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DUNU S&S Eartips are designed to improve your listening experience with studio-level sound quality and comfort. These silicone eartips are specially designed to reduce outside sound and provide a better high-frequency extension for enhanced sound field scale and dynamic range. Available in sizes S, M, and L, these eartips are recommended for a size down in most cases.

3 Pair of Dunu S&S Eartips

Dunu innovates for music lovers. We've constantly been at the cutting edge of audio, creating premium, high-resolution, dynamic and hybrid in-ears for the most demanding audio enthusiasts!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jashandeep (New Delhi)
Great Fit and comfortable

I used it on Mangird Tea 2 which has very deep insertion and this was the most comfortable and best fitting ear tip that I got.

Thank you for your positive review! We're glad to hear that our Dunu S&S Silicone Eartips provided a great fit and comfortable experience for your Mangird Tea 2. We strive to provide high-quality products that meet our customers' needs, and we're happy to know that our eartips worked well for you.

L A (Shillong)
Dunu S&S Silicone Eartips. Size L

These tips fit just fine. Not the best isolation for my ears although it's negligible as it does not cause any hindrance to my listening session. These tips are very well made and looks like it will last for a very long time. I haven't noticed any any significant changes in the tuning or sound as of yet but I suggest one should trust their own ears and make the needed decision.

Thanks for the review! We're happy to hear that our tips fit well and that you're not noticing any hindrance to your listening session.

Rochishnu Das (Delhi)
An eartip that changes how your IEM sounds for better or for worse

I bought these for the S12 pro and the kiwi ears quintet. Mind you all of my observations are subjective and being in this hobby for quite a while I now understand how a person perceives sound may be different from one another as there are many variables like ear canal designs that may change how one perceives the sound.
Now after that disclaimer lets see what changes do happen when using the Dunu S&S eartips.

For the S12 pro I observed a slight increase in the note weight across the whole harmonic range. It made the bass more enjoyable and also there is now a touch of warmth to the vocals. Bass also slams harder. There is also a perceived difference in the soundstage as it sounded more wider with the S&S tips than with the stock tips. The treble is also smoothed out a bit. It seems the edginess of the instruments are taken out and it sounds a bit smoother. It also counterssibilance to some extent but don't expect it to magically make a sibilant iem non sibilant, No, it makes the sibilance a bit bearable. Also it provides excellent isolation.

Now for the kiwiears quintet. Things get interesting here. Everything I said above is also true for the quintet except that the soundstage somehow feels more intimate and less wider. Don't get me wrong the quintet still has a huge soundstage but not as large as with other tips (KZ Starline tips). Also the performance in the bass region increase a lot and the bass becomes more punchy detailed and heavy, like now it slams hard. Its still not basshead level hard but its enough to satisfy the bass itch. Treble is smoothed out again and now the fatigue associated with the quintet is reduced a lot. Its still extremely detailed and bright but now a bit smoother. Any hints of sibilance in the quintet is now almost gone. There is a touch of warmth added to the mids and the treble now takes a backseat. The vocals are now more forward in the mix. To be honest it sounds a lot like the hype 2 or the monarch, with the dunu S&S tips. Well not all is well and good. While positioning and imaging is still great on the quintets, the instrument separation takes a hit due to the more smoothed out treble I guess.

In my opinion the Dunu S&S tips are well suited for bright to very bright IEMS or if you have a IEM that you know have a reportedly good bass dynamics but you are unable to hear it then I guess you can try out this tips

Thank you for the honest review!

Pradeep Kulkarni (Hyderabad)
Awesome eartips

Fits perfect

Thank you for your feedback! We're glad to hear that our eartips fit perfectly and that you're happy with them.

Gurmehar (Bengaluru)
Really good for isolation

These have excellent noise isolation, the treble softens up a bit, the mid clears up and the bass tightens quite. Fits really well too.

Thank you for your review! We're glad to hear that you're enjoying our Dunu S&S (Stage & Studio) Silicone Eartips! They work great for isolation, and we're happy to see that they fit well too. Thanks again for taking the time to write this!

Joel Johny (Ahmedabad)
Unique fit, best paired with IEMs with short nozzles

It has a a snug fit to my ears.

When paired with my Dunu Falcon Pro, it brightens the sound a bit.

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