The secret behind Apex noise isolation.

We’ve created a mini-series on 64 Audio's cutting-edge technologies. This is Part 2 of the series i.e. Apex modules. In case you’d like to read Part 1, click here. 

Apex or the Air Pressure Exchange is a vent that releases the air pressure in a sealed ear canal to reduce listener fatigue and improve the soundstage. This pressure release protects your eardrum by preventing the excess movement caused by the trapped air.

Since the air can move freely in the ear canal, it creates an open experience ultimately resulting in a wider soundstage with better bass and instrument separation.

What’s more? Apex consists of 3 modules, designed to adjust the level of noise isolation and sound. Each module has been designed to minimise wind noise, prevent debris build-up and last a long time.

mX: This module reduces noise up to -10dB and offers a resolved sound signature for mixing & mastering.


M15: This module reduces noise up to -15dB and slightly tempers the bass.


M20: This module offers the most noise isolation i.e. -20dB.


While the 64 Audio U18s, U18t, U12t, U6t and Nio  IEMs can switch between these modules, the Trio and Fourte IEMs come with an inbuilt (non-switchable) Apex module.

That’s it for Part 2! We hope you found it helpful and are geared up as Part 3 will soon be on its way!

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