KZ ZSN Pro 2 IEM With Mic Review


KZ has recently released the KZ ZSN Pro 2, the sequel to their popular KZ ZSN PRO X IEM. This new version features an improved 10mm super-linear dynamic driver, an upgraded 30095 balanced armature, and an enhanced electronic crossover. In this review, we will explore the sound quality and how it differs from the KZ Castor, 7HZ Zero, TangZu Waner & Moondrop CHU II. 

Design and Build Quality

The KZ ZSN Pro 2 has a metal faceplate and a transparent, high-quality plastic inner shell. It comes in three colors: blue, silver, and gold. For this review, we used the silver model, which has a matte silver finish and a classic lining design pattern on the faceplate. The slogan “Gen2 Innovation” is inscribed on the upper side of both faceplates. The cable is similar to other KZ IEMs, soft and decent for the price, featuring a microphone and an L-shaped 3.5mm audio jack. The overall design mirrors the previous version but with better paint and finishing, making the build quality decent for its price range.

KZ ZSN Pro 2 IEM With Mic Review

Comfort and Fit

The shell size of the KZ ZSN Pro 2 is medium, similar to most KZ IEMs. I did not encounter any fitting or comfort issues, and the fit provides good passive noise isolation. KZ includes standard white silicon eartips, which offer decent fit and comfort for me.

Sound Quality

I tested the KZ ZSN Pro 2 using a MacBook Air and an iPhone 12 with an original Apple audio adapter. The IEMs have a V-shaped sound signature. The bass is thumping and rumbling, the midrange is clear, and the treble is crisp, sparkly, and musical. The soundstage and imaging are average but decent for the price.


The KZ ZSN Pro 2 has a sub-bass forward tuning. The bass offers a good thump and rumble but slightly lacks clarity. The bass impact is punchy, with decent texture and weight. Overall, the bass is well-controlled with a satisfying thump and rumble.


The midrange is clean and clear with a slight warmth. There is no noticeable shouting in the upper midrange. However, the male vocals have slightly less weight and body than my preference, making them feel a bit recessed.


The treble performance of the KZ ZSN Pro 2 is excellent for the price. It is crisp, sparkly, detailed, and musical with an open and airy presentation. The treble has controlled bright energy with good extension, providing very good layering and separation. It stands out over the midrange without being overwhelming, offering a pleasant listening experience.

Soundstage & Imaging

The soundstage is better than average, with decent width and depth but lacking height. Imaging is precise and decent for the price.

KZ ZSN Pro 2 IEM With Mic Review

Value and Competition

The KZ ZSN Pro 2 is priced at ₹1,849/- in India. In the sub-₹2000 price range, it competes with various models like the KZ Castor, 7HZ Zero, TangZu Waner, and Moondrop CHU II IEM.

KZ ZSN Pro 2 vs. KZ Castor (Improved Bass Version)

The Castor has a 2DD setup, while the ZSN Pro 2 has a 1DD+1BA driver setup. The Castor sounds warmer with more powerful, rumbling bass. The midrange has more weight but is still recessed, similar to the ZSN Pro 2. The ZSN Pro 2 excels in treble, which is crispier and sparklier compared to the softer, warmer treble of the Castor. Choose the Castor for more bass and warm midrange, and the ZSN Pro 2 for a crisper, cleaner, and sparkly sound. The KZ Castor bass improved version with a microphone costs ₹1,649, while the KZ ZSN Pro 2 costs ₹1,849.

KZ ZSN Pro 2 vs. 7HZ Salnotes Zero

The 7HZ Salnotes Zero has a single dynamic driver. The main differences are in the bass and treble sections and overall sound energy. The Zero has tighter bass and less sparkly treble than the ZSN Pro 2. Both have similar soundstage, imaging, and technical performance. The ZSN Pro 2 is brighter, while the 7HZ Zero offers a more balanced sound.

KZ ZSN Pro 2 vs. TangZu Waner

The TangZu Waner features a single dynamic driver. It sounds warm, rich, and grand but lacks the detail and dynamics of the ZSN Pro 2. The Waner has thicker bass and midrange, but its treble is less clear. The soundstage is more intimate on the Waner.

KZ ZSN Pro 2 vs. Moondrop CHU II

The Moondrop CHU II also has a single dynamic driver. It offers better comfort and fit with a shell almost half the size of the ZSN Pro 2. The CHU II has a more mature sound with thumping and rumbling bass similar to the ZSN Pro 2. The midrange is thin but better placed in the CHU II. The treble of the CHU II is bright and sparkly but lacks crispness. The ZSN Pro 2 has a wider soundstage.

Pros and Cons

 Pros Cons
Thumping and rumbly bass Recessed midrange
Crisp and sparkly treble
Good soundstage and imaging
Comes with a mic cable
Musical V-shaped sound


KZ ZSN Pro 2 IEM With Mic Review


If you are looking for your first IEM and are unsure of your exact sound preference, the KZ ZSN Pro 2 is an excellent choice. It suits a variety of music genres and can be used for listening to music, gaming, accepting calls, and both indoor and outdoor use. I highly recommend considering the KZ ZSN Pro 2 IEM with Mic. It feels like a smaller version of the big brother KZ ZS10 PRO X IEM.

If you have any questions regarding the KZ ZSN Pro 2 IEM With Mic, please feel free to ask in the comments section below.

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