Penon Turbo In-Ear Monitors Review: Your Gateway to Audio Heaven

Penon Audio holds a distinguished reputation in the Chi-Fi world, known for pioneering high-performance products at affordable prices. Having previously reviewed Penon Quattro and the 10th Anniversary Edition IEMs, I was left thoroughly impressed by their sound. Today, we embark on a journey to explore the Penon Turbo IEM, equipped with 6 balanced armature drivers and 4 tuning switches, delving deep into its sonic prowess.

Design and Build Quality

The faceplate of the Penon Turbo boasts a pearl finishing with a captivating green hue. Crafted from transparent green resin material, the shell exudes a decent aesthetic appeal, though there's room for enhancement to achieve a more luxurious and premium look. Despite this, the shell feels sturdy, and the accompanying soft and flexible stock cable, while lacking ear-memory hooks, adds to the overall durability. Ideally, coordinating the color scheme of the cable and IEM shell could elevate the visual charm. The provided carry case proves to be a commendable addition, facilitating convenient storage of the IEMs along with extra eartips or a small portable DAC.

Penon Turbo In-Ear Monitors Review: Your Gateway to Audio Heaven

Comfort and Fit

The compact and lightweight design of the shell ensures a secure and comfortable fit, with the Penon Turbo effortlessly melding into the ears and disappearing, offering an immersive listening experience. While the stock eartips suffice, opting for the Azla SednaEarfitLight eartips further enhances the comfort level.

Penon Turbo In-Ear Monitors Review: Your Gateway to Audio Heaven

Tuning Switches

Penon Audio has ingeniously equipped the Penon Turbo with 3+1 tuning switches nestled within its sleek shell. Yet, amidst the excitement of exploring these sonic marvels, a small hiccup emerged: the absence of an infographic guide both within the packaging and on their website. Presented solely in text format, comprehending the nuances proved to be a tad challenging. Thus, I extend a humble suggestion to Penon: crafting an infographic would undoubtedly streamline the understanding process for all users.

Let's delve into the intricacies of these tuning switches. Among them, one switch is dedicated to an extra bass boost feature, while the remaining three cater to bass, midrange, and treble enhancement, respectively. Throughout my evaluation, I opted for the 100+0 tuning setting, as per the recommendation of the IEM's creator and tuner.

Despite the initial hurdle, these tuning switches serve as gateways to a realm of sonic customization, affording us unprecedented control over our auditory experience. With each adjustment, we carve out our preferred sound signature, enhancing the overall listening pleasure.

Penon Turbo In-Ear Monitors Review: Your Gateway to Audio Heaven

Sound Quality

In my quest to unveil the sonic prowess of the Penon Turbo, I embarked on a journey guided by a sophisticated listening chain: MacBook Air / iPhone 12, complemented by the Questyle M15 DAC & AMP, paired with the stock cable and Azla SednaEarfitLight eartips, all set to the 100+1 tuning switches configuration.

The Penon Turbo emanates a vibrant, rich, clear, and detailed sound signature, characterized by an admirable average soundstage and exceptional resolution, with impeccable separation and layering.


Venturing into the depths of the sub-bass, the Penon Turbo unveils a rumbly, hard-hitting slam infused with remarkable texture and control. Despite the balanced armature's conventional limitations in bass production, the Penon Turbo defies expectations, offering a bass performance that exudes depth and precision. Engaging the bass boosting switch elevates the experience, endowing the bass with a richer, grander presence reminiscent of dynamic driver bass, all without succumbing to the pitfalls of boominess or muddiness. The result? An immensely gratifying bass performance that resonates with every note.


Transitioning to the midrange, the Penon Turbo unveils vocals that are nothing short of exceptional—smooth, textured, yet subtly recessed in comparison to the low frequencies and treble. The upper midrange strikes a harmonious balance, exuding energy without a hint of sharpness, while maintaining a natural and realistic vocal timbre. Overall, the midrange presents a delicate warmth paired with meticulous detail, captivating listeners with its nuanced presentation.


The treble unfurls with finesse, offering a fast, crispy, and sparkly rendition enriched with detailed musicality and a hint of bright energy. Notably, the treble extension adds an ethereal airiness to the sound, enhancing its overall allure. With remarkable detail retrieval capabilities, each instrument in complex musical arrangements is rendered with pristine clarity, courtesy of the Penon Turbo's exceptional layering and separation. Yet, despite its brilliance, the upper treble remains smooth and rounded, devoid of any harshness, ensuring a seamless listening experience.

Soundstage & Imaging

Enveloped within the expansive soundstage, slightly wider than intimate, listeners are treated to a captivating auditory panorama characterized by impressive height and depth. The accuracy of imaging is exemplary, facilitating effortless pinpointing of each instrument's position and discerning the subtle nuances of distance from the center stage.

VI. Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Overall V-shaped sound Midrange is recessed
Excellent BA Bass Lack of infographic information on tuning switches
Smooth and textured midrange Aesthetically simple shell
Fast, crispy, and detailed treble
Tuning switches
Small, lightweight shell
Cohesive sound


Penon Turbo In-Ear Monitors Review: Your Gateway to Audio Heaven



For those seeking a musical and detailed sound experience imbued with the sophistication of balanced armature drivers, look no further than the Penon Turbo in-ear monitors. These exceptional IEMs offer an exquisite blend of detailed clarity, versatility, and safe tuning, ensuring an unparalleled auditory journey.

The adeptly crafted tuning switches further enhance the Penon Turbo's allure, providing users with the flexibility to sculpt their sound to perfection, unlocking the true potential of their audio repertoire. Indeed, the value proposition of the Penon Turbo exceeds expectations, delivering a sonic marvel that surpasses mere satisfaction.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Audio Geek India and Penon Audio for affording me the opportunity to delve into the realms of the Penon Turbo for several days, enabling me to offer an honest and unbiased review. Should you have any inquiries regarding the Penon Turbo IEM, please don't hesitate to engage with us in the comments section below.

Thank you for embarking on this auditory exploration with us. Don't forget to subscribe to our WhatsApp channel for more captivating content and stay updated on the latest products. Here's to many more moments of blissful listening. Happy listening!

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