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Want impeccable spatial imaging? Look no further than the 64Audio U12t! Its 12 balanced armature drivers work with its Apex Core, LID and tia technologies to deliver clean treble and warm & engaging bass. It offers reference-level detail that makes it perfect for audiophiles, sound engineers and those who want to experience their music to the fullest!

Go Tubeless with tia!
The 64 Audio U12t’s patented Tubeless In-Ear Audio (tia) system reduces unwanted resonance and distortion for a transparent and lifelike sound. This is achieved by allowing the tia balanced armature drivers to radiate freely in the single large tia bore with no obstructions in front of the drivers. It features special acoustic chambers instead of tubes that constrict the sound of the drivers.

Apex Sound & Comfort
The Air Pressure Exchange (Apex) Core allows a seamless airflow to the solid aluminium shell that uses a perforated grill on the elegant brushed aluminium faceplate to prevent the obstruction of air for effortless reproduction of music and minimal physical fatigue. This patented vent releases air pressure for better comfort and lesser fatigue while enhancing noise isolation. This technology comes in three module variations: mX, m15 and m20.

Reliable with the Right LID
The different source amplifier output impedances of smartphones, DAC/Amps, Hi-Res Audio Players and more, can cause the frequency response to vary across devices based on the increase in resistance. A patented Linear Impedance Design (LID) circuit corrects the non-linear electrical resistance of the multiple driver sets to restore proper interaction with the source device. It preserves the desired sound signature while staying constant and reliable.



Driver Type/Count: Twelve precision balanced armature drivers
Driver Configuration: 1 tia high, 1 high-mid, 6 mid, 4 low
Frequency Response: 10Hz – 20kHz
Sensitivity: 108db dB/mW
Impedance: 12.6 +1/-2 Ω from 10Hz – 20kHz
Crossover: Integrated 4-way passive crossover
Isolation: -20dB w/ m20 module, -15dB w/ m15 module,
-10dB w/ mX module
Warranty Period: 1 Year

In The Box
U12t Universal In-Ear Monitors
64 Audio Sticker
64 Audio Premium Leather Case
TrueFidelity Eartips (S,M,L)
Silicone Eartips (S,M,L)
48" Detachable Premium Cable
m20 apex Modules
m15 apex Modules
mX apex Modules

Warranty Period: 1 Year from the date of Invoice
Covered: Manufacturing Defects Only
Warranty Form: https://www.theaudiostore.in/pages/warranty-claim-form

64 Audio is a leading manufacturer of high-end in-ear monitors for audiophiles, musicians, and professionals. With a focus on innovation and craftsmanship, 64 Audio delivers unparalleled sound quality and precision. Discover their range of custom and universal-fit models at The Audio Store and experience audio like never before. Shop now!

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Anirban Saha Choudhury (Kolkata)
Thank you Pritam for suggestion

One lakh sixty four thousand isn't a small amount but yes ofcourse a person can pay the amount for a product like this.
It is my primary iem now...I am using it with hiby r6 Gen 3 and a&k kann max. The sound is wide spacious and detailed. Through any kind to this iem s and hear how resolute it is.
Till now best buy , thanks to Pritam I get to know the real quality of detailed sound. Going to update the review after one more month.

Thank you for your feedback. We're glad to hear that you're happy with the U12t IEM and that the sound is wide and spacious. We're excited to see how the U12t IEM continues to perform over time.

M. (Kollam)

Excellent in imaging , sound stage. Best bass in BA set. Bring out the best in all genres of music. Wont get tired of hearing. Thanks for pritam, for introducing this great iem

G. (Mumbai)
Safe bet!

We often find in this hobby that even after paying a pretty premium, there are gears that do certain things exceptionally well and end up compromising on some other areas. The 64 Audio U12T stands against this principle by not being exceptional at any one dept but doing reasonably well in all. This is a fantastic thing and no wonder it has remained the top 5 IEMs for so many years !

Packaging: Very neatly done with all the stuff that you need laid out cleanly. A functional carry case, good choice of ear tips and a cable of reasonable quality. Nothing over the top here and may not be the best unboxing experience but not bad either. Only gripe is the quality of the single ended cable. At this price one expects a better quality, balanced cable. But not a deal breaker.

Pairing: The U12T has been the most easiest to pair among all the IEMs I own and listen to. It goes with everything. Be it a simple dongle DAC/AMP to a high end DAP. It’s non fussy nature is a bug plus point in long term ownership cos one can upgrade the rest of the chain without having to sweat over ‘sound matching’!

A quick comparison between the all mighty Campfire Andromeda 2020, the hot selling Unique Melody Mest MKII and the 64 Audio U12T on macro and micro performance.

