Effect Audio Code 23 IEM Upgrade Cable

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Revolution Unleashed: Effect Audio Code 23 IEM Upgrade Cable

Effect Audio Code 23 IEM Upgrade Cable

The Cyber Beast Unleashed

Embark on a sonic odyssey with the Effect Audio Code 23, a manifestation of relentless pursuit in extracting the utmost potential from a single material. As the apex of our flagship copper cable line, the Code 23 is a technological symphony, boasting a pure copper solid core, an intricate blend of multi-size strands, and a colossal 16.5 AWG. Brace yourself for a transformative auditory experience, where lifelike vocals and sub-bass depths redefine your perception of sound.

The Copper-Impactus-Maximus-Era Concept

Effect Audio Code 23 IEM Upgrade Cable

1. Unveiling Effect Audio’s Flagship Copper Experience

The journey that started with CODE 51's exploration of silver's extremities now reaches new heights with CODE 23. This copper marvel amalgamates palladium-plated silver, gold-plated silver, and silver/gold alloy in a Tri-Silver design, delivering a detailed, crystal-clear performance that marks it as a flagship-worthy copper cable.

2. A Love Letter to the Audiophile Soul

For the dedicated copper aficionados craving warmth, lushness, and emotion, CODE 23 dials it up to a hundred, offering a profound and emotive auditory experience that caters specifically to the hardcore audiophile soul.

3. Dual Application Mastery

Breaking ground in our 14-year history of cable craftsmanship, CODE 23 introduces a groundbreaking dual-application cable, seamlessly catering to both IEMs and headphones.

Technical Marvels Unveiled

Effect Audio Code 23 IEM Upgrade Cable

4. The Pinnacle of Thickness

CODE 23 redefines cable engineering norms with a groundbreaking 16.5 AWG, making it probably the thickest IEM cable globally. This colossal achievement, ten times thicker than standard cables, ensures floor-low resistance and an unparalleled focus on sound.

5. Avant-garde Solid Core Brilliance

Introducing an avant-garde solid core structure, CODE 23 stands as a superior electrical conductor with heightened stability, vibration resistance, and corrosion resilience. A milestone as our first solid core cable, its technical superiority promises to captivate audiophiles.

6. Optimal 13 Multi-core Bundle Mastery

A meticulously crafted cable structure featuring 12 cores intricately surrounding a single solid core, CODE 23 attains an optimal 13 multi-core bundle for unrivalled resolution and sound precision.

7. Proprietary Multi-size Strands Symphony

The secret behind CODE 23's perfect sound lies in its proprietary blend of multiple wire strand sizes. A harmonious blend that intricately shapes each frequency band, ensuring a sonic masterpiece.

8. Full Fledge Interchangeable Modular System

Mirroring the Cleopatra II's versatility, CODE 23 features ConX and TermX interchangeable connectors and termination systems, allowing seamless pairing with your favorite DAPs and IEMs, anytime, anywhere.

Unveiling the Sonic Symphony

Effect Audio Code 23 IEM Upgrade Cable

9. The Allure of Engaging Mids

CODE 23 elevates mid and vocal representation to an extraordinary realm, exceeding standards of allure, lushness, and mesmerism. It’s a transformative journey into the musician’s world, capturing and reproducing each artistic expression authentically.

10. Subwoofer Effect Unleashed

Targeting the lowest frequencies akin to a subwoofer's rumble, CODE 23 delivers a visceral punch and sensorial bass, unlocking the deepest dimensional rumble for an immersive auditory experience that transcends boundaries. 

Effect Audio Code 23 IEM Upgrade Cable

Selected premium UP-OCC material Copper Litz

13 Multi-sized core bundle with solid core design

Proprietary multi-sized strands blend

16.5 AWG 2 wires

EA UltraFlexi™ insulation

TermX™ Basic Set (2.5mm, 3.5mm, and 4.4mm interchangeable set)

Rhodium Plated Brass Straight Type Plug

In The Box -
Effect Audio Code 23 Upgrade Cable
ConX Basic Set (MMCX & 2Pin 0.78mm)
TermX Basic Set (2.5/3.5/4.4)
Carry Case

Warranty Period: 3 Months

Upgrade your in-ear monitors with Effect Audio - the leading handmade high-end upgrade cable makers based in Singapore. Our meticulously crafted cables provide a superior listening experience and unparalleled durability. Shop now at The Audio Store and take your audio to the next level!

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
A.S.C. (Kolkata)

When I first used it after proper burn in , It felt like fireworks in the silent midnight sky.
Frankly speaking I do not have any idea if the price of this cable justifies or not but one thing for sure that I loved it because of its own tuning.
I tried the cable with meze Adver, dunu sa6 MK2 & u12t, source was h7, 320max ti, kann max and few more.
Bass heads going to love this cable but that doesn't mean it lacks in clarity. This cable does not sound open or wide like silver cables do , it was but deep and soothing.
I finally found someone by Barbra streisand sounded so soothing lush and beautiful with this cable and meze Adver that really stunned me.
Best performance I received from this while I paired it with dunu Sa6 MK2 . It was like listening to another iem . It rectified dunu in way that made it sound like some hybrid driver set-up.
Trable sensitive person going to love this cable.
I am really thankful to Pritam for bringing the cable in our reach.

Thank you for your review! We're so glad to hear that you were pleasantly surprised by the Effect Audio Code 23 IEM Upgrade Cable. We agree that the cable's tuning is truly special and we're happy to hear that it brought out the best in your Meze Adver and Dunu SA6 MK2. We hope you continue to enjoy the cable's deep and soothing sound. Thank you for choosing The Audio Store.

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