Effect Audio Ares S IEM Upgrade Cable For IEM

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Effect Audio

Connector: ConX 2-Pin + ConX MMCX / 4.4mm
Material: 4 Wires
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Introducing the Enhanced Effect Audio Ares S IEM Upgrade Cable

Elevate Your Listening Experience

Crafting an exceptional foundational series demands expertise and innovation. Our vision was to deliver remarkable value drawing from a decade of experience and research. Paying homage to our iconic ARES II cable, we've pushed boundaries to present the world with an Enhanced and Optimised sound that's both impressive and budget-friendly. The Signature Series boasts ConX-ready 2-pin connectors and a convenient carry pouch, adding extra value to your purchase. 

Mastering Sound, Material, and Design

Sound: Unveiling A New Audio Benchmark

Our legacy as Effect Audio hinges on exceptional sound. Amidst the rise of economical options, we confidently showcase our ability to offer exceptional value, exceeding sonic expectations even at the entry level.

Material: Where Excellence Meets Innovation

Sound innovation paired with top-grade materials sets our new series apart. Our flagship wisdom and years of experience culminate in fresh cable geometries and structures, ensuring Effect Audio's seal of audio excellence.

Design: A Visual and Textural Delight

Enhancing customer value, we present a custom Y Split and Termination for this series. Meticulously designed, the blend of polished aluminum and Forged Carbon Fibre delivers an aesthetic feast that captivates. 

Premium UP-OCC Copper Litz

Proprietary Dual Geometric Design

EPO* 24 AWG 4 Wires / 24 AWG 8 Wires

EA Ultra Flexi™ Insulation

ConX® Interchangeable Connector

Rhodium Plated Brass Straight Type Plug

In The Box -
1U Cable
1Pair ConX MMCX
1Pair ConX 2-Pin
1U Pouch

Warranty Period: 3 Months

Upgrade your in-ear monitors with Effect Audio - the leading handmade high-end upgrade cable makers based in Singapore. Our meticulously crafted cables provide a superior listening experience and unparalleled durability. Shop now at The Audio Store and take your audio to the next level!

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