Bass is superb for an all DD IEM and competes very with some well known multi driver IEMs in terms of pure quantity and slam.

Sub bass UM Mest MKII > U12T > Andromeda 2020
Mid bass U12T > Andromeda 2020 > UM Mest MKII

Vocals are clear and presented more intimately. There is a beautiful transparency and lifelike presentation when it comes to instruments like guitar, piano, violins, sax etc.

Midrange and vocals:
Andromeda 2020 > U12T = UM Mest MKII

Treble is an area that U12T absolutely owns! This is a bit darker sounding IEM of the three but both lower and upper treble done very tastefully without any sign of harshness and is extremely forgiving to even lower quality recordings. While the UM MKII may have higher quantity of treble presence, it can come across as sharp and piercing in trying to keep a high level of transparency.
I am a fan of rolled off treble and like the U12T and CA Andro 2020 approach more than the UM MKII

Treble: U12T > Andromeda 2020 > UM MKII

Overall this is a set that suits most ( if not all) genres of music, comes with a reasonably good cable, packaging. The only con (for me) is the isolation topping out at 20db. Fine for indoor use but definitely falls short on outdoor use.

F.H. (Ranipet)
A true masterpiece!

The way I can put it is that it’s the replica of the Susvara in an IEM form. it has the warmth, the layering and the pristine detail retrieval that strikes you the moment you put it on. it is the most dynamic headphones I have listened to - the background remains totally dark and the small nuances in the music is exposed. It is extremely revealing. Instrument separation and spatial imaging of this accuracy I have never heard even in TOTL headphones let alone IEMs. There is no listener fatigue - I can go on for hours and hours without any problem - thanks to its apex modules - the m15 module is balanced but i prefer m20 for that extra sub-bass presence (though it’s only a 5db difference according to 64 audio) and the rumble that is so very addictive. The bass is so addictive! it’s so effortless and you won't believe it’s from balanced armatures! it slams hard when asked and its mostly sub-bass only so I wouldn’t recommend for bass-heads but its clean yet punchy yet so controlled! the bass-notes come so clean yet distinct. the armature has a fast attack yet has a very controlled decay like that of a dynamic driver. the midrange is not to forward or laid back - it’s just perfect. both female and male vocals shine through. instruments sound so very accurate. For e.g. is you listen to losing my religion (live) by R.E.M, the bass notes - you cannot just hear but feel the vibrations in the string - it’s so revealing. beware of poor recordings! if the music isn’t remastered, some tracks are so punishing to the ears. The highs are just phenomenal - you can get this just for the highs - it is so sparkly and airy to the point that the peak above 15k near the 17k sometimes (in poor recordings) makes it feel un-natural. but when perfectly mastered tracks, U12t would be the definition of what natural sounding would mean. nothing is forced. the highs are so very extended to the final octaves yet the amplitude is not forced high (the usual trend) and so smooth - the true meaning to refinement. there is so much depth and height to the soundstage - not just wide to give truly a sphere of music extending all directions from the centre of your head. complex tracks with multiple instruments shine particularly and you see how accurate the placements of instruments is - within a few seconds you can make out the different layers both to the side and front and behind the vocalist giving a truly “behind” your head placement. I strongly urge you to listen to 2 songs to experience this - 1. Manavyalakinchara (mist of Capricorn) by Agam ; 2. Spanish Eddie by the Aristrocrats.
Burn it does help but just minimal - the sound does improve drastically, and in a few hours reaches its peak performance. The LID technology is just amazing - I can drive this without any effort from my Redmi K20 pro, laptop, BTR5, AK XB10, HZ s9 pro and desktop amp AND get the same sound signature every time. No hissing or tinny or lean sound unlike other low-Impedance IEMs.
I was always eyeing the Monarch Mk2 which i never got a chance to listen to...but I own the ER2XR, Audiosense Tt800, final 1k,2k and 3k, samsung buds pro & AKG N400, Hifiman re400, HE400i 2020 and Sundara - among the multitude of other earphones n audio gear I have. I have listened to VE Phoenix, UM MEXT, Mest Mk2, Noble sultan and Kuble khan, Sennheiser ie900 600 and 300 and campfire solaris (old) Ara and Andro 2020, but I feel nothings gives me more pleasure and analytical ability of these. I thank Mr. Pritam for suggesting me this - I can finally stop seeing and reading reviews and focus on the music - I have found my end game!

