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Excellent Audio Store

Very Useful Product for USB C easily connect headphone for the music listener.

Raj Menon (Mumbai)
Bright Balanced and Complete

I write this review after almost 6 months of purchase. During this period I bought several other IEMs and was listening to a variety of sounds. The Moondrop Kato is a unique iem in its own way. Perfect balanced sound for all genres of music. All frequencies shine on this iem. My only problem is with the fit. It's a bit heavy, being solid CNC machined metal. I haven't tried the more evolved tips to resolve the fit issue. The sub bass and mid bass are quite surprisingly more prominent than some of the planar IEMs I listened to. The vocals and high frequencies were so much clear and bright with no distortion or sibilance even at higher volumes. The Kato is easy to drive and expose nuances in music that remain subdued on other IEMs. Its a whole new experience listening to hi definition music on Kato. Slowly building on you as it gradually burns in. The Kato is a must for aspiring audiophiles. It also is a reference monitor for comparisons with other Hybrid, Planar and BA iems. I am sure, you won't be disappointed with its performance.

Soo Good

Great Purchase, totally recommended.

Final Audio E1000 Wired Earphones
Pradeep Kulkarni (Hyderabad)
Awesome earphone

Price to performance ratio is awesome.

Value for money cable

These are pretty great modular cables, which has a good price to performance ratio. Build quality relatively sturdy.

Jigar Mistry (Pune)
Good for collection

Great quality and provides good quality bass. My only complaint is the tips are too stiff and doesn't provide good seal. This may be issue for me only but worth mentioning.

BLON BL-03 IEM With Mic
SriV (Chennai)
Wow these are still King of V Shape tuning

Wow..these are still V Shape tuning king...edm or rock...electronic music is excellent in this. The recent zeros are too hot in treble for me.

Excellent bullet earphone

Excellent bullet earphones...if you give it some power....this will blow your mind for sure...not good for phone output..you need a very good dongle like tempotec hd pro or ibasso dc03 pro...excellent pairing.

Leaf Bass 2 Bluetooth Headphones (Demo Unit)

Good product

7HZ Salnotes Zero IEM
Rohith (Chennai)
First iem

First time ordering from this store, ordered on the 18th morning and got it on 19th afternoon (Chennai). At first I was disappointed but as I listen I can hear more details, I don't know if it's a good thing as some of the songs I listen to have some anoying background noises and the vocals seems enjoyable. Fit is comfortable and easy to put on. Overall I think it's worth the money.

Excellent VALUE FOR MONEY Product

Gives required boost from Mobile audio out to My IEM and DT 770 pro 250 OHMS Headset

XDuoo x2s

Great power output and sounds sweet. Few a very minor cons, but overcome by the pros. Its a good buy overall.

Other options for portable players available now with almost double the price is shanling m0 pro or hiby R2

Excellent DAC

The DAC was purchased with lot of apprehensions on the sound quality. But it came out a winner. Beautiful sound, punch bass, solid mids and very airy and clear highs. A superb combo for your iPhone to listen to hi-res music!

One of the best iems

An iem I like a lot, it delivers good bass and fairly good mid and treble too, i use it with a lotion paw s1 and spinfit 100 eartips.Worth every penny. Excellent value.

sandeep chary (Hyderabad)
Super good and lively!

These IEMs live up to the name. The music sounds lively and precisely the way you want to hear it—a very close or almost Harman-curved sound signature. The only con is the plastic feeling of the shell and the cable and sticks a little out of the ear. Although, the most powerful in my collections to likes of Ikko Oh01, BQEYZ Summer, TruthEar Zero, and KZ EDX pro.

BQEYZ Summer Triple Driver IEM
sandeep chary (Hyderabad)
Not the best but certainly better than most!

These IEMs kind of felt dull in the beginning but boy, they do not fail to amaze at all. Such a balanced sound signature, although not a wide soundstage but very enjoyable. These are available for 129$ on Linsoul and it is blessing we're getting it only for 49$ here in India.

AZLA SednaEarfit Crystal Standard
Prateek Kumar (Hyderabad)
My preferred tips over the AZLA Xelastec

I bought a pair of Xelastec and then I tried these Crystal tips.
The change in comfort was evident immediately. Crystals are more comfortable and get more details to the ear drums.

Currently using them with Ze Tian Wu Heyday and I'm in love with AZLA Crystal tips. On my way to order more. 🙂

No more Spinfits for me. Crystals outshine Spinfits in every aspect from comfort to getting you the last bit of detail from your songs.

Nice DAP

Best under 30-35k

Loved it

Amazing pair of IEMs. Great job.

Questyle M15 Portable DAC & Amp
Sathiya selvam Murugan (Chennai)
Best dac amp - portable

Probably the best portable dac amp available in india. Abundant power to run my hifiman xs. Neutral and clear. Best bass almost like my mojo

Best iem under 50 dollar

If you buy this iem you will not feel betray. Worth the money

KZ Acoustics ZS10 Pro X IEM With Mic
Jinish Purushothaman (Kochi)
No bass at all

I am very much disappointed.. My blon bl03 is much better for me...

KZ Acoustics EDX Pro Wired IEM With Mic
rajsridhar jayaseelan (Villupuram)
slightly need improvements {bass}

for this price range best IEM and its still need a pinch bass in it ,it would be perfect then

Impressive little DAP

After using it for quite sometime, Below is my impression on this DAP.

- Warm sound signature.
- Fatigue free listening for long durations.
- Faithful and balanced representation of music.
- Having both 3.5mm and 4.4mm balanced (Line out/Headphone) ports is a plus.
- Can be used as a USB DAC.
- Supports wide variety of music file formats (FLAC, WAV, MP3, OPUS DSF etc.).
- Can trasfer music to it through WiFi.
- Can install music streaming apps like Amazon Prime Music.

- Using with screen on reduces the battery life considerably.
- Sometimes crashes randomly.
- Playing with Hiby Music produces better listening experience. If using foobar2000 make sure the OpenSL ES output mode is turned ON.
- WebM files are not played natively even if they contain OPUS music files. These files need to be converted to OPUS files before they can be used.

This DAP is a extremely good value proposition for its price. Highly recommended.

AFUL Performer5 IEM
Nandalal Sarkar (Raiganj)
Best iem under 300 dollar

This iem is unmatched under 300 dollar. Value for money.