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7HZ Salnotes Zero IEM
Cherry (Hyderabad)
Best value for money!

Good tuning, replaceable cable and comes with assortment of tips.
Everything you could ask for the low price!

One of THE best cables for an UNBEATABLE price.

Balanced? Check. Braided? Check. Soft and doesn't hold shape? Check. Sound quality as original? Check. Used these on my hifiman edition xs and mezze neo. Worked perfectly on both so I ordered two. One 3.5mm and one 4.4mm for my ifi zen dac v2.

Shuoer S12 Planar Driver IEM
M George (Bengaluru)
Amazing IEM

I was looking for something compact and gives me a quality music experience. After much research between S12 , 7 Htz and raptgo hook. I decided to go with this one . The quality is amazing. Good bass, treble and sound clarity. Perfect allrounder. Rcd a perfect sealed box and fast delivery. Very good service by audio store in getting such products to Indian customers.

Very powerful DAC /Amp

I am posting this review after 7 months.
I purchased this to power my Edison XS.
Very powerful. You can never play more than 80 pc of the volume. Music never gets distorted and it feel like a home theatre.
It is pricey but once u have it ,you do not have to look further.

KZ Acoustics Memory Foam Eartips
Abhay Khutwad (Nagpur)
For a better sound isolation and comfort

This is the second time I'm buying these foam tips. They are extremely comfortable and provide superior sound isolation. Better than the stock silicone tips I received with KZ Zsn IEMs.
I can used my IEMs for hours without any fatigue.
Although I think that they should have sold mediums separately as they fit well on my ears.. The small and large sizes remains unused..

KZ Acoustics Memory Foam Eartips
Manivannan Chandrasekaran (Chennai)
Affordable and comfortable

Nice pair of foams. My second set of eartips. Comfortable to wear if you know your size.

Extremely Sturdy Magnetic connectors

The advantage of having a cable like this is that you only need to change the magnetic plugs from 2.5mm to 3.5mm/4.4mm depending on the jack of your source, without the hassle of changing the entire cable.
The change of plugs is very smooth and the magnetic connection is probably one of its kind, making this cable amongst the easiest to use.
The cable quality is typical FiiO and this may be amongst the warmest of FiiO cables.

7HZ Timeless IEM
Abhijit Sethi (Delhi)
The best for me

After using these pair of earphones I came to the conclusion that one of the best sounding earphones. These sounds amazing, punchier bass and I just loved it . Price is little high. But still I got my best under my budget

Aditya Singh (Ludhiana)

Nice product 👍👍

Good case

Good case for my tinhifi t3 plus. zip quality also good overall good case.

Ant Audio Earphone Carry Case
Siddhartha De (Delhi)
Excellent carry case

Finally, an IEM carry case which is big enough to hold expensive IEMs and also space to spare to hold a USB DAC.
I am using it to keep IBasso IT01S IEM, DC06 DAC and a 256 GB SanDisk pendrive. It still has some space left. The zipper has good quality and should last long. I am planning to get 2 or 3 more of these.

FiiO FD3 Pro IEM
Siddhartha De (Delhi)
Quality IEM - Big, Bold, Beautiful sound

Before I purchased this IEM, the only concern I had was about the comfort. These are super comfortable for me even when worn for hours. I have medium sized ears.
As for the sound, the only way to sum it up is, it's big, bold and beautiful.
The only con for me, was the default filter nozzle being too bass heavy. It made me feel claustrophobic. It's in fact, bass head territory.
The other filter made the sound more balanced and just opened up the sound for me. It has the right amount of bass for the sound to be enjoyable.
Other notable aspects are as follows - the carry case is beautiful and the accessories are generous for the price. The cable is beautiful too and the changeable pins work well.
Overall, the mids and vocals have a lot of impact, and bass (even with default filter) doesn't bleed into the other frequencies. The highs have enough energy but they are not sibilant. The detail retrieval on busy tracks could be better, but it's nitpicking really, for the price.

One more important detail I can share is, FIIO FD3 shares brilliant synergy with FIIO KA3. In fact, some of the aspects, like detail retrieval, improve with KA3. I also used it with Ibasso DC06, which makes the sound "leaner". On days when I want some quiet listening, I enjoy the latter combination too.

Overall, it's highly recommended!

HiBy R2 Portable Music Player
Himansu Pradhan (Bhubaneswar)
Good product but if the player could be little

Good product but if the player littlebit thin better.

Great little piece of work

I have used multiple other brand converters but none of them were able to decode lossless audio from Apple Music . But this little converter is great. It has some minor issues like heating but not cause any drop in connection. Great product. I am using this with helm bolt dac and happy with the performance

Abigail CX31993 HD Type-C to 3.5mm DAC Dongle
Ngaithem Vanson meitei (Guwahati)
Got the job done

Great build quality and the purpose is served

BLON BL-03 IEM With Mic
Anonymous (Guwahati)
As expected

Very good sound with the heavy bass. This is my first time using iem. As compared to normal earphones I think the iems give a whole new experience

Great tips

I got this for my T3 Plus and was looking for a eartip that would blunt the slightly spicy treble without sacrificing details. It worked wonderfully and also added a bit of low end thump. Super comfortable for extended listen, even more than my spinfit 100s. I would imagine these will pair well with brighter iems like S12 and IE600. Choose L if you normally go for ML in other brands.

Good performance

Except for its tendency of generating heat over its body, the overall performance is exceptionally good.
The sound is smooth and soft in various headphones (Senheiser hd 598SE, Bayer 250 ohms, Audio technica msr7, hifiman deva wired).
It's been 15 days of use.

FiiO LT-LT3 OTG Lightning to Type C Cable
Vivek Muruganantham (Chennai)
Not sure if it is original or duplicate

This product differs from image shown in official Fiio website. Fiio website cable is braided and this one is plain. Not sure if this older version.

Thank you for writing a review for FiiO LT-LT3.
FiiO LT-LT3 cable is non-braided, the outer material made of soft TPE.

It Works !!!

I bought this fingers crossed. But it's working fine. It would be really nice if they provide 2 female 3.5 mm instead of only one.

Does it's job very well

I have a pair of Hifiman Sundaras and I run them balanced (4.4mm) to my ifi zen dac v2 amp/dac. But when I need to run it off my phone or my portable dac which has only 3.5mm input then this adapter becomes very helpful to me. It's highly recommended if you need it. Its a good adapter.

ThieAudio Legacy 4 Quad Driver (3BA+1DD) IEM
Shrinjay Pedakala (Bengaluru)
The gateway to music heaven

This was my first iem purchase and it exceeded my expectations. I never knew there was so much more to explore in the same music I've been enjoying for so many years.

A detailed review of the frequency response is beyond me but I will say that the mids sound best in these earphones. The treble is great as well. The bass can best be described as adequate. I'm a bass head so I might be biased in that department.

All in all, I am extremely happy with my purchase. Thank you to the folks at the audio store for the seamless transaction and prompt delivery.

7HZ Salnotes Zero IEM
John Doe (Chandigarh)
Great IEMS

I purchased JBL live 100 for ₹1800 in 2019 and I loved them so much that I bought them again in 2021 for ₹750 then after a year of rough use I was in the market for another pair of earphones. Around this time I started spending a lot of time on reddit forums where I saw these. Got these for ₹1800 and they are better than the JBL in every way.

Great product!

A great product for a very reasonable price!

Great product!

This is a great DAC for the price, great budget device for noobs like me who aren't the biggest audiophile but want a great sound experience.