Moondrop CHU 2 In-Ear Monitors Review: Ushering in a New Era of Budget Sonic Brilliance


Moondrop, a household name in the audiophile community, has captivated enthusiasts with remarkable products like Blessing 2, Starfield, Aria, and more. One of their earlier models, CHU, gained attention for its balanced yet bass-light sound signature. Moondrop, listening to feedback, now introduces the Moondrop CHU 2 In-Ear Monitors, addressing past concerns. In this comprehensive review, we delve into the capabilities of the CHU II.

Moondrop CHU 2 In-Ear Monitors Review: Ushering in a New Era of Budget Sonic Brilliance

Design and Build Quality

The Moondrop CHU 2 IEMs retain the elegance of their predecessor while incorporating enhanced functionality. Crafted from durable metal, the matte black finish exudes sophistication. On the left faceplate, a lotus-inspired design adorns, with a single petal on the right. This minimalist approach stands out effortlessly. The build quality of the CHU II is solid; however, concerns linger about potential color chipping over time. Notably, the removable brass IEM nozzle serves dual purposes – aiding maintenance and offering modification options. A decent cable accompanies the package, apt for the price point.

Comfort and Fit

The Moondrop CHU 2 guarantees comfort during extended usage, suitable even for small ears or as a thoughtful gift to females. The ergonomic design and lightweight structure make it akin to wearing Sennheiser IE 600s. The CHU 2 nestles comfortably, providing an unobtrusive feel. Remarkably, it secures its place as an ultimate choice under the INR 5000 budget for comfort and fit.

Moondrop CHU 2 In-Ear Monitors Review: Ushering in a New Era of Budget Sonic Brilliance

Sound Quality

Surprisingly, the Moondrop CHU 2 exhibits a departure from the brand's signature sound. Its substantial bass presence and rich audio presentation are impressive. The bass showcases exceptional weight and texture, enhancing the music's vitality. Vocals possess a lush, clean quality, while treble is crisp, layered, and detailed. The soundstage is expansive, coupled with accurate imaging. The Moondrop CHU 2 redefines expectations for an IEM under INR 2000, making it a recommended choice for both newcomers and seasoned audiophiles seeking quality sound without compromise.

  • Bass: Unprecedented bass prowess distinguishes the CHU 2 from its predecessors, delivering a lively and dynamic musical experience, complemented by well-defined sub-bass.

  • Midrange: Natural, realistic, and smooth male and female vocals shine on the CHU 2, with adequate weight and presence that surpass its previous iteration.

  • Treble: The musical treble exhibits both richness and precision, a testament to the CHU 2's versatile tuning, adding to an immersive auditory engagement.

  • Soundstage: The CHU 2 boasts an expansive soundstage with notable depth, effectively surpassing its price category.

  • Imaging: Similar to its previous version, the CHU 2 offers accurate and precise imaging, complementing its overall sonic prowess.

Moondrop CHU 2 In-Ear Monitors Review: Ushering in a New Era of Budget Sonic Brilliance

Value and Competition

Priced at INR 1890, the Moondrop CHU 2 faces robust competition from models like 7HZ Zero, Moondrop CHU 1, QKZ X HBB, KZ ZSN Pro X, Blon BL-03, and Tangzu Wan'er. A brief comparison illustrates the CHU 2's unique strengths against these contenders:

  • 7HZ Zero: The CHU 2's richer sound sets it apart from the 7HZ Salnotes Zero, especially in bass delivery.

  • QKZ X HBB: While warmer with more bass, the QKZ X HBB yields to the CHU 2 in terms of detailing.

  • CHU 1: The CHU 2 excels in bass presence and overall sound richness, outshining the CHU 1.

  • KZ ZSN Pro X: Though energetic, the KZ ZSN Pro X's bass lacks the refinement of the CHU 2's, slightly overshadowing its midrange.

  • Blon BL-03: With better bass performance, the BL-03 yields a textured midrange; however, the CHU 2 boasts superior detail and layering.

  • Tangzu Wan'er: The CHU 2, with its softer, well-rounded sound presentation, emerges as a more comfortable and preferable choice.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
- Value-for-money IEMs - Missing separate cable options (With Mic, Type-C)
- Beginner-friendly recommendation - Absence of Moondrop Spring ear tips
- Effortless to drive - Pouch size doesn't accommodate IEM shell
Powerful Sub-bass
- Realistic Midrange
- Musical and Detailed Treble
- Expansive Soundstage and Decent Imaging


Moondrop CHU 2 In-Ear Monitors Review: Ushering in a New Era of Budget Sonic Brilliance


If you've followed along this far, you might anticipate the verdict. The Moondrop CHU 2 garners a strong recommendation for those seeking a budget-friendly all-rounder IEM experience. Akin to preparing a fine dish, let your CHU 2 undergo 3-5 hours of burning time before embarking on your auditory journey into the audiophile universe. Impressively, the CHU 2 doesn't necessitate a DAC for solid performance, yet pairing with a decent DAC elevates the experience further. Should you desire a flat or mid-centric tuning, the previous CHU iteration suits your preference. At The Audio Store, we proudly offer the Moondrop CHU 2 – explore the link below to make it yours. Feel free to reach out on WhatsApp or call for queries or discussions. Thank you for sharing in our candid review – until the next one!

Moondrop CHU 2 In-Ear Monitors Review: Ushering in a New Era of Budget Sonic Brilliance

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