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BLON BL-03 IEM With Mic
Pradeep Patel (Bhopal)
Must buy IEM's

Exactly as expected. Great pair of earphones. Soundstaging and instrumentation separation is supremely good.

E1DA 9038D Portable USB DAC-Amp
Vijay Kumar (Delhi)
Amazing DAC/Amp! Excellent VFM!

Am becoming fan of E1DA products. Wish they bring more such DACs/Amps with advanced chips. This one is my favorite dongoe dac. I tried comparing it with RME dac 2 and I think DAC wise, it delivers about 80% of RME dac performance when tested with HD598. RME output is more musical plus it has much more functionality but just from DAC output perspective, 9038D delivers real good! It was able to easily drive my HD598 so amp wise also its quite capable amp and should be able to drive most of the iems. External amp may be required for demanding HPs.

Great product

Music sounds crystal clear.

Wonderful DAC dongle

Thanks to Venture electronics for making such product in less budget, I have tried many DAC cables, each has it own issues like so much of hissss noise or bass dominated sound with negligible treble, wasted time and money on experimenting cheap DACs, Finally I got venture DAC, fully satisfied on quality as well budget. It works great on Oneplus+ 9R and 8 and LG 30+ where I tested so far. Even it works samsung M40 too. If you are looking for good DAC within budget, buy it immediately.

It works

Needed backup for my MT602. Works well. Same sound signature. Packaging was excellent.

Great entry level audiophile headphones

I booked these today and got them today itself. Awesome delivery time.
Still burning them in, but the clarity of sound is breathtaking.
Very good headphones. A must buy. I would seriously recommend them to you guys.

Good Fit.. but attracts lot of dust

I have been using these tips for quite some time now.. i have small ear canals so fit of original ear tips was not that great. At first these tips did attach to my ear great.. but after some time they accumulate lot of dust which could lead to fit not being proper. Well these are way better than the original ones with a little downside of cleaning now and then.

KZ Acoustics EDX Wired IEM With Mic
Catherine Dora Lamare (Shillong)
loveeeee the product

the quality is so good.

Good and balanced Treble with punchy Bass.

I really liked this iem. Been using it for almost two weeks now, it's a very well balanced one with good treble. Bass takes on the lead although it's not too overpowering.

Premium cable with slight increase in tonal brightness

The cable is well made and a definite improvement over Moondrop Aria's stock fabric cable.
I never believed that cables change the sound quality but my Aria sounds a bit bright and lean with these, it is not significant but it is noticeable when A/B testing with stock cable.
To be honest I purchased it for its better build and feel and am happy with my purchase.

Sounds good

I'm using after 17 days fc3 with kinera bd005pro. Good &
Natural Audio experience. My first purchase dac & iem

Final Audio Type E Silicone Eartips
Prashant Kulkarni (Hyderabad)
Universal Eartips For IEMs

Superb eartips for all IEMs. Present I'm using these Final audio E type eartips with my JVC HA FW 01 IEM and these combo is superb. The sound isolation is too good. Thanks to Audio store once again for providing me so wonderful product.


Sounds perfect and smooth.Pairs really good with the AKG iems bundle with the samsung s series as compared with the senn ie80 or the monks 64ohms.Real vfm product excellently implemented and tuned by Kk and Wild Lee.

Worth every penny!!

This x-Duoo is the best 12K I spent on audio gear.😅. Damn, it's good! Replaced the stock tubes (6J1Shuguang) with 5654 Siemens.

1MORE Piston Fit Wired Earphone With Mic
Kolachana Satya Sai Prasanth (Vijayawada)
Great pair of earphones.

Awesome clarity. Good enough comfort. That's what I need! Thanks 1More!


Good product,
ok soundstage,
good details in this price
Require burn in....

MSEB for the win

Hiby R3 Pro Saber DAP is one of the cheapest DAPs that feature Tidal/Quobuz streaming. It's Sabre chip allows for a pretty analytical sound signature that can be tuned to a significant extent by MSEB systemwide tuning.

