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HiBy R5 Gen2 Portable Music Player
Vinith Paramel (Balangir)
Convenience of streaming app with high quality ESS DAC and Class A amp is a stellar combination !!

I'm enjoying every bit of my Hiby R5 Gen 2.. the good and bad part about this DAP is once you turn on the class A mode you can't go back to non-class A mode especially for streaming Apps (Apple CD quality) cause the sound is so amazing especially the layering/separation of instruments and vocals with class A mode on but unfortunately Class A mode eats up quite a bit of battery, hopefully it will improve as it is the case with Android phones.. somehow I felt the music played thru Hiby music app (local/Tidal) had more dynamics than CD quality songs streamed on Apple music.. but the convenience of streaming app (finding songs at your finger tip) with high quality ESS DAC and Class A amp is a stellar combination to have and Hiby has sweetened it more with SRC bypass throughout and not just native music app... another beautiful part is all sorts of jacks are available... if only Hiby had given SD 600 series SOC and Android 10 this DAP would have been unbeatable but I understand they have to cut some costs in order provide this whole package at budgeted price point... still the processor and Android can be smoothly handled if you restrict your app installation to minimal, by doing this you should have good enough resources to stream and toggle between diff apps without hiccups..

I would highly recommend this DAP cause right now this is the only budgeted DAP which comes at lower price but has almost all bells and whistles of a flagship DAP..

Shoutout to Pritam, who has been a great help in order to get this shipped and delivered to me within timelines given to me by Pritam.. it is always a pleasure doing business with Pritam.. with this kind of help & support "theaudiostore" will always be my go-to place for all portable music devices, IEM, headphones & accessories..

Wow...these are great bullets

Wow...these are great bullets on ear provided you feed them with extra power...i use sonata e44 using default 4.4 to 3.5mm converter and these Tanyas shines great...out of phone not enough power to hear full potential.

Tin HiFi T3 Plus IEM
Anonymous (Malappuram)
good for the price

warm and smooth sounding iem with very comfortable fit.

Significant difference

Purchased 0.78mm 2pin for kbear ks1.
There was a significant sound difference.
The soundstage opened, overall sound became brighter.
A decent purchase

Looks and feels premium, true to its name

It’s a very well thought out product and executed to nigh perfection. However, I think it’s better off with smaller earphones, earbuds, ear tips, cleaning tool, cleaning cloth or even entirely something different from an audiophile’s arsenal but it definitely is a tad diminutive in stature which would make it hard to fit an fully fledged IEM(especially given the exponential size increase in the shells of the new age IEMs).Nevertheless, contrastingly, the form factor makes it hard to resist coupled with the implementation of magnets to flip it open and shut with just a flick of a finger which adds an X factor. A great buy all in all ,whether you’re just into earbuds or you’re an audiophile and/or an IEM collector.

ThieAudio Monarch MKII IEM
Vijay Kumar (Gurgaon)
Really good IEM

This is really good IEM. Very sturdy IEM. Little more bass for my taste. Clean mids. God spacious sound stage. However I find Fiio FD7 much more dynamic, with right amount of bass, more cleaner, holographic imaging and good soundstage. This could be just personal choice.

Very Handy DAP But a Powerhouse!!

This was my first purchase from The Audio Store, so was a bit sceptical but recieved product within 2 days itself, even before the estimated delivery time, so hats off to u guys and also bluedart for superfast delivery.

And now coming to DAP, its the perfect sized player, fits just inur palm and ther button controls are also well placed. The auto rotate option for the screen also rotates the controls, which is a very handy feature. The UI needs a bit getting used to but not that much of an issue, if u r looking for an android like experience, i would suggest going for R5 gen2 instead. For this, since there is no Android , the battery life is also very good, got around 18-19 hrs.

Exceptional Headphones

First of all thanks to Pritam for the suggesting Arya and quick shipping. Pritam offered a great deal on these headphones. Im satisfied with the buying experience from Audiostore.

Coming to the headphones itself, this is hands down the best headphones I have heard till now. My previously owned/tried headphones - Sennheiser HD598SE, 600, 650, 660, 800S, AKG K712Pro, Focal Clear MG, Beyer 1990 and Hifiman Ananda. I was using Ananda before Arya and was searching for a end game headphones. Arya was in my mind for so long and Pritam suggested the same.

