Many source devices, one sound.

Have you been following our series on the technology fitted into 64 Audio IEMs? If you haven’t yet, open the treasure trove of knowledge here. Click on the buttons below to read Parts 1 and 2 and then continue reading for Part 3.

Before we begin, have you ever been afraid of the impact your source device has on your IEM’s sound? That’s what 64 Audio’s LID technology hopes to get rid of.

LID or Linear Impedance Design offers consistent sound regardless of the source device you’re plugged into. It uses a proprietary circuit that corrects the non-linear impedances of the drivers to restore proper interaction with the source. This ultimately preserves the IEM’s sound signature. So, no matter the output impedance, you can easily connect a 64 Audio IEM to your smartphone, amp or DAP and enjoy the same sound across all!

64 Audio LID

The flip side: this technology is only available in select IEMs i.e. the U18s, U12t, U6t, Duo and Trio.

And with that, we wrap up this series on 64 Audio’s cutting-edge technologies. Till then, keep the music playing!

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