Helm F2 Planar Magnetic Dual Driver Earphones Review: Experience Powerful Bass Like Never Before!


Are you tired of earphones that fail to deliver the HiFi grade sound you crave? Look no further than Helm Audio's new F2 planar magnetic dual driver earphones, equipped with a 6mm planar driver for midrange and treble and a 10mm dynamic driver for low frequency.

What sets the F2 apart is its hybrid driver technology - a solution to two common problems faced by most planar driver in-ear monitors (IEMs). Firstly, planar drivers often lack the bass punch and quantity that listeners desire. Secondly, single dynamic driver earphones can struggle to produce fast, accurate, and detailed midrange and treble. The F2 solves both of these issues with its combination of drivers.

During our testing, we were impressed with how Helm Audio utilized both driver technologies to achieve a well-rounded sound experience. Join us as we explore the Helm F2 earphones in depth and see if they truly deliver on their promise of HiFi grade sound, everywhere and for everyone.

Helm F2 Planar Magnetic Dual Driver Earphones Cable

Design and Build Quality

The F2 earphone shell is made of metal, and the cable is cloth braided till the Y splitter, after which it is made of soft silicone. The cables come with an in-line microphone and functional buttons like volume controls and the play & pause buttons. The 3.5mm gold-plated jack has a slight bend design. Overall, the F2 headset has been designed nicely and built solidly for everyday use.

Comfort and Fit

Helm F2 earphones have a traditional in-ear design that is very convenient for daily use for long hours. During our testing, we didn’t face any discomfort or fitting issues with F2 in-ear headphones.

Helm F2 Planar Magnetic Dual Driver Earphones Cable

Sound Quality

F2 has grand and rich bass, smooth texture midrange and detailed, clear and sparkly treble. The soundstage is wide. Overall, F2 follows a V-shaped sounding tuning, and most users will find F2 to be a very musical and energetic-sounding earphone.


The bass is tuned very nicely and has enough energy and quantity. During our testing, we found the bass to be rumbling and punchy while listening to tracks like Kopama Napina by Karthik & Shreya Ghoshal and Bass Rani by Nucleya. When listening to Bass Rani, you can feel some vibration and air moving in your eardrum. Overall, the bass is a highlighting element of the Helm F2 earphones, and bassheads will be very happy with F2 because they will get good quality bass performance with Planar driver midrange and treble.


The female and male voices have good weight, texture, and clarity. While listening to Man Kunto Maula By Arjoo Aftab, you can feel the heavy but calm emotions in her voice. For male vocals, we played Mann Bharryaa 2.0 by B.Praak, and you can feel his voice starting with a low and slow pitch and immediately going on a high and fast pitch. Overall, F2 handles midrange effortlessly without compromising on clarity, detail, and emotional characteristics.


F2 is very capable of handling busy treble songs like Chori Chori by Rakha Bhardwaj. In this song, multiple instruments are playing together, but you can hear each of them without getting muddy. Treble sounds energetic and crispy without getting harsh & sharp.


The soundstage is wide enough, thanks to the Planar driver, although it’s lacking in giving a grand auditorium-like sound feeling.


Imaging is accurate, and you can sense the instrument arrangement and distance.

Helm F2 Planar Magnetic Dual Driver Earphones Cable

Microphone Quality

The microphone position on the cable is near the mouth, so it helps in improving call quality in busy environments.

Value and Competition

Helm F2 earphones are selling at Rs. 12,990/- ($149/-) in India, which is a very competitive and crowded price point for Planar driver In-ear monitors. However, Helm F2 stands out due to better bass performance and offers the same or better midrange and treble performance. 

Helm F2 Planar Magnetic Dual Driver Earphones Cable

Pros and Cons



Powerful bass

Slightly Microphonic cable

Clear and emotional Midrange

Provide carry pouch is not expected at this price range earphones

Clear, detailed & fast treble

More different eartips can be provided at this price point range earphones

Easy and comfortable to use for long hours

Non-detachable cable

Wide soundstage

With in-line microphone & functional

Helm F2 Planar Magnetic Dual Driver Earphones Cable


In conclusion, the Helm F2 earphones are an excellent choice for anyone seeking planar magnetic earphones with a powerful bass. Although they require a 10-hour burn-in period and some eartip rolling to sound their best, they offer an immersive sound experience even on the go. We highly recommend them for both novice and experienced audiophiles who appreciate a V-shaped tuning.

At The Audio Store, we stock the Helm F2 Planar magnetic dual driver earphones with mic at a selling price of ₹12,990/-, and they come with a 1-year manufacturing warranty and free express shipping across India. If you have any queries or need any assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for reading our review, and stay tuned for our next review of the Kiwiear Orchestra Lite In-ear monitors (IEMS).


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Srinivasa Rama Naidu Kayala

Srinivasa Rama Naidu Kayala

Non-detachable cable is a strict NO at this price even though they claim good mic, what if wire breaks. Silicone ends might be comfortable but prone to easy damage. Will be great if you can post frequency response graphs in future reviews.

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