Sound: Arya stealth magnet version is neutral sounding headphones with a hint of bass warmth. Almost perfect imaging and soundstage (Not as big as 800S). But Arya has better bass. Very quick, precise and enough depth. Arya Stealth delivers quite well with a good amount of extension all the way down to the sub-bass region.
When it comes to midas and treble, Arya is an exceptional headphone. Detailed and well separated. Vocals stands out and is a bit forward sounding than Ananda. Instrument separation is terrific. Soundstage is improved compared to Ananda in all axes. Buid quality is much better than Ananda.

-Terrific dynamics
-Class leading Bass technicalities
-Neutral and balanced yet musical and engaging
-Transparent and accurate
-Terrific imaging
-Excellent midrange
-Exceptional clarity/treble
-Sparkling and alive yet not piercing or fatiguing
-Highly resolving but not analytical
-Wide and spacious soundstage
-Super comfortable to wear
-Easy to drive

-Slightly energetic compared to Ananda. As per reviews and Hifiman, it should get better with burn in.
-Bass not as dynamic or visceral as a hi-end dynamic driver headphones
-Cable is not so good

Looking for a 2 pin cable with mic and jcally jco8 s does the job, currently using with tin t3 plus and it's sooper awesome,no microphonics and the sq has improved


A bit loose sometimes and cuts signal on left but manageable.

Amazing earbuds

I already own ve monk plus and wanted to try an upgrade and these don't disappoint at all. These have the best natural tonality. No EQ needed. Just use with donut foams which are included and the sound is amazing.
I use these with iPad and lg quad dac. I like the pairing more with iPad. Very musical.

Build quality wise they appear to be very good. No strain relief on the buds so needs to be treated carefully as I am sure if the wire has a knot in the casing before the soldering. Mic quality is good.

The foams are softer than the ones on monk plus and overall the fit is very good. Can use for long hours.

Compared to monk plus, these have sub bass and are a all rounder for most of the music genres. Monks have better mids though.
Soundstage wise both are equal.

Compared to koss porta pro I find them different if not better. I find koss to be more warm sounding. These are more balanced with more details than both portas and monks.

Definitely recommend these for very balanced sound with great bass, mids and treble.

Best for using usb-c dongles with iphones.

best for converting usbc dongles with iphones. quality is also good for the price.

Got the Medium size

Got the medium size but its actually medium small. Anyone using medium large should get large ones.

Cable Photos

Just posting photos for others help. I do not have a review as I gifted this cable to my friend.

Best at this Price

Good Sound & Balanced bass. I like it.

Value for Money and Awesome

Value for money and awesome 🙂🙂

0.75mm perfect for CCA CRA and 0.78mm good for Moondrop Aria (not 100% fit)

I ordered 2 units of this cable, 0.75mm and 0.78mm. Both the cables are a good fit for my IEMS. 075mmQDC cable is a perfect replacement cable for CCA CRA, whereas 0.78mm cable is an almost fit for Moondrop Aria, will do but not 100% perfect fit. A little bit tangly but nothing major.

Usb/lightning cables are not detected some time by phone.

Better conne tor cables would have been good choice,

Best 1k I’ve ever spent

This iem is best for bass heads.

Dunu EST112 Quad Driver IEM
Anonymous (Trivandrum)
Nice Tribrid IEM

It is a nice sounding IEM overall. None of the frequencies sound recessed or lacking. The high frequencies are not sibilant or fatiguing to me. It comes with a nice set of accessories as well. I like the soft modular cable. I would like to thank The Audio Store team for making Dunu products available in India and for the fast delivery.

BQEYZ Summer Triple Driver IEM
Devanand Vijayathilakan (Trivandrum)
Some tracks might be a bit sibillant

Excellent quality and resolution but some tracks might be a bit sibillant

MOONDROP Spaceship Earphone
Jayakaran S (Chennai)
Tiny Monster

I was looking for an entry level good bullet type iem with mic for casual use and stumbled on the Moondrop Spaceship. For its small size it definitely packs a punch. Its a neutral sounding and detail oriented iem. It's also power hungry for a 16ohm set and needs volume to be turned up or a DAC- dongle to power it to the fullest. Pritam from audio store was very knowledgeable, courteous and guided me to make an informed decision and I'm happy with the purchase. Kudos to Audio store for quick delivery and customer centric approach. Thank you.

Works as advertised

Mic works well, buttons perform as expected. It is a little short for my liking and the remote is cylindrical so sometimes it is a bit difficult to find the button.

Exceptional Services given by TAS

Auditioning favorite audio gear in comfort of your home is a blessing :) Excellent customer service given by team Audio Store,
Like always Special thanks to Mr. Pritam for his support and assistance .

Ovidius B1 Portable DAC & Amp
M (Mumbai)