Review: KZ EDX Pro X Wired IEM with Mic


The KZ EDX Pro X Wired IEM with Mic is an enticing option for beginner audiophiles looking for a budget-friendly, high-fidelity in-ear monitor. Known for delivering exceptional sound quality at affordable prices, KZ continues this tradition with the EDX Pro X. This IEM offers an impressive combination of audio performance, build quality, and user-friendly features.

Review: KZ EDX Pro X Wired IEM with Mic

Design and Build Quality

The EDX Pro X boasts a contemporary and aesthetically pleasing design with a transparent resin housing that showcases the internal components. The addition of a metal circle on the faceplate enhances its premium feel. The overall build quality is robust, ensuring durability for daily use.

A standout feature is the detachable cable, which utilizes a 0.75mm QDC 2-pin connector. This design not only ensures longevity but also allows for easy cable replacement or upgrades, catering to music enthusiasts who may want to experiment with different cables for enhanced performance. The in-line mic and control button add practicality for everyday use.

Comfort and Fit

Comfort is crucial for prolonged listening sessions, and the EDX Pro X excels in this regard. Its ergonomic design and lightweight construction provide a snug and comfortable fit. The package includes various sizes of silicone ear tips, enabling users to achieve an optimal seal and fit. This ensures effective passive noise isolation, immersing the listener in their music while minimizing external distractions.

Review: KZ EDX Pro X Wired IEM with Mic

Sound Quality

The EDX Pro X's smooth sound signature is where it truly stands out. Equipped with a dynamic driver, these IEMs deliver an engaging and well-balanced audio experience.

  • Bass: The bass response is articulate and impactful, offering depth without overshadowing other frequencies. It provides a solid and controlled foundation, ideal for bass-heavy genres such as electronic, hip-hop, and pop.
  • Midrange: The midrange is clear and detailed, bringing vocals and instruments to the forefront. This ensures that vocals sound natural and lifelike, and instruments are well-represented, making it a delight for genres like acoustic, rock, and classical.
  • Treble: The treble is crisp and extends smoothly, adding warmth and detail to the sound signature without being sibilant or harsh. This results in an airy and detailed high end that enhances the overall listening experience.
  • Soundstage & Imaging: The soundstage is impressive for IEMs in this price range, providing a sense of space and depth that is often missing in budget earphones. Instrument separation is also commendable, allowing listeners to discern individual elements in complex tracks.

Mic and Controls

The in-line mic performs adequately for voice calls and recordings, delivering clear and intelligible audio. The single-button remote facilitates basic control over music playback and call handling. However, the lack of volume control might be a minor inconvenience for some users.


Value and Competition

The KZ EDX Pro X offers outstanding value for money. Its combination of solid build quality, comfortable fit, and impressive sound performance makes it a top contender in the budget IEM market. When compared to other IEMs in this price range, the EDX Pro X stands out with its balanced and engaging audio performance.

KZ EDX Pro vs. KZ EDX Pro X

The KZ EDX Pro has been on the market for over a year and is a bestseller in the Rs. 1000 price range. Both IEMs have the same shell size, with a slight difference in the circle-shaped metal element on the faceplate. In terms of sound, the EDX Pro is slightly brighter and more pronounced in the treble section, while the EDX Pro X is smoother and warmer but equally detailed. The EDX Pro X has slightly recessed bass compared to the EDX Pro, and the lower midrange is thinner. Soundstage and imaging are similar for both models.

To summarize, if you prefer a slightly warm sound, go for the EDX Pro X. If you prefer a slightly bright sound, opt for the KZ EDX Pro.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons 
Affordable Price: Outstanding value for money. Lacks Volume Control: The in-line remote does not include volume adjustment.
Solid Build Quality: Robust design with a metal faceplate and durable resin housing. Basic Features: Limited remote control functions may not satisfy all users.
Detachable Cable: Enhances longevity and allows for easy replacement or upgrades. Fit Variability: Despite multiple ear tip sizes, achieving the perfect fit may vary among users.
Comfortable Fit: Ergonomic design and lightweight, with multiple ear tip sizes for optimal fit.
Impressive Sound Quality: Articulate bass, clear midrange, and crisp treble.
Effective Noise Isolation: Good passive noise isolation for an immersive listening experience.

Review: KZ EDX Pro X Wired IEM with Mic retail package


The KZ EDX Pro X Wired earphones with Mic are an exceptional choice for beginner audiophiles, casual listeners, gamers, and musicians alike. Its robust build, comfortable fit, and impressive sound quality make it a standout option in the budget IEM market. Whether you're an audiophile seeking an affordable backup pair or a casual listener upgrading from standard earphones, the EDX Pro X offers an excellent balance of price and performance. Highly recommended.

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