Selling Duppatas to Hi-Res Audio: A Journey of Gadget Generations

Hello Friends,
You all know me as I am quite active in the community, but here I am telling you guys my story. I am Pulkit Chugh, an avid gadget freak from Delhi. I will try to keep it short but stay with me if I go with the flow and end up writing a long story. So I am a gadget lover since my childhood days. My parents always tell me that I used to lie down on the streets to get cars or some other toys every time we go out. As I grew up my love shifted from toys to gadgets including cameras, gaming consoles, and music. Yeah, I started with my first phone one of those Sony Walkman phones which were quite famous for their sound. I remember they used some M2 memory cards which were costly af(remember 64GB one being as costly as 2-3k back then). I also got those Chinese mp3 players that came into the limelight back in 2000s. They were usually being sold as Apple iPods, I got plenty of them as well. Later on, I actually bought an Apple iPod touch as well(believe me I kept it with all the care, and used it for both gaming and music).

But then age caught me up and I was busy with business doing some clothing and other boutique items at my uncle’s store. Everything related to my gadget love was some gaming and listening to music only. And that’s when I entered into the world of Hi-Res audio reigniting my love for gadgets and that’s when I launched Gadget Generations. I won’t lie here, I have myself laughed at those amazon comments on Senn HD800 headphones saying “Yeah these will help you connect with god”, blah blah blah….

During the past four years, I have had one of the best times of my life. Audio has given me what I always wanted, a recognition of my own. Even though Covid took away my business, I lost everything I had back in 2019, but this audio just kept me going. I don’t even want to remember those painful nights and days when I couldn’t sleep because I was worried about my financial situation. But god had different plans for me, from a person who was selling dupattas, borders, and buttons, I became a full-time audio gear reviewer. I would say this transition for me was not easy, it’s not easy even today. Some people call me nuts for selling gear every day, but little do they know how hard it’s been so far. I was an introvert, who couldn't even talk to people, and who didn't know how to make friends back in school. I won’t lie many times I have decided to call it quits as well. I have decided I can’t do this anymore, I have decided that it’s not for me, it’s a thing for people who have lots of money. But idk just like there’s a sunrise after every night, I believe that this is what I am made to do, this is what I love to do, and this is what I enjoy doing as well. What others see is a glamorous life where I get new gear every day, but believe me that’s not the entire story and I can’t even discuss the complete part as that will make this post a movie on me(which will go for over 3 hours like the movie “Mera Naam Joker”). It looks fun, and it looks easy, for others I am a guy who is getting a lot of free stuff, but I am the one who knows the full story of all the money that goes out every month.

Well, enough of this banter, I am not here to spoil your mood, so from my failed business my love for gadgets gave me a new life. I believe it was god’s grace that blessed me with work and it’s God who keeps me going every single day even today.

What interests me in the Audiophile hobby is that you enter into the world of Hi-Res audio as a hobby, but in the end, it’s a journey. It’s a journey to find your perfect sound. After four years of experience here, and tasting products from almost every price bracket(yes I have heard from 10$ to 6000$ IEMs and Headphones), I believe that everybody has a different taste. Dissing someone for their choices in the hobby will just get us nowhere, Everyone has their own taste, you might not like a famous IEM but I would recommend, don’t get demotivated, look for your sound, and I am sure you will find your sound someplace!!

Like every other journey, “Manzil se zadaa mazaa safar me hai mere dost”, I believe god will keep me going like he always has, I wish good luck to everyone who has been a part of my journey, it’s a long way ahead and I promise you guys will see me here always :)

Well after all the banter that you guys have heard from me about me, here are some of the tips that I would like to share for budding audiophiles. Here’s what I have learnt during the past four years of my life.

Things You Should Do:-

  • Audition as much as possible, do try to audition every gear you can. Be it from your friend circle or from Pritam ji from Audio Store(Just ask he won’t deny).
  • Spend more time exploring music rather than gear.
  • Try to find your sound, this is only possible by auditioning more and more.
  • Once you buy any gear, give it some time before deciding on it. Don’t do instant buying or selling, that will hurt your bank in the long run.

Things You Should NOT Do:-

  • Don’t get hyped for all the gears being talked online, not every gear will serve your sound. But it will for some or the other reviewer.
  • Don’t follow reviewers(being a reviewer saying this myself), instead follow your sound. Once your views will align with some reviewer, you will find his recommendations matching your taste better. But don’t go out buying everything that is being recommended.
  • You don’t need a high-end gear because your friend got one, spend as per your limits only.

Thank You, Peace Out!!




Music is great and with proper gear takes you close to Divine enjoyment in Tyagaraju’s words!

Mohan K

Mohan K

Thank u Pulkit for sharing your success story. Initially I thought that being an audiophile you need to have in technical knowledge about sounds and audio gears but as you have pointed that it’s your passion or love towards music

Karamjit Singh

Karamjit Singh

You are such a natural story teller.Very informative article for a beginner Audiophile like me.

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