Sennheiser IE 600 IEM Review: Arghadeep Misra's Take


Sennheiser IE600, a revolutionary launch by Sennheiser, marked a significant turning point for the brand. It allowed them to reclaim their dominance in the IEM market, which had been inundated with Chi-Fi products. However, as we fast forward to 2024, the question arises: do they continue to maintain their position and pose a formidable challenge to other IEMs through an enticing year-long discount? Let us delve into the depths of this inquiry and uncover the truth.

Sennheiser IE 600 IEM Review: Arghadeep Misra's Take


Thanks to my friend Vineet Kumar Shukla, I used this IEM for a really long time before passing on any judgement. So I am not getting any advantages of saying anything positive or negative.

Burn In is real (Story Time)

I have to share a quick story before I begin my review. The first time I reviewed the IE600 was in November 2023, and I didn't like it at all. But after giving it a second chance in March 2024, my opinion completely changed. It went from a B-tier to an A+ tier for me. The difference? Burn In. My review of the Sennheiser IE600 is based on my personal experience.

Sennheiser as an IEM maker

Sennheiser, the renowned audio brand, has always been at the forefront of innovation and research. However, their struggle with their IEMs has been quite evident. While their mid-tier offering, the IE300, was considered good enough during its time, it faced challenges in a market dominated by Chi-Fi products. On the other hand, their flagship model, the IE900, gained popularity among audiophiles worldwide for its impressive technical capabilities and resolution. Unfortunately, it was overlooked due to the tuning choice they made.

Sennheiser has always been known for pushing the boundaries of technology. Two years ago, they introduced the world to their groundbreaking IE600, equipped with a 7mm DD driver. The market was flooded with praise and compliments for this masterpiece. However, the question arises: do they still hold up in 2024? Let's delve into the current scenario and find out.


Let's kick off the conversation by delving into its timber traits. (Although it may be the weakest link in this IEM, I advise against solely basing your judgment on its timber).


The violin produces sounds that are fleeting and rapid. While they lack a touch of bass that would provide a richer tone, the high notes are as clear as crystal and incredibly intricate.

Acoustic Guitar

The digital music compatibility is definitely stronger than the neutral ones. The sub-bass is booming, and the details are on point, but they're missing that touch of realism. It's like looking at a vivid painting instead of a serene landscape.

Classical Guitar

This IEM does not do justice to the classical guitar, as it fails to capture the essence of its sound and cannot accurately represent the weight of each note.


Version 1: The decay and impact of the drums are truly remarkable. They exude a natural and gratifying vibe overall. However, they lack a bit of originality in terms of sound. While you'll appreciate the drums on this IEM, it falls short in realism compared to the Softears RSV. The cymbals, on the other hand, are incredibly airy and rich in intricate details. The trailing edges are exceptionally well-defined in this IEM.

Wind Instruments

Wind instruments truly shine in this IEM. The airy quality, intricate details, and transient response all come together to create a truly satisfying listening experience.

Sennheiser IE 600 IEM Review: Arghadeep Misra's Take





The sub-bass on these IEMs is truly exceptional. It's mind-blowing how they managed to achieve such impressive performance with just a 7mm driver. The impact is airy, the thump is powerful and commanding. The attacks are robust and fill the space around you flawlessly. To sum it up in one word - the sub-bass is simply irresistible. Sometimes, I like to tweak the sub-bass by 2 / 2.5 db for some added excitement, and they handle it effortlessly without breaking a sweat.


The midbass may not reign supreme like the sub-bass, but it definitely brings a solid presence to the table. The transition from sub-bass to midbass is seamless, never once feeling out of place. It's like having the perfect sidekick who knows exactly when to step in and complete the dynamic duo of sound.

Lower Midrange

The lower mids may be a bit withdrawn, but they still manage to maintain their clarity. Naturally, this is not an IEM that prioritizes the midrange, so one should not anticipate exceptional performance at this price range. However, even with that in mind, they still manage to deliver. As someone who appreciates a strong midrange, I personally did not find it to be a hindrance.

Upper Midrange

The upper mids delightfully take the spotlight. Everything in that frequency range shines with remarkable clarity and presence. The upper mids glide smoothly like a liquid, never once causing any discomfort to my ears.


Once again, the treble of this IEM proves to be the ultimate scene-stealer. Bursting with unrivaled clarity and intricacy, it envelops the air like an expansive, open field. The extension it delivers is truly exceptional, especially when considering its price point. Not only does it lend a radiant and sparkling quality to the sound, but it also preserves the trailing edges of instruments for an incredibly long time. Every note flows effortlessly with a fluidity akin to liquid, while the seamless handling of the post 10Khz range continues to leave me in a state of wonder and admiration.

EROS S Cable

This cable really gave Midbass a kick, resulting in a more recessed mid-range. However, the low-end gained more depth and authority. The midrange texture got a boost, but it seemed to take a step back. The metallic and sizzling sensation of the IEM disappeared, replaced by a more organic sound. The soundstage saw a significant 15-20% increase. The overall sound is now more cohesive, although the mid-range seems to have taken a backseat in terms of tonality.

Sennheiser IE 600 IEM Review: Arghadeep Misra's Take

Genre Discussion:-



This IEM is a perfect match for Western pop music. The glimmer and brilliance it offers may suffice for certain songs, but the overall enjoyment factor of the genre is abundantly present. This achievement is primarily due to its exceptional performance in the lower frequencies.

