Dunu Falcon Ultra In-Ear Monitors Review: Taking Flight in Sound and Style


The ever-evolving realm of in-ear monitors (IEMs) has witnessed yet another captivating creation – the Dunu Falcon Ultra. Venturing into the sonic landscapes of these IEMs, it's evident that Dunu has achieved new heights in terms of design, audio quality, and user experience.

When it comes to the Dunu Falcon Ultra, finding the right eartips is crucial for optimal performance. I discovered that the SpinFit W1 medium size worked well for me. Throughout this review, I primarily utilized the Gold Nozzle filter and connected the IEMs via 4.4mm Balanced audio input to the Questyle M15 DAC and Amplifier.

Dunu Falcon Ultra In-Ear Monitors Review: Taking Flight in Sound and Style

Design and Build Quality

The Falcon Ultra introduces a distinctive design that resonates with its namesake. The mesmerizing mirror-like blue shells exude an eye-catching elegance, adding a touch of sophistication. Constructed from high-density stainless steel, these IEMs strike a balance between durability and lightweight comfort for extended listening sessions. However, due to their metallic finish, users should handle them with care to avoid smudges, fingerprints, and scratches.

Comfort and Fit

The Falcon Ultra offers exceptional comfort, making it suitable for prolonged listening sessions. Although the metal housing lends some weight to the IEMs, this becomes inconspicuous once they are worn.

Dunu Falcon Ultra In-Ear Monitors Review: Taking Flight in Sound and Style

Sound Quality

Drawing from my experience with the Dunu Falcon Pro, which stood out for its balanced, detailed, and open sound, the Falcon Ultra retains these qualities while enhancing bass response, detailing, soundstage, and resolution. This rendition has transformed into a well-rounded mid-tier gem.


The bass performance of the Falcon Ultra deserves applause – it's warm, punchy, with an engaging slam and textured depth. Personally, I found myself drawn into the addictive bass response of the Falcon Pro. The sub and mid bass are richly present, offering a clarity that ensures fatigue-free extended listening.


The midrange carries a lush, mellow quality in both male and female vocals, devoid of any sibilance in the latter. Emotions come to life with a touch of warmth, and despite its forward nature, the midrange remains conducive to long listening sessions.


The treble exhibits intricate detailing, a rounded smoothness, and substantial weight. Instruments are layered with finesse, creating an immersive experience. Shut your eyes, listen to rich tracks, and you'll be transported to a realm where music surrounds and envelops you. However, some listeners might find the treble a tad too soft for their taste.


The soundstage expands widely and openly, as if you're seated in a grand auditorium, embracing the music from all directions.


Imaging impresses with its accuracy and precision, allowing you to distinctly perceive the direction and length of each sonic element.

Dunu Falcon Ultra In-Ear Monitors Review: Taking Flight in Sound and Style

Value and Competition

With the Dunu Falcon Ultra priced around 20,000 INR, it faces competition from the likes of Moondrop Kato, Aful Performer 5, and Timeless AE. Moondrop Kato, while bright, lacks warmth and detailing present in the Falcon Pro. Timeless AE boasts a planar driver, but lacks in sub bass and thickness. Aful Performer 5 provides tough competition with its easy drivability, darker tonality, and agile response. While Falcon Ultra and Aful Performer 5 suit those seeking a U-shaped sound signature, they excel in different aspects.

Pros and Cons

Pros  Cons
Exquisite design and build quality Metallic finish prone to fingerprints and scratches
Comfortable fit for extended listening Some listeners might find the treble to be too soft for their preference
Well-balanced sound profile with impressive bass Extremely eartip sensitive – wrong tip pairing may affect sonics
Lush and forward midrange
Detailed, smooth treble with an expansive soundstage
Accurate imaging and precise instrument separation



The Dunu Falcon Ultra effortlessly soars above expectations, combining captivating design, exceptional comfort, and a sophisticated sonic experience. Its nuanced bass, forward midrange, and detailed treble create a harmonious balance, enveloping listeners in a captivating musical journey. While facing worthy competition, the Falcon Ultra solidifies its place as a top-tier contender in the mid-tier IEM category. Whether you seek a U-shaped sound signature or a truly all-encompassing musical adventure, the Falcon Ultra stands ready to take you there.

Dunu Falcon Ultra In-Ear Monitors Review: Taking Flight in Sound and Style

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