Practicing Right Listening Habit

Practicing Right Listening Habit

Does not mean you are choosing other music over your favorite songs. It means that you are simply being mindful of your own music, so you are better able to go deeply and have fun.

Listening Tips

  1. Position yourself in the right location: After an especially draining day, take a few minutes to listen music.
  2. You have to be actively engaged with the music: Meditation is thinking deeply or focusing your mind for a set period of time.
  3. Seek out high-fidelity audio:  You can feel the lyrics and helps you to go deep.
  4. Take your favorite song & play it again: We can hear our favorite song hundreds of times without getting bored

Basic Rules of Listing to Music

Mind the volume
Keep the flow going
Listen to the Lyrics
find your own sweet spot.
keep it going for a while before stepping down.
listen for what’s beneath them. Don’t get too caught up in the logic

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