7th Acoustics Supernova IEM's Review: Buttery Smooth Sound


Many of our readers may not have heard about the 7th Acoustics brand from Indonesia, operated by Stephen Syn. This boutique brand focuses on handcrafted IEMs primarily for the Indonesian domestic market. Recently, they've expanded their reach, participating in various HiFi exhibitions and offering their products for trial and order to international audiences. In today’s review, we delve into the 7th Acoustics Supernova IEM. This IEM boasts a construction of 6 balanced armature drivers, with an impedance of 15 ohms and a frequency response of 5-24kHz.

7th Acoustics Supernova IEM's Review: Buttery Smooth Sound

Design and Build Quality

The 7th Acoustics Supernova allows for customizing your own IEM design, including faceplate and shell. The review sample received features a red faceplate and black shell. The outer resin material exudes a premium look and feels solid in hand. The brand's logo is elegantly silvered on the faceplate, along with the Supernova emblem on the opposite side. The IEM cable is robustly constructed and comfortable to use. Overall, the Supernova showcases exceptional build quality and design.

7th Acoustics Supernova IEM's Review: Buttery Smooth Sound

Comfort and Fit

The Supernova's medium-sized shell fits snugly in my ears, thanks to its ergonomic inner shell design. Noise isolation is notably effective, providing a secure fit. I opted to use Azla SednaEarfitLight with the 7th Acoustics Supernova for added comfort.

Sound Quality

My listening setup with the 7th Acoustics Supernova comprises a MacBook Air/iPhone 12 + Apple Music + Questyle M15 + stock cables with 4.4mm + Azla SednaEarfitLight Eartips. From the outset, the Supernova delivers a smooth overall tuning with excellent midrange, crisp and musical treble, balanced bass with a broad soundstage, and precise imaging.

Bass: The Supernova’s bass is soothing and balanced, with a faster and rumbly response. However, it lacks in quantity, leaving some listeners, like myself, longing for a bit more physical body and weight, akin to thumping bass. Nonetheless, it maintains decent extension and texture, contributing to an overall enjoyable listening experience.

Midrange: The vocals on the Supernova are finely tuned, offering a hint of warmth and presenting a clean and clear sound. The fast and neutral tonality enhances the listening experience, making it feel as though the artist is performing right in front of you. The texture, weight, and body of the vocals are skillfully rendered, with the midrange positioned slightly forward relative to the bass frequencies.

Treble: Once again, the Supernova excels in the treble section, delivering smooth, detailed, and musical highs with a realistic tonality. It offers a sibilance-free listening experience, expertly avoiding any offensive peaks. The treble tuning feels safe and well-calibrated, ensuring an enjoyable listening session without harshness.

Soundstage & Imaging: The Supernova boasts a wide soundstage with ample width and depth, providing an immersive listening experience. However, the imaging capabilities are average, leaving room for improvement in pinpointing the precise placement of sound elements within the stereo field.

7th Acoustics Supernova IEM's Review: Buttery Smooth Sound

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Non-offensive tuning Bass could be more pronounced
Excellent midrange Imaging could be more precise
Musical and detailed treble
Wide soundstage
Easy to drive  
Excellent fit
Well-built cable
Realistic tonality


7th Acoustics Supernova IEM's Review: Buttery Smooth Sound


Having heard commendations from my Indian audiophile peers, I was eager to experience the 7th Acoustics Supernova IEM, and it lives up to the hype. If you prefer a safely tuned IEM with a buttery sound, the Supernova is a compelling choice. Bass enthusiasts may find it lacking, but for midrange and treble aficionados, the Supernova offers an excellent listening experience. Kudos to 7th Acoustics for crafting such an impressive product, and I anticipate more stellar offerings from them in the future.

Special thanks to our Audio_Geek India Review Tour for providing this set for review purposes. All opinions expressed here are honest and unbiased. If you have any questions regarding the 7th Acoustics Supernova IEM, feel free to ask in the comments section below.

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