KZ ZNA Dual Driver In-Ear Monitors Review: Balanced, Natural Sound Under Rs.2000


The KZ ZNA Dual Driver In-ear monitor is a hybrid earphone equipped with a 12mm dynamic driver and KZ 30095 balanced armature driver. The sound is balanced and natural, making it suitable for any music genre. The bass is textured and tight, the mid-range is emotionally warm and leaner, and the treble is detailed and smooth. In this review, we will dive deeper into the KZ ZNA hybrid earphones.

Design and Build Quality-

The KZ ZNA in-ear headphones have a nice design and build quality for daily use. They feature a transparent black shell with a matte metal-like painted faceplate and a golden-colored metal mesh for air vents on the edges. The cable is made of transparent silicon material and has a microphone plus one function button and a 3.5mm gold-plated audio jack. KZ has provided different types of grey and blue color eartips with the KZ ZNA headset.

Comfort and Fit-

The KZ ZNA in-ear headphones have a shell size similar to other KZ models, such as the KZ ZSN Pro. It fits comfortably with most ear sizes, and the new eartips provide great noise isolation and sound quality.

Sound Quality-

The KZ ZNA IEMS sound balanced and natural, making them a better version of the Moondrop CHU with more bass and air in the treble. The separation and layering are excellent on the ZNA, and it is a safe sounding IEM for those who are looking for an all-rounder kind of sound that goes well with most music genres without compromising on quality bass, midrange, and treble under the Rs.2000 price range.

Bass -

The bass on KZ ZNA is not muddy or bloated. It's tight and textured, making the midrange and treble sound more clear. In ZNA, sub-bass has more presence than the mid-bass.

Midrange -

The midrange is clear and lean sounding. While listening to Ali Maula (MTV Unplugged Version) by Salim-Sulaiman & Salim Merchant or Duma Dum by Sonu Kakkar & Rachel Varghese, you can feel the male and female vocals sound clean, realistic, but slightly leaner.

Treble -

The treble is very detailed and smooth. While listening to a complex track like Hairat by Lucky Ali, you can feel drums, bass guitar, piano, electric guitar, cymbals, everything sounds so nicely and smoothly. ZNA earphones have very good separation and layering, and you can recognize the music instruments so easily. The treble's edges are well-rounded, and it's not piercing at all.

Soundstage -

The soundstage is average wide with decent depth and height, which is decent for the price.


The imaging is quite good compared to IEMs in this price range. You can feel the direction and distance of each music element.

Microphone Quality-

The microphone is good for calling and recording indoor.

Value and Competition-

In the current market, there are numerous options available for in-ear monitors under Rs. 2000. However, if you prioritize accuracy and tonal realism in your audio listening experience, KZ ZNA earphones are definitely worth considering. While other models like Moondrop CHU, KZ ZST X, and KZ ZSN Pro X are also great options, the KZ ZNA offers a unique and balanced sound signature that sets it apart from the competition.

Pros and Cons-​



Balanced and natural sound

No carry pouch

Good build and fit

Lean midrange

It goes well with any music genre


In conclusion, the KZ ZNA Dual Driver In-ear monitors are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a balanced and natural-sounding set of earphones with good build quality and fit. With its tight bass, clear mid-range, and detailed treble, the KZ ZNA is suitable for all kinds of music genres and listening preferences.

While there is no carry pouch included, the overall value of the KZ ZNA at its price point is unbeatable, and it offers strong competition to other models in the same range such as Moondrop CHU, KZ ZSN Pro X, CCA Lyra, and KZ ZST X.

Whether you're a beginner audiophile, a gamer, or a casual listener, the KZ ZNA is a great option that will provide you with a high-quality sound experience. The Audio Store offers KZ ZNA Dual Driver In-ear monitors at a competitive price of Rs. 1890/-, and with 1 year of warranty, free express shipping, and multiple payment options, you can trust them to provide you with an excellent purchasing experience.

If you need any help selecting any IEM or other audio products, don't hesitate to reach out to The Audio Store team, who are always ready to help you.

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