SpinFit W1 Silicone Eartips For IEM

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SpinFit is a brand that is dedicated to providing premium quality ear tips for in-ear monitors (IEMs) and earphones. They specialize in designing and developing ear tips that offer superior comfort, noise isolation, and sound quality. SpinFit ear tips are made with high-quality silicone and are available in a wide range of sizes and styles to fit all ear types. They are designed to fit securely in the ear canal and provide a comfortable fit for extended periods of listening. With SpinFit, you can enjoy your music with enhanced sound quality and comfort.

Customer Reviews

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Joshuva Antony (Auckland)
Better than All third Party Tips

This is much better than every other tips available eventhough the originals are slightly better as they have treble tamers in the tips. Other than that, W1 tips are the best for Sennheiser IE200, 600 and 900

Thank you for your review! We're happy to hear that you find our SpinFit W1 Silicone Eartips better than all other third party options. We appreciate your feedback and are glad that they are working well for your Sennheiser IEMs. Thank you for choosing SpinFit & The Audio Store!

S.M. (New Delhi)
Great purchase and sets a standard for premium eartips

Having come from other Spinfits like CP100+ & CP145 and the Springtips, I can definitely notice and appreciate the added comfort, seal, security and the fit on these. First, since my ears are of different shapes from each other, there was always a fit issue that I experienced with all silicone tips, losing significant amount of bass in at least one ear. With these, I am happy to say that's not the case anymore! Also all the other spinfits have become loose but, with the way grippier core design in these, I hope that's not the case🤞 . Important note: I have noticed more condensation in my ears after I have started using these, which must be due to the snug fit.

Now coming to the sonic differences, I have only tried it on my S12s. I have noticed more sub-bass as stated above, slightly forward vocals, less mid-bass, less lower treble and more upper treble. Basically, at least to my ears, it turns my S12s from a V to a W, but more close to a U. Which I don't mind as much, as I am quite sensitive to the 2k-3.5k range that it affects, which also might have something to do with the perceived slightly larger soundstage, although I do miss some of the thick mids however slight EQ magic fixes that particular concern.

Overall I am quite happy with these eartips purchase. At the very least, it offers some significant sonic differences (or upgrades, depending on how you look at it) while also offering all the benefits of upgrading to a premium product.

Habeel Bakshi (Pune)
Excellent tips if your ears are weird

I have issues with regular silicone tips causing itching and they dont fit well due to the way my ear canal is.
These fit perfectly due to the patented design and ive not had any itching issues either. good investment if you use in ears for long hours. Additionally they grip really well and dont slip out easily.

Alan DSa (Bengaluru)
SpinFit W1 Silicone Eartips

Having tried out a bunch of Eartips across various brands I finally found these at Audio Store. The feel and comfort of these medical grade Silicone Eartips are excellent and by far can be worn for long hours compared to others in the market.
To add value they also improved clarity,sound stage and imaging making it my go to Eartips on the road.

Balaji d (Bengaluru)
Good one

The spinfit w1 is a cool eartip , fits in well , as the eartip is translucent the bass is less , but the clarity is good

Sandeep Agarwal (Bengaluru)
Spinfit W1

Very comfortable

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