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The Performance of this Balanced Adapter is Excellent.

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Good product in this price band.

It's an entry level dac doesn't make much difference to audio but if you have a laptop with broken audio then it's the best choice in lowest budget and specially angled type-c connector is good on phone for pocket fitting while straight connector has higher chances of cable damage and speaking of cable it's very soft. Overall performance is good but not very good.

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64 Audio Fourte IEM
Sunidhi (Hyderabad)
SUNIDHI'S favourite headset

Excellent headset if any doubts dm me ig@satika_sunidhi

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EarAudio Headphone Replacement Cable
Aditij Dhamija (Bengaluru)
Works perfectly

Does what it is supposed to. Please do not ask how it changes the sound, balanced output only helps you get more power from a DAC/AMP that supports it. The alternatives were much more expensive and I find this one to be perfect. It's better than the stock cable that comes with Edition XS. If you have a source that can make use of a balanced cable, by all means go ahead and purchase one. The headphones that this cable supports scale well with extra power so it's a worthwhile investment.

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JCALLY JC16S 16-Core Silver Plated Cable With Mic
siddharth chakravarthy (Bengaluru)
good so far

Using with 7hz salnotes, quality is good so far

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good packaging and great product.

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Perfect fit

After reading reviews, I ordered the Azla Sedna Earfit Crystal Medium Small size. These ear tips are very unique and have an adhesiveness to them which makes them really fit inside the ear canal. The sound quality greatly improves due to the compactness of the fit. These are premium ear tips and should last long in my opinion. I think the medium size is perfect for people with normal size ear canals. Really good stuff.

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Balanced purist sound

The iems stands what it says. Has balanced audio for purist. If you like metal then these are one of the best under 2k. Although I didn't like the mic it is not sensitive enough doesn't captures voice effectively.

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Great IEM

You will love the sound, a superb pair of headphone to begin your IEM journey
Go for it blindly !!

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Something special

It amplifies the music and also clarity if you are using any IEM it will sound better. I would have recommended it wholeheartedly if it were made in India product.

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7HZ Salnotes Zero IEM

My first IEM and i don't regret buying it. Previous heard so many earphones but those won't come near to the sound production of these. Iem's are cool ,go for it

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Great third party cables!!

Highly recommend this cables after using its 16 core version which was very prone to tearing and ultimately tore away. This cable feels way sturdier than its 16 core version. And also this one does not tangle at all and the ear hook size is great for small - medium sized ears.

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Awesome grip inside my ears!!!

The cp 100 plus' silicone material is very nice and feel comfortable and unfatigueing to use for a long period of time. They also provide a very good grip and hold my moondrop arias in proper place without slipping away due to ear wax after prolonged listening sessions. Highly recommended if you feel your current eartips are causing discomfort.

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Worth it

I bought these to connect my Beyerdynamic Amiron to the ifi Gryphon using the 4.4 balanced input . These cables are well made and flexible . Sound quality is more open and clear . Recommended.

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KZ Acoustics EDC IEM With Mic
Vimal V (Bengaluru)
1st Purchase

The excellent service from the Audio store . Faster delivery , even for delay dispatch am had an call from the support team. Am very happy with the product and the service provided by the Audio store.

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Excellent quality

Very good modular plugs and cable is of premium quality. It looks great as well.

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Great value product

Previously, i bought 1more piston fit earphones from 'the audio store'. Now, this is an upgrade to them. Very good quality earphones. I got extra eartips also after requesting on chat by whatsapp and gmail. They look good and received a pouch also.
Must buy if anyone have less money and great listening experience.
I'm very happy with my purchase.

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The best DAP in its class.

I am proud and happy to possess one of the best DAPs in its range. I thank The Audio Store to guide me to select the appropriate gadget to suit my preference and specifications of listening to music.
HiBy RS Gen2 has packed in it a host of adjustments to give you the near to perfect desired quality of sound of music.
It is a little bit heavy but it doesn't matter because it has got so many powerful components inside it like amplifier, twin DACs etc. The power consumption is also very less and at optimum performance adjustment, one can listen to music for long hours. It sounds so good that one can feel as present in the orchestra itself.
One of course needs a good audiophile standard earphones to give a match to it. There you get an opportunity to select from a wide range of music listening gadgets in TAS. I got the DAP delivered so fast that it didn't create desparation. They have excellent delivery arrangements.
To conclude, it is a fantastic music reproducer.

ParitoshB (Bengaluru)
Great Bassy earphone under 2000

QKZ x HBB is a fantastic earphone under 2000 and goes well with most modern genres of music (pop, EDM, Kpop, Jpop). It has a high sensitivity and low impedence so it can go very loud which is great for high volume listeners. The sound is smooth and offers great bass that is not muddy so you can still hears the midrange and vocals clearly. Female vocals sound lush and prominent, while Male vocals are slightly recessed. Treble is smooth with no harshness which I really appreciate for long listening. The earphone shell is quite comfortable and sits flush in my ear and isolates very well. The cable and mic are okay for the price. You can always upgrade to the QKZ qdc cable for around 600 if you want a better cable.
I prefer the tuning of QKZ over my friend's Hola which sounds more dry, and lack of details in hola is also more prominent. Definitely recommended for the price and if you want this kind of sound signature, there is no alternative under 2k. If you can extend your budget, do check out Blon x HBB Z300 as it has a similar tuning. Otherwise, if you prefer a more harman neutral tuning with more midrange prominent details, you can check out KZ ZVX, KZ DFi or Kiwi Ears Cadenza (at 3k) as an option.

Sources used: LG G8x, CX Pro Dongle
Eartips: KZ Whirlwinds (Tornado) Small

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Masterpiece this price range

I buying demo unit but delverd brand new earphone and fast delivery sound is good detailing vocal and bass

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Cable connector not reliable

The cable socket connecting IEM is not reliable, frequently it disconnects after disturbing it even a little during wearing it. Then we need to shake or pull and push it for it to start working.

We're sorry to hear that you're having trouble with the cable connector on your KZ Acoustics EDX Pro Wired IEM With Mic. We would recommend contacting customer support to see if they can help troubleshoot the issue.

BLON BL-03 IEM With Mic
Prashant (Delhi)
Amazing sounding IEM!

I purchased these way back and still using them. Great build and the sound is simply amazing. I would definitely recommend these for those who want to start their audiophile journey. This color was only available at theaudiostore and was my first purchase from them. Completely satisfied with my purchase.

Thanks for the great review!