 In the track "Loving on Me," the voices sound dry and slightly withdrawn. However, the subbass provides pure amusement, while the midbass maintains a tasteful balance. The attack and slam are precisely executed, without encroaching into basshead territory. The treble may be a tad excessive for those sensitive to high frequencies.

In the song "Paint the Town Red," the level of detail is highly impressive. The upper registers are tonally sculpted to perfection within this price range. The vocals are expertly executed and seamlessly blend into the mix. The treble is spacious and airy, leaving no room for complaints.

In the songs from the album "Death of a Bachelor," the vocals possess a textured quality. The upper registers of the vocals are exceptionally well-crafted, although the mids may sound slightly recessed. The sizzles and shines throughout the entire album are unobtrusive and do not overpower the upper mids.


In the realm of music, it's like a game of chance when it comes to your personal collection. In my collection, it falls right in the middle. It didn't leave me yearning for more, but it also didn't quite hit the mark for that rich, full experience I crave from this particular genre.

Dreams - The bass is absolutely delightful, deep and resonant. The vocals blend seamlessly into the mix, sounding incredibly natural. The spatial elements are expertly arranged, creating a truly immersive experience. The acoustic guitar on the left side has a slight sizzle with a metallic edge, adding a layer of complexity to the sound.

Hotel California - Once again, the attention to detail is impressive. The vocals, while slightly set back, mesh well with the overall sound. Unfortunately, the electric guitar doesn't quite shine as brightly here, lacking accuracy in tone. There's an excess of treble and a lack of body in the guitar, with the cymbals adding a touch of sharpness to the mix.

Comfortably Numb - Strikes a perfect balance between spaciousness and intimacy, allowing for a truly enjoyable listening experience. The level of detail is exceptional, with nuances present throughout. The drums are crisp and well-defined, while the midrange texturing is expertly executed. The guitar solo is a standout moment, atmospheric and full of intricate details.


This IEM truly elevates the Hip-Hop listening experience with its outstanding sub-bass that enhances the genre's vibe. After giving it a thorough review, I find myself grooving to Hip-Hop tracks 70% of the time. The intricate details and resolution of this IEM perfectly complement the genre, making vocals sound impeccably mixed. Every song sounded good in Desi Hip Hop, it is not necessary to take the names of each track.

Western Classical

This IEM is a perfect fit for this genre, exuding an air of spaciousness and grandeur within the halls. The placement of the instruments is executed with utmost precision, allowing the air frequencies to flourish in abundance. The resolution of this IEM harmoniously aligns with the intricate textural details within the tracks. Each instrument stands out distinctly, effortlessly separating itself from the others. At the discounted price of $534 in India, it is a daunting task to discover anything that rivals its prowess within this particular genre.


Achieving soundstaging on the Sennheiser IE600 can be quite a challenging endeavor. I am pleased to announce that this particular in-ear monitor has excelled in delivering a sufficiently expansive stage, without being excessively vast to detach oneself from the emotional essence of the music, unlike the IEM Yanin Aladdin. The sound projection is circular and exhibits a remarkable precision in placing the instruments on the stage. Its performance is slightly inferior or on par with the Aful Performer 8, contingent upon the Head-Related Transfer Function (HRTF).


Imaging is very natural for its price. It does not project fake imaging nor it is very precise to a point. The localisation is good enough for the price and will feel very natural and not microscopic. Artists like Amber Rubarth are a joy to listen to on this IEM.


The sheer resolution of this IEM is truly remarkable. It surpasses expectations, even considering its discounted price point. Its resolution outshines that of the Aful Performer 8 and is on par with the esteemed Monarch MKII (Close but not quite the same level).


This IEM possesses an exceptional capacity for scalability. It demands an immaculate and robust origin to unveil its true capabilities. It shall not function optimally when connected to a device such as the Abigail Pro dongle. The absolute minimum requirement for this IEM is either the Moondrop Dawn Pro or the AFUL Snowy Night. Digital Audio Players (DAPs) such as the Aune M1P have proven to be an excellent match for this IEM, and the Hiby R6 Pro II also pairs splendidly.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
It is the most comfortable IEM I have ever tried MMCX Connection
The resolution is excellent Timber could be a hit-or-miss
Technicalities are well-implemented Treble might be too much for some
The Sub-bass is addictive
  The construction of the shell is very well done


Sennheiser IE 600 IEM Review: Arghadeep Misra's Take


I had an absolute blast with this IEM even in 2024. I wholeheartedly endorse this IEM from Sennheiser at its reduced price of $530. The level of enjoyment I experienced with the Sennheiser IE600 is too good to overlook, and I am eagerly anticipating what Sennheiser has in store for their future IEM releases. If you have a neutral listening preference and want to dip your toes into the more entertaining side of audio, this is the ideal starting point for you.



The following review has been thoughtfully crafted by Mr. Arghadeep Misra from Kolkata, a cherished supporter, customer, and friend of The Audio Store. We express our gratitude to Mr. Arghadeep for generously sharing his personal insights into the Sennheiser IE 600 IEM. It is important to note that this review is entirely unbiased, reflecting Mr.Arghadeep's genuine experiences and preferences. No benefits or exchanges have influenced the content of this review. His valuable contributions significantly enhance our blog, and we sincerely appreciate his unwavering dedication to the audio enthusiast community.

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