ARTTI is a relatively new entrant in the audiophile world, and despite its lesser-known status, it has already launched several IEMs and cables. In this review, we delve into the ARTTI R2 IEM, retailing at 5290 INR in India, boasting a 10mm Beryllium dynamic driver.


Design and Build Quality

The ARTTI R2 showcases a sleek profile, with a shell crafted from medical-grade resin and a faceplate adorned with an abstract design and ARTTI branding. The lightweight shell doesn't attract fingerprints, and the cable is both flexible and robust, contributing to the classic look and sturdy build of the R2.

Comfort and Fit

Thanks to its sleek shell profile and lightweight construction, the ARTTI R2 offers exceptional comfort for extended listening sessions. The nozzle provides adequate isolation and a secure fit, further enhanced by using SpinFit W1 eartips for added comfort and deeper insertion compared to the stock eartips.


Sound Quality

Pairing the ARTTI R2 with the HiBy M300 and SpinFit W1 eartips reveals a smooth, immersive sound characterized by textured midrange and a slightly forward presentation.

  • Bass: The R2 delivers balanced and tight bass with a subtle emphasis on the sub-bass, providing a satisfying rumble without overwhelming bass enthusiasts.

  • Midrange: The midrange steals the spotlight, offering weighty vocals and textured instrumentation, particularly suited for listeners of Bollywood music.

  • Treble: The treble is musical and smooth, with decent detail retrieval and controlled energy, ensuring fatigue-free listening.

  • Soundstage & Imaging: While the intimate soundstage and average imaging may not be the widest, they offer a decent sense of height and depth, contributing to an engaging listening experience.

Value and Competition

The ARTTI R2 in-ear headphones are priced at Rs. 5390 in India. Within this price range, there are several competing IEMs, such as the Kiwi Ears Forteza, Pula PA01, and Moondrop MAY DSP.

While a direct comparison with the Pula PA01 is pending for the future, it's worth noting that both the R2 and PA01 boast a similar driver configuration. On the other hand, the other two IEMs feature multiple different drivers, providing unique sonic experiences. Keep an eye out for updates as we continue to explore the performance of the ARTTI R2 against its competitors.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Well-balanced sound Intimate soundstage
Excellent midrange Average imaging
Smooth treble Short nozzle
Balanced bass
Value for money
Very comfortable fit




For those seeking a well-balanced sound signature with excellent midrange, smooth treble, and balanced bass, alongside comfortable fit and great value for money, the ARTTI R2 IEM is a highly recommended choice within the 5000 INR budget range. Don't hesitate to explore this new entrant in the world of IEMs; it's sure to impress.

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