TangZu x DIVINUS FUDU Verse 1 In-Ear Monitors: A Sonic Odyssey Unveiled


TangZu, recognized for delivering top-tier audio experiences at affordable prices, introduces a groundbreaking addition to their lineup – the Fu Du Verse 1. This hybrid driver in-ear monitor, born from a collaboration with DIVINUS, showcases a 10mm dynamic driver and two balanced armatures. Noteworthy in this release are the Tang Sancai wide bore eartips, complementing DIVINUS' renowned VELVET eartips. This comprehensive review aims to delve deep into the auditory realm of the TangZu x DIVINUS FUDU Verse 1, meticulously examining the nuances influenced by these innovative eartips.

TangZu x DIVINUS FUDU Verse 1 In-Ear Monitors Review

Design and Build Quality

Crafted with precision, the FUDU Verse 1 presents a faceplate of textured matte black metal, featuring a minimalist design adorned with the iconic TangZu and DIVINUS branding. The inner shell, transparent matte black plastic, seamlessly merges with the aesthetic. Even the cables, maintaining a consistent matte finish, contribute to the overall visual harmony. The packaging extends the elegance, with high-quality eartips and a leather pouch featuring gold zippers.

Comfort and Fit

Beyond its visual appeal, the FUDU Verse 1 is engineered for comfort. The lightweight design and compact shell ensure an extended listening experience without inducing fatigue. The included eartips, a crucial component, not only contribute to the acoustic experience but also enhance overall comfort, making these IEMs ideal for prolonged use.

TangZu x DIVINUS FUDU Verse 1 In-Ear Monitors Review

Sound Quality

  • Bass: Quality triumphs over quantity in the bass department. Both sub-bass and mid-bass are meticulously controlled, delivering a clean and warm undertone—a rarity in this price range.

  • Midrange: The midrange strikes a balance that invites listeners into the intricate details of the music. The "U-shaped" sound signature places the midrange at the heart of the sonic experience, creating a captivating and immersive quality.

  • Treble: While slightly less detailed, the treble emanates warmth with a crisp and musical nature. A safe tuning ensures an enjoyable auditory journey, steering clear of sharpness or shrillness.

  • Soundstage & Imaging: The soundstage impresses in width but leaves room for improvement in height and depth. Imaging maintains a commendable level of directionality.

TangZu x DIVINUS FUDU Verse 1 In-Ear Monitors eartips review

  • Eartips Rolling:

    • Default Eartips (Red bore and black outer):
      • Sound Characteristics: Accentuates midrange, pushing it forward with enhanced bass presence but sacrifices spaciousness.
      • Size: Medium only.
    • Divinus Velvet Eartips:
      • Sound Characteristics: Maintains energy in bass and midrange, adding body to treble nuances, creating a more spacious auditory experience.
      • Size: S/M/L sizes.
    • TangZu Tang Sancai Wide Bore Eartips:
      • Sound Characteristics: Maintains bass and midrange, adds more presence to sound, delivering the best-detailed treble experience and a more expansive soundscape.
      • Size: S/M/L sizes.

TangZu x DIVINUS FUDU Verse 1 In-Ear Monitors Review

  • Eartips Comfort and Recommendation:

    • Comfort-wise, all three eartip types excel, providing a subjective but delightful experience.
    • Individual preferences in both sound and comfort vary, making it advisable to experiment with all eartips continuously for 2-3 days.
    • Given the variety, users are encouraged to determine which eartip suits their preferences best.

    Eartips Pricing:

    • TangZu Tang Sancai eartips retail at $13.
    • Divinus Velvet eartips retail at $19.
    • Calculating the total cost of eartips ($32) in INR, it amounts to approximately Rs. 2700/-.

TangZu x DIVINUS FUDU Verse 1 In-Ear Monitors Review

Value and Competition

Priced around Rs. 7690, the FUDU Verse 1 enters a competitive arena alongside Moondrop Aria and KZ ZAR. A detailed comparative analysis reveals the unique nuances that set the FUDU Verse 1 apart, scrutinizing sound signature, bass, midrange, and treble.

  • FUDU Verse 1 vs. Moondrop Aria: FUDU Verse 1 exudes a more calming and mature tone than the Aria. With a more spacious sound, comparable bass performance, and less aggressive treble, the Verse 1 offers a distinctive audio profile.

  • FUDU Verse 1 vs. KZ ZAR: The ZAR presents a more energetic and bright sound, with powerful bass and crisp treble. The Verse 1, in contrast, offers a warmer and smoother sound, catering to those inclined towards a more relaxed auditory experience.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons 
Warm and musical tuning Soundstage could be more holographic
Non-fatiguing Treble could be more detailed
Ideal for extended listening sessions Subjective: Stock cable earhook may not securely stay around the ears for some users
Comes with Divinus Velvet and TangZu Tang Sancai eartips
Lightweight and comfortable shell design
Exceptional value for money


TangZu x DIVINUS FUDU Verse 1 In-Ear Monitors Review


In conclusion, the TangZu x DIVINUS FUDU Verse 1 emerges as a formidable choice for enthusiasts seeking a fatigue-free, immersive listening experience. The warm, comfortable, and analog sound, coupled with controlled bass and pleasing midrange, positions it as a compelling option under the INR Rs. 10,000 bracket. The inclusion of unique eartips not only enhances auditory quality but also underscores the commitment to comfort. Whether for music, movies, or gaming, these IEMs deliver a robust performance. For those seeking top-tier in-ear monitors, the TangZu x DIVINUS FUDU Verse 1 stands tall as a commendable choice.

Thank you for dedicating your time to our in-depth exploration of the TangZu x DIVINUS FUDU Verse 1. Should you have any questions or seek guidance on this or other products, please feel free to engage with us in the comments section. Until our next auditory adventure, farewell, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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Prashanna SS

Prashanna SS

Thank you for the detailed review. I just ordered these. I wanted a smoothly tuned IEM for gaming, and I don’t mind sacrificing some detail. I just want it to be non-fatiguing for long hours. On paper this fits every one of my expectations. Fingers crossed.

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