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A warm v shaped iem under 3k.

It's a nice iem....bass is huge though tight and big, midrange is less though present at back, and top range is very good, a very good iem fun and V-shaped for 3k
Thanks audio store.

Very Good Product

Very good product. Cable quality is very good. Audio quality is also good.Every frequency is balanced.

On ear headphone

Good product. Value for money. Thanks for the fast delivery.

Very good iem

Very Good iem.

Pros - good details, bit warm which i like.
Smooth sounding after burning 50 hrs.
Good bass.

Cons- ear tips are not good size for me. SQ. Changed alot after changing ear tips.

Good earphones in budget

Nice earphones in budget.sound is very balanced.bass is optimum .thanks MR Pritam for appropriate advice and audio store for quick delivery


What could i say that would justify someone's purchase. Well for starters, its price. Below 6k, I'd be sceptical there's anything at par with Fiio; to justify my statement, the speed of deliverance, accuracy and tonality of the lower notes; the instrument separation; loudness(without losing detail) and general presentation of these IEMS are simply un-parallel with anything else at this tier.

Come on....quit thinking. THESE ARE THE ONES!


If you are looking for over ear headphones, this is the right product in the budget segment.

Blown away

Blown away by the sound...bass it's thumping yet the details are very well there...finally found the right iem which have the soundstage I prefer.. absolutely recommend

Nice but

When thecheadphones are new ,the audio quality is superb ,but after a month awaz fatne lagta hain....

The Audio Store sent me new product ,packageing was awesome....

Helm bolt AMP)DAC

I have been using bolt for almost 10days, this product is really awesome and I thoroughly enjoyed tidal masters (MQA). But I'm very disappointed with USB audio pro interface which has to be used to play MQA content, this app regularly gets hung up .
Please suggest if roon can help or any other alternative which is of good quality.
Thank you

Glad to hear you are enjoying the DAC.
Roon will be coming out with a full suite of MQA music in the future. They do not require the player. Also, has a premium music service which does not require USBAPP. We believe Tidal will eliminate the need for USAPP in the next 6 months.

Amazing product

The quality is really good I felt little uncomfortable wearing them but I got used to it. But worth the price!

Opera Factory Rocks

I had heard about it on one of the groups. The IEMs is perfect for the V Shaped Sound Listeners and is bass Heavy. With right tuning, you can balance the music.

The Bass doesn't compromize on Details and that's what I liked very much about it. The Built Quality is Perfect and I absolutely loved it

Good service

Excellent sound, and surprisingly very good service from Audio Store. Did not expect it to receive within a day.


Experience is wow kind of sounds 👌 level osm

Best BEGINNER audiophile pick for open-back headphones!

While I had almost reviewed 50+ international brands in smart electronics to precision-audio devices, I should begin with giving credits to retailers who indirectly bridge the gap between the brands and customers. The Audio Store, is perhaps the most warm welcoming e-commerce platform in India currently respecting their customers on an another level. They fulfil your enthusiasm by delivering your desired product in 1 single day, blazing fast ain't it? Well, they are also trusted in the way they ship your packaging. So, I humbly convey to all my fellow audiophiles to encourage "The Audio Store".

Here is my short review after 72 hours of burning-in:
Great response in the mids and highs. Better bass response compared to Sennheiser in this price range and just as articulate with better sound stage. You don't get that heavy bass response, but it is clean and has just enough punch to enjoy it. The ear-pads are a bit small to my ears(our team had this issue too), but I don't recommend changing only if it maintains the clarity. Comfortable headphones for extended listening and have not experienced ear fatigue. **You should pair this with a warm-sound signature DAC and headphone amplifier**; otherwise there will be needles running into your ear. Upon all you will be experiencing an amazing clear and open sound-signature that gives a feel as that you are in a "state of the art" recording studio!

I should address the cable situation. They are not good in any way, but acceptable to a certain level. At certain angles they loose audio signal. **So I highly highly recommend the custom cable from "The Audio Store" since they were hand-crafted to perfection using Rhodium plated connectors**.

