FlipEars Aurora In-Ear Monitors Review


Many of you may not have heard about FlipEars, a brand that gained significant attention at the CANJAM Fair. FlipEars is the first Filipino company to manufacture custom and universal in-ear monitors (IEMs) in the Philippines. Today, we will explore the FlipEars Aurora, which is equipped with 2DD (Firewoofers-sub-bass), 6BA, and 2EST drivers. It is available globally for $2099.

I would like to thank Audio_Geek India and FlipEars for giving me the opportunity to audition the FlipEars Aurora. All opinions expressed in this review are my honest thoughts, and neither the brand nor Audio_Geek influenced my writing.

FlipEars Aurora In-Ear Monitors Review

Design and Build Quality

The FlipEars Aurora's design is inspired by the Northern Lights. The shell and faceplate are made from high-quality medical-grade resin. The faceplate and part of the inner shell feature blue and green colors, reflecting the Northern Lights. The faceplates are branded with "Aurora," and the inner shell displays the "FlipEars" logo. Visually, the Aurora is stunning and exudes a premium feel. The provided cables are well-built, soft, and flexible. Overall, FlipEars has done an excellent job with the design and build of the Aurora, justifying its price tag.

Comfort and Fit

The FlipEars Aurora has a chunky and substantial shell. While the outer shell is medium-sized, it is notably wide. The nozzle size may be large for some, potentially causing discomfort. I used SpinFit W1 eartips with this IEM. The weight of the IEM is balanced, neither too heavy nor too light. I used the IEM for 2-3 hours continuously but had to take small breaks occasionally, which may be a personal issue. Comfort and fit can be hit or miss, so if possible, try them out for fit before purchasing.

FlipEars Aurora In-Ear Monitors Review

Sound Quality

During my listening sessions, my setup included a MacBook, Questyle M15 DAC, stock 4.4mm cable, Aurora IEMs, and SpinFit W1 eartips.

The FlipEars Aurora has a mild V-shaped sound signature. The bass is sub-bass focused, clean, deep, and rumbly. The midrange is emotional, textured, and natural. Treble is crisp, detailed, and crystal clear. The soundstage is intimate, and imaging is average.


The FlipEars Aurora features a 2 dynamic driver setup for the bass, termed Firewoofers. The sub-bass is rumbly, deep, and clean. The bass decay is moderate. While I prefer a more head-filling and tactile bass, the Aurora's bass is tight and clean, which many will appreciate.


Both male and female vocals sound excellent on the Aurora. The midrange has the perfect weight and body, providing great detail and nuance expected from high-end IEMs. Male vocals are particularly smooth, making it hard to stop listening. Overall, the midrange is very well-tuned.


The treble is crisp, detailed, and crystal clear, though I expected better layering and a wider space. There is no harshness or sharpness in the treble region, resulting in a very good treble presentation.

Soundstage & Imaging

The soundstage feels intimate, sometimes making it seem like everything is in your head. Imaging is average.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
 Deep, clean, and tight bass Intimate soundstage
Textured and natural midrange Average imaging
Crisp, detailed treble Large shell size
Overall grand and immersive sound
Beautiful shell design

FlipEars Aurora In-Ear Monitors Review


If you are in the market for the best in-ear monitors around the $2000 price range, you should definitely consider the FlipEars Aurora. It features a V-shaped sound tuning, providing a grand and immersive sound with deep, rumbly bass, natural and textured midrange, and crisp, detailed treble. The intimate soundstage and average imaging are balanced by its excellent build and design. If you have any questions about the FlipEars Aurora, please ask in the comments below.

Once again, I would like to thank Audio_Geek India and FlipEars for the opportunity to audition the FlipEars Aurora in-ear monitors. If you enjoy our content and want to stay updated on such products, follow our WhatsApp Channel now!

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