EarAudio ARC-AG Pure Silve Upgrade Cable For In-Ear Monitors


Connector: 0.78mm 2Pin
Audio Jack Termination: 4.4mm
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Elevate Your Audio Experience with EarAudio ARC-AG Upgrade Cable

Unleash the full potential of your in-ear monitors with the EarAudio ARC-AG Upgrade Cable, a testament to audio engineering excellence. Crafted with precision and designed for audiophiles, this cable transforms your listening experience into a symphony of clarity and richness.


  1. Gauge: A robust 25 AWG ensures a stable and efficient flow of audio signals.
  2. Core Material: Featuring UPOCC+ V3 Pure Silver, the core delivers uncompromised conductivity and purity.
  3. Strands: 0.06mm*49 strands ensure meticulous construction for optimal performance.
  4. Outer Diameter: A sleek 1.2MM profile ensures durability without sacrificing flexibility.
  5. Litz: Type 4 with Concentric Stranding enhances signal transmission and minimizes interference.
  6. Insulation: TEFLON insulation guarantees electrical stability and long-lasting durability.
  7. Purity: 7N purity ensures that every note is delivered with unparalleled clarity.

Immerse yourself in the upgraded audio world as the EarAudio ARC-AG introduces a premium UPOCC+ V3 Pure Silver Litz cable. Experience a bass that is not only bold but perfectly controlled, enhancing the depth of your music. The true star of the ARC-AG lies in its ability to deliver a higher-resolution sound, creating an audio landscape where every nuance is vividly portrayed. The treble response is nothing short of outstanding, striking the perfect balance between crispness and warmth.

Key Features:

  • Bold and Controlled Low End
  • Higher Resolution Sound
  • Outstanding Treble Response
  • Premium UP-OCC V3 Pure Silver Litz Cable

Elevate your audio journey with EarAudio ARC-AG, where every note is an experience, and every beat is felt.

Discover EarAudio, the Nagpur-based brand known for its premium handmade upgrade cables for IEMs and headphones. Elevate your audio experience with our interconnection and adapter solutions for DACs and amplifiers. Shop now for high-quality cables that deliver exceptional sound quality and durability.

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