Moondrop Aria In-Ear Monitors Review: The Best All-Rounder IEM Under Rs. 10,000 in 2023


Moondrop Aria In-ear Monitors is a popular audio product from the reputed brand Moondrop. In this review, we'll examine if the Moondrop Aria IEM is still worth its price tag of Rs. 10,000/- in 2023, given its great sound performance and popularity since its launch in March 2021.

Moondrop Aria

Design and Build Quality-

The Moondrop Aria IEM shell is made of metal with a matte black color paint and gold color line pattern faceplate, with a black fabric material covering the cable and L-shaped gold plated 3.5mm audio jack. The design and build quality of the Moondrop Aria IEMs justify their offer price.

Comfort and Fit-

The metal shell of the Moondrop Aria IEMs fits nicely in the ears without any discomfort. Though it has some weight due to the metal, it doesn't add any fatigue during long music listening sessions.

Moondrop Aria cable

Sound Quality-

The Moondrop Aria IEMs have a smooth V-shaped frequency curve, with rumbling bass, sweet midrange, and energetic treble and a wide soundstage that does justice to all kinds of music genres.

Bass -

Moondrop Aria has a very decent bass that is not overly done. The sub-bass is rumbly, and the mid-bass is a little thin sounding. The bass is pleasing and doesn't make you feel tired during long music listening sessions. It's ideal for those who are looking for balanced and quality bass.

Midrange -

Male and female vocals have a strong presence in the Moondrop Aria IEMs. While listening to Aur Ho by Mohit Chauhan and Alma Ferovic, you can feel the thickness of the male vocals and the smoothness of the female vocals, even on the high notes. The vocals are very realistic and full of texture. You can feel the emotions and intensity of the midrange, making the Moondrop Aria IEMs an amazing option for vocals.

Treble -

The Moondrop Aria IEMs have great energy in the treble. While listening to Hai Rama by Hariharan and Swarnalatha, you can feel the energetic and clear sounds of various music instruments, including the table, veena, mrudang, flute, harmonium, violin, drums, cymbal, and piano. However, sometimes, the treble feels very sharp, which can be corrected by using SpinFit CP100 Plus eartips with the Aria.

Soundstage -

The Moondrop Aria IEMs have a wide soundstage that makes you feel like you're sitting in the middle of the stage while listening to most tracks. This provides a grand and rich feel while listening to the Moondrop Aria IEMs.


The imaging of the Moondrop Aria IEMs is decent, allowing you to easily discern which sound is coming from which direction. Sometimes, the treble layers get mixed when the music is very complex, but for the price, the imaging is good.

Moondrop Aria earphones

Value and Competition-

Moondrop Aria has been a bestseller since its launch and still remains the top choice for in-ear monitors under the Rs.10,000/- price range in 2023. If you're looking for a slightly V-shaped IEM with balanced sound that goes well with all music genres, the Moondrop Aria is the perfect option for you.

However, if you prefer a bass-boosted tuning, you can consider the TinHiFi T3. If you're after a reference-grade, very balanced sound, then the Dunu Titan S IEM is a great alternative to the Moondrop Aria. But in terms of overall value for money, the Moondrop Aria is a tough contender to beat.

Pros & Cons-

Pros Cons
Great Build Quality On maximum volume treble may be sound sharp in some tracks
Comfortable & snug fit Without microphone cable
Smooth V shaped sound Mid-bass is little weak
Rich bass   
Sweet vocals   
Energetic treble   
Wide soundstage  

Moondrop Aria IEMs


In conclusion, the Moondrop Aria is still an excellent choice for anyone looking for a budget-friendly, all-around IEM with a smooth V-shaped sound signature. It offers great build quality, comfort, and sound quality that justifies its price tag.

If you're considering the Moondrop Aria, we highly recommend using the SpinFit CP100 Plus eartips for a better fit and sound. Additionally, pairing it with a decent portable DAC & AMP can significantly enhance the listening experience.

At The Audio Store, we sell the Moondrop Aria IEM for Rs. 7,390/- with free express shipping and 1-year manufacturing warranty in India. If you need any help, please feel free to contact us via call, WhatsApp, or email. Our small but passionate team will always strive to make your audio shopping experience great.

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