EarAudio 2.5mm male to 4.4mm female Adapter Cable

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Discover EarAudio, the Nagpur-based brand known for its premium handmade upgrade cables for IEMs and headphones. Elevate your audio experience with our interconnection and adapter solutions for DACs and amplifiers. Shop now for high-quality cables that deliver exceptional sound quality and durability.

Customer Reviews

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Rahul (Navelim)
Very well made adapter

Though I was a bit concerned to buy a dangling type adapter, the doubts were removed when it arrived. Very well made. good quality check and looks good too. Earaudio is also an Indian brand, so that's a bonus supporting a brand in a niche low volume area. Bought the 4.4mm to 2.5mm as well.

Thank you for the positive review of the EarAudio 2.5mm male to 4.4mm female Adapter Cable. We're glad to hear that you're happy with the product and that it meets your expectations in terms of quality and appearance. We're also happy to see that you appreciate our support of Indian brands, as this is a common trend among our customers. Thanks again for your feedback and we hope you have a great day.

Sudipt D. (Gurugram)
Cheap and best

Compared to the expensive balanced adapters this one is quite nice in quality and does the job perfectly.

Thank you for your feedback! We're glad to know that this adapter cable is affordable and performs well.

Vinay Sharma (Pune)
Good Quality dongle for reasonable price.

This works well. Quality is very good.

Coceeg Associates (Kolkata)

The Performance of this Balanced Adapter is Excellent.

Thank you for your review. We're glad to hear that you're satisfied with the performance of the adapter.

ashish chaudhary (Delhi)
Great build, great connection

TL;DR: EarAudio adapter is great, if you need balanced, go for it, its worth a shot.

Wanted to use my sennheiser HD660S with the balanced port of fiio btr5. I do use senns with ifi hip dac as my main driver, so just wanted to try the fiio balanced option. So, needed a converter which could convert 4.5mm male end of senns cable to 2.5mm male end (fiio has 2.5mm female input end for balanced connection).
Senns do come with 3.5mm regular cable so I had already used the fiio btr5 with senns (on 3.5mm) and was quite impressed with the output, but was still curious about balanced connection, so got the earaudio converter to give balanced a try and it was worth it.

The connector / converter (EarAudio 2.5mm male to 4.4mm female Adapter Cable) is of great quality, I don't think there's any loss in quality at all, at least while using with stock senns cable (which are already quite good). Serves the purpose well, build is great as well.

So, for someone who'd want a couple words about balanced connection, it's a hobby guys. For me, balanced (on fiio) sounded way better than single ended because fiio btr5 provides more power output in its balanced output than its single ended connection and secondly, btr5 balanced output is just way better in every way than its 3.5mm counterpart.

I used the adapter with senns hd660s, fiio fh3 (4.4mm balanced cable). For iems, its not that exciting to go balanced route as iem (in general) don't need that much power but if you have a full size headphone lying around which could use balanced, its worth a shot to try balanced (with something like btr5).

Caution: ifi hip dac also has balanced, but its balanced is useless for iem as it hisses a lot with iem, so before going balanced, make sure to read some reviews.

As for my iem, FH3 (with btr5), I'm using them with a balanced 4.4m cable which just changed the way it sounded originally. Fh3 with 4.4mm connection is a different beast, punches above its weight and in this particular case, the balanced connection was super worth it.

Hritik Roushan (Bengaluru)
Nice cable

The cable is pretty good, connection remain intact, also there is not any sound tuning change.

Thanks for the review! We're glad you like it.

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