1) Great form factor
2) Tidal/Quobuz support
3) Bluetooth and WiFi support
4) MSEB systemwide tuning (Most Important)
5) 2.5mm balanced port
6) Good battery life

1) Proprietary apps for Tidal and Quobuz hence no offline downloads
2) No open android support. Hence installation of Amazon Music, Apple Music, YouTube Music etc is not possible
3) No internal memory

One of the best portable dac/amp combos

This was my previous dac/amp combo which I used for my Hifiman Sundara. The bass boost toggle is the highlight of this device along with the dynamics offered here

1) Portable and good battery life
2) Good dynamics
3) Bass boost toggle is a great feature especially for bass light open backs

Few cons to note
1) Vocals are not very warm and natural though not thin by any means.
2) Not the best Soundstage.

TempoTec Sonata HD PRO Portable USB AMP-DAC
Aradhya Mohapatra (Kolkata)
Tempotec Sonata HD Pro- The Budget Endgame

This is a really nice DAC AMP combo for the price. You can drive portable headphones and IEMs with this. It has a really clean and distortion free sound. It makes my KZ ZSN PRO X a little bit warmer and controls it's peaky treble. It causes a major improvement in soundstage and detail retrieval. Compared to my Shanling UP2, which cost me 6000Rs, The sonata hd pro crushes it, but again the UP2 has bluetooth functionalities and a equaliser. If you want a no frills dongle dac which is sound extremely good. This is for you.

Good cable

This is a nice sturdy cable. It is supple and doesn’t tangle. Recommended.

Really Love the Product

This is the best product you can get at this range, I have used even costlier earphones too, but at this price range trust me you cant get better. The audio quality is good, the mic sound is good, the build quality is good, the wires are tangle free, it fits perfectly in your ear, what more do you want.

Found my final DAC as of now!

First of all, a big thanks to guys, they are very helpful and I always get my shipment the next day, super fast shipping :) 🚀

I'd used Schiit multibit's ... yes two of them in a row. Those were just DACs with no headphone amp and no preamp and had only USB input. That was at an insane 25k price and I really found that overpriced in today's competition.

Then I bought Maverick Audio D2, which was my first Tube DAC and I was so impressed by the tube's signature. For the last 2 years, I've been using Fiio K3 and it's a great DAC..then I had my eyes on Xduoo XDO5 Basic and finally bought it, just because it's bundled with a lot of features and ample inputs for your source.

Wanted to go for the PLUS version but it seems like out of my budget and so I bought the BASIC variant finally :)

I found my money invested well. The DAC is a very sturdy build, solid RED knob worked for gain and on/off switch. The .91" OLED screen is super crisp that show you lots of live sample rate you are listening at, shows you the battery state and what input you are using.
At the back, it has USB in / optical in / aux in and line out for a lot of choices you can use.

It has ESS Sabre chip ES9018K2M which is slightly bright and ESS are known for little bright signature but that doesn't harsh to your ears, instrument separation is very good, has a deep bass.
Quite good wide sound stage. AMP is an added advantage for high impedance headphones like Beyerdynamics DT 990 Pro.

Has a 4000mAH lithium-polymer battery that gives you 9/12/16 hours of backup depending on what input you are using. Can be charged in 4 hours by a good adapter and take 11 hours when you charge it via PC.

Overall I really recommend this DAC..budget-friendly, good and wide sound stage, solid build :) YouTube video placeholder
Mohd Shakil Ansari (Lucknow)
Something unbelievable in budget

Hi Friends,

I was little sceptical while ordering (thoda dara hua tha) but was really taken aback by its sound quality when first listened.
All three frequencies are perfectly tuned for long hour listening.
Warm and bassy with lush and forward vocals. Treble is sufficient enough to make a song enjoyable.

Cons :
In few songs vocals are a little bit shouty.
Average soundstage.
IEM shell looks cheap and plasticy.
Average cable but eartips are very good.
Extremely light weight (yes it's a con for me)

Note : This IEM gives my fh5 and ikko oh10 run for their money.

Thanks 🙏

Room for improvement

I have some issues with the ear tips, they don't fit perfectly, and sometimes after using them for a long time it hurts. I was expecting a better sound stage. The sound stage feels a bit cramped. Although I have not tested these with any AMP/DAC, might change my opinion after that.
Overall, the build quality is perfect and the sound quality is also impressive. Would be great if they include a 3.5mm to 2.5mm balanced adapter.

BLON BL-Mini IEM With Mic
Prasanna (Nagercoil)

I was skeptical during the whole purchase saga. But when i listened to this iem, I was speechless. Great IEM at this price. No ear irritation, you can listen to songs for a whole day and yet you would not even notice the IEMs sitting on ear canal.