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Detail Monster with spot on timbre!!

This is steal at this price if you have the following -
1. Prefer lot of details with pin point imaging
2. A decent source with slight amplification abilities
3. Accurate & fast bass
4. Fantastic Midrange
5.Absolute fatigue free details (in balanced mode )
6. Believe in Burn in

Better than Fiio FH3 in most of parameters except little less organic tone.
"T" sounds "T" not "Th" ;)

Nice cable with mic. Good quality

Value for money

I am satisfied with the purchase. Its a value for money, however just that I had paid 2000 extra for the same unit. I am disappointed as within 2- 3 weeks of my purchase, the price has decreased. :(

I have used kzDQ6 for 2 week regularly.i am an average user with no musical background. Overall it produces good sound quality with average bass. Very disappointing cable and mic quality. Difficult to put on to the ears . It costed me 2299 rs. It is worth the money

Replacement for balanced BQEYZ balanced cable

A great cable exactly the same model shipped with BQEYZ SPRING 2

One of the best IEM around 11K,

One of the best iem below or around 11K, heard great reviews about it in portafi and my friends.

Initially was not that impressed with 3.5mm cable.

Bought a BQEYZ C9 balanced cable and that's were I found what it was capable of.


Amazing fit and isolation.

I got a pair for my Fiio FH3. I really loved them and I got 2 more for my other IEMs. The fit is amazing and the isolation is better than stock tips.

Awesome quality earphone

Sound from this earphone is very crisp and clear , all frequencies are very well defined and very well separated from each other, sound signature is balanced and sufficient bass is there(not over powering) , superb quality .
Thanks to ' the audio store' for the delivery, item was well packed and sealed .


The sound is awesome and good effect.

Get the Monk Plus instead

My rating is solely based on audio quality, build quality of earphone and the value for money. It does not factor in the packaging (read the full review to know more about packaging).
The build quality is good. The wire is kind of rubberised, tangle free and easy to use/store. The earbuds are quite comfortable too.
Sound quality is good enough, just not to justify the price.
I prefer earbuds over in-ear ones. I already have the VE Monk Plus. Compared to the Monks, these don't sound as good. Don't get me wrong, these earbuds are quite good. But the Monks sound so much better. The sound clarity, volume levels, etc are much better in the Monks. You can also get the Monk Plus cheaper (for at least Rs.200 lesser) and you have the option of getting a microphone too with the Monks. So, it just doesn't make sense to get these CatEar Mimi, unless you can't find the Monks anywhere.

The package I received was heavily crushed. The tin box was within 3 cardboard boxes with some plastic padding too. Despite that it was so heavily crushed that I had to cut & pry open the tin box with a knife. I assumed the earphones would have been damaged too. But thankfully they weren't.

Awesome Sound Clarity

Sound is really clear and crisp. Bass is somewhat Ok.

finest DAC

good dac under 10k. one of the finest sound listning experience on mobile phone.

good built quality and grate dac chip ESS with MQA support.

great buy and fast delivery as vell....

Good but not great

The build quality of the cable is good and sturdy, the mmcx connectors are of snug fit. However the sound quality when compared with fiio LC-B series, balanced cable is a bit low the sound is muffled and not louder. The delivery was exceptional, item got delivered the next day of placing order, the sales team is quite knowledgeable, they cleared all my doubts.

Value for money

Sound quality is good, bass is soft,I have complaint about quality of cable.!

Fabulous sound

Great sound . Great IEM for the price. Iam using them with Sony Walkman A45 and Cayin N3.These earphones are pretty balanced make music musical and never cause fatigue. I have Astell and Kern Billie Jean that are 7 times costlier than TRNST1 but I think both sound equally .I don't know too much about music but for me these are really sounding great.

Sound Quality n Looks, Awesome

I purchased this earphone from the audio store first time but I have been using this earphone for 4 year and no complaints 👍

Best Looking Decent Sounding Good Pricing

As described in the title, it is one of the most good looking and decent performing earphones in that price range. I had shortlisted RHA MA390 along with it,however picked this for its sheer good looks after comparing the reviews on both.

Great sound, mid tones and comfort could be better,

Sound quality overall - 5 🌟
Mids and high tones - 3 🌟
Bass - 5 🌟
Comfort - 3 🌟
Weight balance - 5 🌟

Good fit

Very good fit

Great product

For this price the product is awesome. Crystal clear sound and nice base once you adjust the sound settings according to your preference. Best for one who want to give it a try in multiple drivers.


A really amazing and a capable DAC for decoding MQA. Works really well, has tight bass, an intimate soundstage and can easily drive my 1000XM3's! Only warning is to keep a low volume on PC while using the DAC!

Best for the price

If you looking for earbuds with a budget of 1000rs, go for this... There are many available, but this one lasts long, and looks are's mids focused, with good sound stage, good for watching films also

Sound is balanced and great

Balanced sound...treble,vocals,bass everything is balanced. Sounds lively.Fitting is perfect for me.Except 1 pair attached to earphones i got 4 extra pairs of eartips.Only concerned is about cable for that i have ordered spiral cable protector from amazon.