XINHS 4 Core Graphene Alloy Silver Plated Upgrade Cable

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Connector & Audio Jack Termination: 2-Pin 0.78mm - 3.5mm
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4 CORE GRAPHENE ALLOY SILVER PLATED CABLE: Xinhs is 4 strands graphene alloy silver plated cable. This cable is made with a cross knitting process (unbreakable weaving process) that makes this cable stronger and more durable. The diameter of each core is 1.2 mm. After multiple tests, a combination of 4 strands of silver-plated provides accurate sound. This cable is made of high-quality graphene skin that is good for long-lasting and more resistant to wear. 

0.78MM STANDARD GOLD-PLATED PIN: 0.78mm standard pin, common to most earphones on the market, is equivalent to increasing the service life of the cable.

UNIVERSAL 3.5MM GOLD-PLATED L-SHAPE PLUG: This Gold plated is a carbon fibre plug which has a stable connection and data fast transmission rate. Use a 3.5mm gold-plated plug, universally used in most mobile phones, tablet PC, and computers.

4.4MM GOLD-PLATED PLUG: This Gold plated carbon fibre plug which has a stable connection and data fast transmission rate. Use a 4.4mm gold-plated plug, most the DACs, PC, and computers have this size of plug.

IMPROVED SOUND QUALITY: In terms of sound quality, significantly improve the resolution of the headphones and expand the frequency range, showing a wealth of musical details, sound delicate and natural, full of rounded, and sound transparency is particularly prominent.

Core Material: 4 Core Graphene Alloy Silver Plated Structure
Microphone: No
Volume button: No
Jack: 3.5mm
Packing: 1U Cable

XINHS is a specialized brand dedicated to crafting high-quality upgrade cables for in-ear monitors (IEM). Their cables are handmade using premium materials and advanced techniques to enhance the sound quality of IEMs, resulting in a more immersive and enjoyable listening experience. XINHS is committed to delivering exceptional performance and reliability with every cable they produce.

Customer Reviews

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Agalloch90 (Delhi)
Good cable

It's definitely a well made cable. Quality is super no doubt. It goes great with my blessing 3. Only con is that packaging is very basic. Doesn't come up with printed box, just a plastic bag. Tripowin offers good packaging and removable jack assembly at the same price point. As for sound- compared to stock blessing 3 cable, aound is warmer and more inviting. Although, it may be due to the balanced connection of my M11 Plus ESS, i can't say.

Thank you for your feedback!

SriV (Chennai)
Excellent Quality..pricy but worth

Excellent Quality..pricy but worth if you got iems and want to unlock full potential

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