TANCHJIM ONE Earphones Review: A Sonic Marvel in a Compact Package


Tanchjim, a renowned brand in the audiophile realm since 2019, has consistently delivered top-notch products like Tanchjim Oxygen, Tanya, Zero & Space DAC. Their latest offering, the Tanchjim ONE Earphones (Without Microphone), is a new addition to their lineup. In this review, we'll delve into the sound quality, design, comfort, and how the ONE fares against its competitors.

TANCHJIM ONE Earphones Review

Design and Build Quality

The Tanchjim ONE Earphones boast a minimalist design crafted from high-quality plastic with a matte silver-colored aluminium faceplate. The Tanchjim logo graces the right side, while the left side proudly displays the ONE branding. The transparent color on the inner shell elegantly showcases the dynamic driver. The earphones come with a detachable 2-pin (0.78mm) cable made from a durable yet soft transparent rubber material. The combination of thoughtful design and robust build quality makes these earphones stand out.

Comfort and Fit

The bullet-shaped design of the Tanchjim ONE Earphones ensures a comfortable fit, whether you prefer wearing them like traditional earphones or in-ear monitors. Their ergonomic design caters to various ear sizes, guaranteeing a pleasant listening experience even during extended periods. While we strongly advise against using earphones, in-ear monitors, or headphones while sleeping, the Tanchjim ONE Earphones offer a cozy fit for everyday use.

TANCHJIM ONE Earphones Review

Sound Quality

The TANCHJIM ONE Earphones offer a balanced and authentic sound profile with intimate soundstage and precise imaging. The bass is well-controlled, the midrange is clear and crisp, and the treble is smooth and leaner. The TANCHJIM ONE Earphones sound remarkably mature, exceeding expectations for their price range. This trend of delivering affordable yet high-quality sound is an encouraging sign for both newcomers and seasoned audiophiles alike.

  • Bass: The bass response of the TANCHJIM ONE is agile, impactful, and finely tuned. While the overall bass is moderate and not excessively heavy, a touch more presence in the sub-bass range could enhance the experience. The refined bass delivery prevents fatigue and avoids bleeding into the midrange and treble, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a balanced sound signature.
  • Midrange: The TANCHJIM ONE truly shines in the midrange department. With a natural and lifelike tonality, the midrange places you right in front of the artist. There's a notable absence of harshness or sibilance, and the vocals take a slightly forward position compared to the bass and treble. This mid-centric tuning ensures that you feel the texture, weight, and emotion in the artist's voice, making for a highly satisfying auditory experience.
  • Treble: The treble in the TANCHJIM ONE is detailed, although it might come across as slightly muddy in busier tracks. It lacks a bit of openness and airiness, giving the sensation of listening to instruments in a confined space. The treble offers smoothness and detail, albeit with a leaner quality. Adding a touch more sparkle and thickness to the treble region could further enhance the listening experience.
  • Soundstage and Imaging: The TANCHJIM ONE Earphones offer an intimate soundstage, enveloping you in a world of music. The imaging, while satisfactory, could benefit from improved directionality and distance perception.

TANCHJIM ONE Earphones Review

Value and Competition

Priced at $25 (approximately INR Rs. 2100), the TANCHJIM ONE Earphones face competition from solid in-ear monitors like 7HZ Zero, KZ ZSN Pro X, and Tangzu Wan'er. Let's delve into a detailed comparison:


  • 7HZ Zero boasts slightly more sub bass than the TANCHJIM ONE.
  • The TANCHJIM ONE shines in the midrange, showcasing better ability and detail.
  • Soundstage is marginally wider on the 7HZ Zero.
  • The 7HZ Zero is easier to drive than the TANCHJIM ONE.


  • KZ ZSN Pro X features a bright tuning with sharp highs and heavy bass.
  • TANCHJIM ONE boasts better midrange and detailed tuning.
  • Choose ZSN Pro X for bass-heavy and energetic tuning; TANCHJIM ONE offers a more balanced experience.

Tangzu Wan'er vs. TANCHJIM ONE

  • Tangzu Wan'er impresses with quality sub bass and a grand presentation.
  • TANCHJIM ONE has a more forward midrange, while Wan'er's mids are slightly set back.
  • Treble region exhibits minimal differences.
  • Tonally, Wan'er is warm; TANCHJIM ONE is more neutral and natural.
  • Soundstage leans slightly towards Wan'er's favor.

TANCHJIM ONE Earphones Review

Pros and Cons:

 Pros Cons
Balanced and mature sound profile Treble could use more sparkle and thickness
Comfortable and ergonomic design Imaging lacks some direction and distance accuracy
Detachable 2-pin cable
Strong build quality



In the realm of budget-friendly earphones, the TANCHJIM ONE Earphones emerge as a clear winner. With their balanced sound signature, comfortable fit, and attention to detail in design, these earphones stand out. While the treble might benefit from a touch of enhancement, the overall experience is truly remarkable, offering an affordable gateway into high-quality audio. Whether you're a seasoned audiophile or a newcomer, the TANCHJIM ONE Earphones are a compelling choice that promises an enjoyable and authentic listening journey.

TANCHJIM ONE Earphones Review

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