Last thing I would like to say is that - "You will not regret with this purchase".

The Little Power House

Audio store is good, they shipped the device so fast, it reached me with in two days.

This is the 1st powerful AMP I owned and it really brings HD6XX to true potential. I owned a lot of portable AMP and by far this is the best. I was really hesitating between this and iFi xCan but went for this because of this can be used a USB DAC for your phone or PC. I don't have sensitive IEMs but there is no noise when using with IEMs.

It comes with very good accessories. The stacking cables, rubber feet and magic jelly stacking rubber is excellent.

For the price the features and performance it offers, it is an easiest recommendation.
If you have harder to drive headphone, just go for it.

Awesome product it can easily drive upto 250 ohm’s headphones.

Perfect product for music producer and is capable.


Just Excellent. Better sound separation all instruments are heard clearly.


Superb Dac conversion is excellent for best results use Flac files or high quality mp3 files. Bass trigger switch is only good for iem. Using with Blon BL-03 and Beyerdynamic Dt-990 Pro. Excellent investment for a portable dac and extremely powerful. Charging takes around 3 to 4 hrs with fast charge with higher amp charger around 5 to 9 with low amps charger. Audio is tuned towards a warmer side not harsh excellent separation of instruments. 3 level audio gain level one is powerful for almost all Headphones.

Not good

Original item . But uncomfortable to wearr for more than 1 hour . Ear becomes hot

Fine pair of earbuds

I've been using the Edifier X3 True Wireless Earbuds for about 19 days. I got them for about Rs. 1,900 at The Audio Store.

The earbuds are quite compact, plain looking, as in nothing too flashy. But build quality is much more important. No complaints here.

The audio quality of the Edifier X3 is quite good, I also have the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z and that neckband punches way over its weight. So, while the volume and clarity are nowhere near to the Bullets', the Edifier X3 does a fine job for a pair of TWS buds.

In comparison, I've also used the Boat AirDopes 441, which in my opinion had a great design, but absolutely terrible audio quality.

The battery life of the earbuds is okay. Use it with the charging case, and you won't have an issue with the battery life.

Speaking of the charging case, there is a single LED on it right in the middle of the front panel. The light goes off when the case is charged, that's not exactly ideal. There's absolutely no way to tell how much juice is left in the earbuds, simply by looking at the case. This isn't a deal breaker since the device that you're connected to will display the battery percentage.

Note: I did not use the earbuds for calls, I bought it for my music needs, and it does a fine job.


Good build quality.
Good audio quality. I think this depends on the device you're using it with. I found the earbuds were a lot louder when connected to my laptop, but weren't nearly loud enough even at max volume with my phone.
Good range, I could use the earbuds 15-20 feet away from my laptop, the range with my phone was somewhat poorer, though I think that was the mobile antenna's fault.
Magnetic charging case
Decent battery life (good with the charging case).
Easy to pair


The charging box could have been better. I'd have preferred better LED indicators for the charging.

I ordered the earbuds on January 21st, it was shipped the next day and reached me on the 23rd via Bluedart. The delivery experience and the packaging were good.

I don't think you will find a better pair of TWS earbuds in the 2K range. Go for it.

Amazing device!

This is a wonderful product - I have been using BTR5 with my Shure 215 and FIIO F9 pro for over a month now - the audio quality is simply mind blowing- as good as wired. This has given a new lease of life to my Shure 215 which I had been using with BT2 native cable. With 2.5 mm balanced cable and BTR5, my Shure 215 is able to create tonality, instrument separation and sound stage of any 1000$ product. In addition, it also offers standard 3.5 mm port and several other option though an app. Good value for money.

Look no further on your quest on a music player

This is the best audio player you can get got this price

Great experience with the audio store.

The sound quality is excellent,and best prices comparing to others e-commerce platforms,thank you audio store.

Awesome voice clarity with shure earphones