Dr. Susrut Das (Bhubaneswar)
Aural bliss

I am no audiophile nor understand any technical details. I am a pediatrician by profession and that involves listening to babies heart beats in minute detail and not afford to loose a bit. By that I mean I have trained ears for critical listening. I have my, all time favorite, the mighty campfire Solaris for last 3+ years. They are gorgeous and arguably the top of the food chain iem. Biggest gripe is fit of solaris. The treble in Solaris is something you love yet hate. It's shrill and hurts in midrange in one particular genre of music and unfortunately that genre takes king share in my play list. Though spinfit solved fit issues to some extent but none of addition wire I purchased could do anything to the solaris piercing treble and the midrange clumsiness.Then came my audiophile younger brother Mr. Suman ( regular columnist and great researcher on iems). He gave me a trial of many iem including mest mk2, Andromeda, new solaris, effect audio modular iem etc. He has unfortunately returned his trial unit of u12t, but had high regards for the brand. Got a lot of contradictory suggestions on u12t vs mest mk2.My short list was mest2 vs u12t. ....that congenital aversion to chifi. But honestly I wanted a wife not a girlfriend for my aging ears.
U12t was a long cherished dream. Even wanted U12t in place of Solaris 3yrs back too. But we were always deprived of 64 audio for long. Then I got a excellent telephonic chat with Mr. Pritam and finalized on u12t. Took that with the available balanced cable kinara leyding (and some friendly discount)
Now it arrived in just 36hr.......great job by team TAS.
Honestly u12t is not a looker ( reference the golden stalion Solaris). Understated look with simple circular leather case. But yes the deceiving look of the U12t starts the magic once it is inside the ear canal.
Comfort: 10+. Comfortable is a understatement. It just vanishes for hours.
Sound: Yes ...honestly it gave me goosebumps with the first listening. Extremely clear, resolving, layered, wide ,deep and 3D imaged. Solaris slams a bit harder but u12t sound more matured and controlled. With Solaris it's always a Deja-vu, even after 3yrs of burn in, but u12t sounds as if it has mastered the music beforehand. Each instrument separation and vocal tonality sounds so real and unsynthesized it feels like a pro in action. I have slept with u12t in my ear so many times during last few days. Solaris forces one to fiddle with dac knobs throughout listening sessions but u12t somehow always in control with buttery smoothness. It creates a live stage with me in middle of it.I love it and thanks TAS for my new life partner.

Sid (Mumbai)

First thing first, U12t is hands down the most comfortable IEM I have ever used. I do not face the intermittent urge to take it out due to listening fatigue or adjusting the seal which I usually face with my other IEMs. The build is very simplistic but robust, with no glittering faceplate, no fancy logos, just a very clean and practical design.

General sound impression: The sound is very transparent, detailed, musical, and coherent. The crossovers are done in such a way that it is hard to believe that it is a 12BA driver set. All frequencies of a note are represented very fluidly without emphasizing any particular range. There is a slight bit of warmth in the overall presentation – a very delicious one.

Bass – U12T has exceptional bass for a full BA set. The slams are hard & rumbles are thrilling. Transient, layering and details retrieval are near perfect. But honestly, I still prefer the bass presentation of my Monarch mk2 more. I am yet to figure out that is it only due to the difference in driver technology (DD vs BA) or if something else is there. Also, while the bass is indisputably exceptional but it is not at bass-head level. The emphasis is more on quality instead of quantity.

Mids – U12T approaches mids in a slightly different way. It’s not a mid-focused IEM in my opinion. The mids are neither pushed too forward nor pulled back. As a result, it gives a very life-like presentation of mids frequency. It's neither artificially thick nor lean. There is a good balance between male and female vocals too. All the details in mid frequencies are presented accurately but it is not forced. Overall it beats my current favorite Monarch-Mk2 in mids due to the natural presentation. Superbly done.

Treble – Treble is the USP of this IEM in my opinion and it is nothing short of a mystery. I think it is partly due to the TIA driver which is directly placed in the spout. The treble frequencies are very easy to listen to since it is closer to your ears, but the nasty peaks of treble frequencies/resonance are smoothened. So, it presents a very controlled but extremely detailed response. But again, it is not at a level that a treble head may like.

Technical - It is the most resolving IEM I have heard to date and I have heard a fair chunk of TOTL ones available in the market in recent years. Sound stage & imaging is also top-notch. U12T formula here is once again maintaining the life-like presentation and not boosting or restricting the width, height, and depth in the sound stage. As far as the timbre is concerned, it is very good considering a full BA setup. It's clean, very clean while maintaining the musicality. But I agree that if you compare the presentation of lower frequencies with some flagship IEMs, you can feel a slight bit of BA timbre nevertheless the overall presentation just force you to ignore it and enjoy.

Frankly, I recommend U12T whole heartily due to the overall package it offers. It is posing serious competition to my current favorite Monarch mk2 to grab the top position.

And a big thanks to Pritam and The Audio Store team to bring 64 Audio catalogue to India. My experience with the Audio Store was incredible like always.

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