ZiiGaat Nuo In-Ear Monitors Review - Affordable Excellence in Sound and Comfort

ZiiGaat, a recent entrant in the market, has unveiled two in-ear monitors. In this review, we'll delve into the ZiiGaat Nuo in-ear monitors. The Nuo boasts a 10mm Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) dynamic driver and is competitively priced at ₹2,490 in India. Let's explore how it fares against the competition.

ZiiGaat Nuo In-Ear Monitors Review

Design and Build Quality-
The ZiiGaat Nuo's faceplate features a metal build coated with textured matte black paint, while the inner shell is crafted from high-quality semi-transparent resin material. The IEM shell, lightweight and premium, complements the cable made from durable TPE material. Metal components, including the audio jack connectors, Y-splitter, and 2Pin connectors, showcase a sleek black finish. Although the cable feels soft, it exhibits slight microphonics. Overall, the build quality justifies the selling price.

ZiiGaat Nuo In-Ear Monitors Review

Comfort and Fit-
Designed for extended listening sessions and passive noise cancellation, the ergonomic ZiiGaat Nuo IEM shell provides excellent comfort. The stock eartips enhance both comfort and sound, with no discernible flaws in fit or comfort.

ZiiGaat Nuo In-Ear Monitors Review

Sound Quality-
Utilizing the ZiiGaat Nuo with my lightning Apple dongle and iPhone 12 proved to be an easy-to-drive experience. The in-ear earphones deliver warm, balanced tones with an airy and expansive soundstage.

Bass -
The sub-bass is controlled yet resonant, offering excellent clarity. While bassheads might find it less impactful, the mid-bass is subtly forward with a textured presentation, providing ample energy and warmth for an enjoyable musical experience.

Midrange -
The midrange stands out as a major strength, delivering natural, rich, and clean tones. Vocals possess weight and body, avoiding fatigue or sibilance. The midrange performance is well-rounded.

Treble -
The treble is airy, crisp, and musical, with good resolving capabilities. Although slightly leaner than the midrange, it adds extra crispness and speed without any sharpness or harshness. A commendable treble performance at this price point.

Soundstage & Imaging-
The soundstage is wide, and imaging is precise, providing excellent separation and directional sense.

ZiiGaat Nuo In-Ear Monitors Review

Value and Competition-
Priced at Rs.2490 in India, the ZiiGaat Nuo faces competition from in-ear monitors like Blon BL03 and 7HZ X Crinacle Zero 2. Let's explore the exact sound differences among these popular and best-selling IEMs.

ZiiGaat Nuo VS Blon BL03:

The Blon BL03, introduced in 2019, remains a preferred choice for many beginner audiophiles under the Rs.2500 price range. Both the BL03 and Nuo offer warm and natural sound profiles. However, the Blon BL03 excels in powerful and punchy sub-bass, while the Nuo boasts a more textured and smooth midrange. The treble on ZiiGaat Nuo is detailed and spacious, making it a clear winner in terms of soundstage and imaging. Unlike the Blon BL03, which requires third-party eartips for optimal sound due to its short nozzle shell, the ZiiGaat Nuo eliminates this need.

ZiiGaat Nuo VS 7Hz X Crinacele Zero2:

The 7Hz Zero IEM lineup gained popularity, and by the end of 2023, the brand launched the second version, ZERO 2. Compared to ZiiGaat Nuo and BL03, ZERO 2 offers a higher quantity of sub-bass, with more impactful mid-bass on Nuo. While the midrange is similar, Nuo takes a step ahead in delivering smoother mids. In the treble section, ZiiGaat Nuo stands out with excellent, detailed, and spacious sound, surpassing the 7Hz ZERO 2. The ZiiGaat Nuo provides a relatively wider soundstage. For those seeking more quantity in sub-bass, the 7Hz ZERO 2 is a suitable choice. However, if warm and balanced performance with an ergonomic shell design for extended listening sessions is preferred, the ZiiGaat Nuo is the ideal option.

In conclusion, both the Blon BL03 and 7Hz X Crinacle Zero 2 offer distinct sound characteristics, catering to different preferences. The ZiiGaat Nuo, with its impressive sound quality and ergonomic design, positions itself as a versatile and competitive choice in the in-ear monitor market.

ZiiGaat Nuo In-Ear Monitors Review

Pros and Cons-

Pros Cons
Warm and Balanced Sound Sub-bass could be more powerful
Deep Sub-bass and Mid-bass Forward Cable is slightly stiff and prone to microphonics
Excellent Clean Midrange No option for cables with a microphone
Detailed and Spacious Treble Carry case not provided
Wider Soundstage and Precise Imaging
Lightweight and Comfortable Shell Design
Good Quality Eartips
Easy to Drive


The ZiiGaat Nuo, meticulously crafted by the ZiiGaat team, presents a well-tuned, warm, and balanced sounding in-ear monitor within the Rs. 3000 price range. I wholeheartedly recommend the ZiiGaat Nuo, especially for beginner audiophiles and music enthusiasts exploring IEMs in the Rs. 2000 to Rs. 3000 price bracket. If you're not a devoted basshead and seek a warm, detailed, and accurate sounding IEM, the ZiiGaat Nuo stands out as the top choice.

The overall build quality of the ZiiGaat Nuo is exceptional, ensuring a comfortable experience during extended music and gaming sessions. Its ergonomic design adds to the wearability factor, making it a reliable companion for enthusiasts.

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