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KZ Acoustics EDX Pro Wired IEM With Mic
Suman Saurabh Singh (Patna)
Kz edx pro review

Good earphone, great sound, sometime can feel uncomfortable while wearing for long hours, but the sound is too damn good.

BLON BL-03 IEM With Mic
Ravi Chandra (Guntur)
Over Hype... Underperforming than Spaceship

Bought because of Hype... Im using Meze Rai Solo, Kz ZS 10 Pro and Moon drop Spaceship... Can give 2 stars for Comfort.

Audio Lokahi IEM
Mohd Shakil Ansari (Lucknow)
Wish I could give six stars

Sometimes back "someone" suggested Audio Lokahi to me, I was at that time kind of little hesitant to go for it since it was a all BA set and I had in past not a very good experience for all BA iem.
Months passed but "someone's" suggestion was still alive in my subconscious mind and I decided to give it a try. And I did try. Mannnn..what a iem it proved to be. Simply amazing. Honestly just amazing to my surprise after burn in for about 50 to 60 hrs. This hidden gem is highly underrated, don't know why we do not find much reviews on net.
I already own 7hz Timeless, Moondrop Kato, Ikko oh10, Fiio FD5, Hana and Tripowin Mele. Audio Lokahi sounds better than all of the above (of course not a day night difference). I paired lokahi with 4.4mm balance limpid pro cable and xduoo 5plus/ifi hip dac with Spotify premium.
And yes who was that "Someone"?
Thank you Mr Pritam Halpawat for great suggestion.

Tin HiFi T3 Plus IEM
Cebe (Bengaluru)
Best option under 10k

Well-balanced IEM
- right proportion of thump in the bass
- real-life-like vocals (biggest pro of this earphone)
- bright and sparkling treble
- amazing resolution and details

The real magic happened when I changed stock ear tips to one with a wide bore. Luckily, I had skull-candy eartips. The soundstage widened and treble felt extended and brighter.
Worth every penny.

RR (Mumbai)
Nice IEMs

Really good IEMs for the money. Neutral sound, works well with Bluetooth DACs.


High lows and mids are all balanced. Not for bass lovers , but using some 3rd prty apps like poweramp bass can be increased. But earphones are way better than any other under same price

Big Sound on the go!!

Fiio m17 is a beast! 3w per channel power on the go with desktop class sound quality.
Have latest tech. Inside With all major I/o options making it versatile for portable use.

Unboxing experience was very good. Comes with lots of accessories.

As always Audio store is my one stop solution for all my audio gears. Also would like to appreciate pritam for his assistance regards to price and delivery. :)

Highly recommended DAP! Go for it

Great DAC for the price

Great DAC. Doesn't distort the sound even at high levels. Doesn't affect the sound signature that much, so basically just gives more of what your equipment already has. The included adapter is extremely useful as some brands like VE for example don't include one in at all. Drives my 56Os to respectable volumes. Compared to my Abigail, this is a straight upgrade. The only thing that bothers me is how power hungry it is when connected to my phone. But that's the trade off I guess.

Best for audiophile beginners

Not the best in the world but a good product.

Reviewer avatar
Lala Buhril (New Delhi)
Worth The Hype

Pros: Audio Quality.

Cons(Not Really): The stock cable, although braided, get tangled easily.

BLON BL-03 IEM With Mic
Saaleem Panhalkar (Pune)
Gets better with time

When I first got these IEMs I thought it wasn't anything good and my money was wasted because youtube over-exaggerated this product. But then I tried some FLAC files on my Computer and just experienced the beauty of sound.
Youtube was right.
These earphones get extremely loud but still clear. Bass is awesome and doesn't overpower mids and highs. even in thumping bass, I was able to hear the vocals.

The Original Beast of Earbuds

This was a revelation as to how good earbuds can be... awesome sub bass, decent soundstage, soft and mellow treble and clear mids...what more can you ask for.

They are very comfortable to wear for long periods and cable quality is very good as well. You can buy it without any doubt if you are a fan of Earbuds.

Sounds best with EQ and bass boost.

Best IEM for this price. Wire build quality could be better but, other than that no complaints. My unit had a speaker grill missing and have sent it for replacement. Fast response from theAudioStore.

MOONDROP Spaceship Earphone With Mic
Aseervatham Albert (Bengaluru)

Sounds so good at Indoor and the bass is an unheard factor outside. Delivery delayed for a day after a follow up. Good product with detailed sound.

Debanjan Ghorai (Ahmedabad)
Great IEMS

Great sound just a little heavy.


No issues till now. Bought this after looking the eview at theaudiostore. I connected Shure 215se and KZ AZ09 pro adapter using this.
Thanks audio store for providing such amazing piece of connector. Do keep bringing more cable upgrades. Thanks a lot theaudiostore for simplifying the overall process.

Just amazing

Skeptical at first i brought this anyway and to my surprise it's amazing. I am using it with my shure 215se connected with awesome qdc to mmcx adapter available in theaudiostore. No change in sound quality, although i felt more subtle bass with this than wire. Battery backup is truely great as i charge this box once a week and play nearly 3 hrs music everyday.
Thanks theaudiostore to keep this in stock untill i bought.

Pretty good

The feel of the cable is good, however the two-pin one is not the correct one for blon bl-01s. I ordered that and I had to cut out the plastic ear shape to make it fit.

gets the job done

i have used this with kz and tripowin mele earphones. It works on the s21 ultra just fine. No problems so far. Highly recommend this if you need a portable type c DAC for your mobile.

Best tuning for the price

Wide soundstage and good separation. The Crinacle tuning does sound through. The 8k frequency issue is overblown, it's fine for the price. Kudos for The Audio Store for the fast delivery.

BLON BL-03 IEM With Mic
Anonymous (Shimla)
Awesome 👌

Build quality was top notch and sound signature were balanced and very good iem at this price range

Value for money. To get a power boost.

Awesome packing and delivery experience..!

Why pay 8k for a balanced 2.5mm cable?

This works on Fiio Q1MK2 2.5mm to 3.5mm connection.
There is not a lot of noise. Works as expected.
Build quality is OK.
Would be 5 stars if 2 female 3.5mm plugs were provided.

SpinFit CP360 Silicone Eartips
Really Soft and Comfortable

It may seem expensive but one of the best tws eartips out there with really nice comfort and audio quality...wife soundstage and smooth bass...go for it

KZ Acoustics ZEX Pro buying experience

The KZ Acoustics ZEX Pro has been an amazing purchase in the budget IEM category. Speedy delivery, service, and competitive price offered by the Audio Store. As a first-time buyer, I am very happy and satisfied with the purchase and would highly recommend the Audio Store for audio equipment purchases.

The Portable Amp Dac works like a gem

I've used hidiz in past and now this, I'm impressed with their output for the price, my only with is to have the cable length reduced a little as this adds to the overall earphone length