Geet's Audiophile Odyssey: A Journey Through the World of Music and Sound

My name is Geet Chopra and I am a communication professional, chef, gardener and more, based out of the capital. My audiophile journey began with the Nokia N30 and those AKG earphones. But it was my love for music that truly inspired me to start this journey.

One specific moment that solidified my love for audiophile gear was when I heard the HD650 on tubes. The organic and divine sound truly blew me away. As my journey evolved, I moved from IEMs to the HD650 and then to the Audeze LCD2c, and there has been no going back.

My favourite pieces of audiophile equipment are the Audeze LCD2c and the IE series by Senn. This hobby impacts my daily life by providing a void from reality. When selecting new equipment for my collection, I always follow my heart.

For those just starting their audiophile journey, my advice would be to always listen to your heart, don't believe graphs and just buy what you love. Trust your own ears and let the music take you away.

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