in developing and manufacturing high-quality earphones, portable headphone amplifiers, and digital audio players (DAPs). Their products are designed to provide an immersive audio experience and are popular among audiophiles. VE is known for their popular Monk earbuds, which have gained a cult following for their excellent sound quality at an affordable price. They continue to innovate and improve their products to provide customers with the best listening experience possible.

Customer Reviews

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Suryanarayanamurty T (Hyderabad)

Usefull dac/amp.. special for hifiman head phones

Joel Johny (Ahmedabad)
Great for Headphones and Planar IEMs

Really powerful, it can drive my S12 single ended with 10/100 on my laptop.

For using it with phone it requires exclusive access using Hiby Player for it to have similar output power as using with a laptop. USB player Pro doesn't do that and the power output is relatively less.

It hisses with my Campfire Audio Honeydew so it is not meant for sensitive IEMs.

Anindya Chowdhury (Kolkata)
Excellent portable dac-amp combo

It was a surprise. I read on the internet that it goes well with Hifiman headphones and I agree on that. The presence of 2.5mm and 4.4mm balanced PO and a separate Aux Line Out on the back are added bonus. Overall a great budget option.

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