xDuoo MT-604 Balanced Tube Headphone Amplifier

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Enjoy the perfect amplification wherever you go with the xDuoo MT604. This tiny amplifier features a hybrid tube and transistors for class-A buffer circuits for a powerful yet musical experience. The balanced inputs and durable build make it the best Amp for audio on the go.

2 Circuits, 1 High-End Amplifier

The xDuoo MT604 is equipped with four 6J1 tubes in the front for a warm, musical sound. The transistors for class-A buffer in the rear, offer a power output of up to 1300mW that can drive all kinds of headphones, even power-hungry ones. Together, both circuits are instrumental in giving you a rich audio experience.

Special Capacitors for a Special Sound

A special enthusiast Japanese RUBYCON capacitance is used as the coupling capacitance for sweet and transparent audio quality. A special enthusiast Japanese Nichicon capacitance, on the other hand, acts as the main filter capacitance for a warm and smooth sound. To avoid POP noise when the Amp is switched on, the MT604 has an in-built relay for the mute circuit.

A Balance You Can Adjust

Enjoy balanced sound with the high-quality XLR and 4.4mm balanced interfaces. These inputs are perfect for all kinds of headphones. To avoid interference, the volume of the right and left channels can be separately adjusted.

Minimalist Design that Offers a Big Performance

You can take your xDuoo MT604 along wherever you go thanks to its palm-sized dimensions. The sand-blasted textured panel and durable aluminium alloy shell effectively resist external interference while ensuring that the tubes always give their best performance.


Model No: MT-604
Power Supply: DC12V/2A
Output Power: 2000mW (1KHz, 32Ωload)
Dynamic Range: 85dBA (32Ohm)
Frequency Response: 10Hz-60KHz (±0.5dB)
Suitable Headphone Impedance: 16Ω~600Ω
Gain: +15dB
Gain: +15dB
Size: 7*10*6cm
Weight: 0.5kg
S/N: 115dB
THD+N: ≤0.01% (1KHz, 32Ωload)
Warranty Period: 1 Year

In The Box
1U xDuoo MT-604
1U Power cord
1U AC adapter
1U User’s manual
1U Warranty card

Warranty Period: 1 Year from the date of Invoice
Covered: Manufacturing Defects Only
Warranty Form: https://www.theaudiostore.in/pages/warranty-claim-form

xDuoo is a China-based brand that specializes in developing high-end audio products. They offer a wide range of products including portable DACs, amplifiers, audio players, headphone amps, and much more. The brand is known for its unique designs and excellent sound quality. They aim to provide customers with the best audio experience possible, with attention to detail in both aesthetics and sound performance.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Angshuman Bagchi (Kolkata)
Nice balanced amp

Warm engaging sound that you would love for hours..

Thank you for your review. We're glad you're enjoying the xDuoo MT-604 Balanced Tube Headphone Amplifier!

Anindya Chowdhury (Kolkata)
Good start to tube experience

The xDuoo MT-604 is a good budget option for those who want to get the experience of tube sound albeit the tubes being used for pre-amp in this model. But this is definitely one of the best budget options considering balanced design, great build quality. One of the challenges is that if one does have a source with 4.4mm line out or existing DAC with XLR outs then it requires additional investment to get a source with balanced out. I got a Topping D10 balanced DAC and a TRS to XLR cable. For me, the dual volume controls are fine.

Nilay Shah (Ahmedabad)
Balanced Amp

Balanced amp which is perfect for me

SriV (Chennai)
Excellent hybrid amp for cheap

Excellent cheap hybrid amp...we dont get these products too often...grab them soon. I bought through other site for little less...see certificate.

Just need to change power card connector cable to Indian 3 pin with earth connector otherwise will hear some hiss depending on electrical wiring. I use it with tempotec e44 dongle through 4.4 headgear audio cable. Excellent sound.

Harsh Vardhan(ChintuBat) (Pune)
Tubey sound at affordable price

Has enough power to drive even he5se!
Pairs well with DD headphones
It takes time to get used to dual volume knobs
U will have to buy a separate dual xlr input cable

John Nathala (Bhubaneswar)
The Mighty Hybrid for Less Bucks

Bought it to use with my HD650. I should say it's a great combination and flexes well. Few things to keep in mind: 1. The cable that is provided with the unit from xDuoo doesn't have an earth terminal 2. There is a considerable hum from the device like all the tube amplifiers but it gets worse if your AC ground is not proper and if there is a ground loop. Replacing the cable with the one that has an earth terminal sorted my AC noise issues. I am yet to buy a HUM eliminator to get rid of the ground loop.

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