Review of BGVP Phantom In-ear Monitors


BGVP, a well-established brand since 2015, has recently launched the BGVP Phantom. This new in-ear monitor (IEM) features an impressive driver configuration: 2 balanced armature drivers for mid-range and treble, 2 dynamic drivers for bass, 2 EST drivers for ultra-high frequencies, and 2 bone conduction drivers for sub-bass frequencies. Priced at $899, the BGVP Phantom promises a premium audio experience. Let's dive deep into the sound and review of the BGVP Phantom.

Review of BGVP Phantom In-ear Monitors

Design and Build Quality

The BGVP Phantom shell is made of high-quality resin material mixed with reversible thermochromic pigment, which changes colors with temperature variations. Both the inner shell and faceplate share the same material and design, ensuring a consistent look. The shell's build quality is robust, suitable for everyday use. The stock modular cable is crafted from very high-quality materials, contributing to the overall excellent build quality.

Review of BGVP Phantom In-ear Monitors

Comfort and Fit

Given its driver configuration, I initially assumed the BGVP Phantom would have a larger shell size. However, it is surprisingly compact, comfortable, and lightweight. The nozzle is sufficiently long to fit securely in the ear canal. One downside is that the nozzle does not hold ear tips properly, causing them to slip out easily or stay in the ears. Despite this, the BGVP Phantom remains a very comfortable IEM that fits well in my ears.

Sound Quality

For this review, I used the Questyle M15 and MacBook Air as sources, pairing them with the BGVP Phantom using the stock cable (4.4mm) and stock ear tips. The BGVP Phantom delivers a well-balanced sound. The bass is rumbling and satisfying, the midrange is realistic, warm, and detailed, and the treble is smooth and musical. The soundstage is wide and holographic, and the imaging is precise. It's easy to drive with a portable dongle but can scale up with a more powerful source. Overall, the BGVP Phantom is a safely tuned IEM suitable for most audiophiles.


The bass on the BGVP Phantom is rumbling, clean, and textured, with no bleed into other frequencies. It has its own distinct placement in the arrangement, and the bone conduction driver effectively delivers a physical sense of sub-bass. The bass quantity is well-balanced, providing the perfect amount for most audiophiles.


Vocals are lush, warm, and realistic, with a detailed tonality. Both male and female vocals sound equally good, with the right weight and body. The midrange is slightly forward, which I find appealing. Small details, such as breath sounds and jaw movements, are reproduced effortlessly. I haven't noticed any harshness or sibilance in the BGVP Phantom IEMs.


Listening to the BGVP Phantom is like having an "orchestra in your head." I tested multiple complex and busy tracks, and the Phantom consistently exceeded my expectations. It maintains cleanliness throughout all frequencies, delivering every single detail effortlessly. The treble presentation is smooth and musical. If you're into meditative music, the BGVP Phantom can make you lose track of time, making you feel like you've just started listening even after several hours.

Soundstage and Imaging

The soundstage is wide and holographic, providing an immersive listening experience.

Review of BGVP Phantom In-ear Monitors

Pros and Cons

 Pros Cons
Excellent, engaging bass Shell design and aesthetics could be improved
Warm and textured midrange Ear tips slip out easily
Orchestra-like treble experience
Wide soundstage and precise imaging
Overall balanced and clean sound
Comfortable fit and solid build
Very good stock cable
Easy to drive

Review of BGVP Phantom In-ear Monitors


If you're looking for an endgame IEM around $1000, the BGVP Phantom should be on your list. It offers a balanced sound with a slightly warm but natural tonality. BGVP has done an excellent job creating the Phantom, though it might not receive enough attention in today's crowded market. If you get a chance to listen to the BGVP Phantom, it's worth your time and money.

I would like to thank Mr. Anand and BGVP for giving me the opportunity to review the BGVP Phantom IEM. All opinions expressed are my own and not influenced by anyone.

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