FiR Audio Neon 4 IEM

FiR Audio

Selling Price:
Sale price₹ 199,990.00


1x 10mm Kinetic Bass Dynamic Driver
1x OpenDriver Balanced Armature Driver for bass
1x OpenDriver Balanced Armature Driver for mids
1x OpenDriver Balanced Armature Driver for highs (with Sound Reflector)

Freq. Range: 20-20kHz
Impedance: 22ohms
4.4mm balanced cable

Warranty Period: 1 Year from the date of Invoice
Covered: Manufacturing Defects Only
Warranty Form:

FiR Audio, a leading audio brand from the USA, specializes in crafting state-of-the-art In-Ear Monitors. Their cutting-edge technologies, such as Kinetic Bass, Open Acoustics, ATOM Venting, and Rigid Technologies, make their products truly exceptional. With FiR Audio, you get nothing but the best!

Customer Reviews

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Hitanshu Joshi (Surat)
Bass goes boom

Disclaimer: I prefer mid centric tuning with slight elevation in bass. 65% of my music library is vocal centric.
This is one of the best iem in my collection, this one was a shocker as I remember asking Pritam Bhai what iem would be detailed and have that good amount of slam he gave me two options ie900 and NE4 based on my preference but highly suggested to buy NE4 so I did. That all aside the iem can easily pass as a piece of art, not only that but the solid build quality is a statement in itself. The unboxing experience was also quite a premium one. Especially the included patch and letter makes you feel that you are now part of an elite club and the patch being its insignia.

The music part:
The iems follow a unique W shaped tuning that is quite un common in the current market where everyone is trying to make variants of the same sound signature. It sometimes feels that once you have heard one iem you have heard them all. Amass all the competition these iems do shine differently mainly due to their proprietary technology that is something never heard before.

Bass: Man, what can I say about bass this is one of the best bass I have ever heard in an iem. It feels like there is a subwoofer in your ears. you gotta hear it to believe it. As it has a mid-bass focused tuning so, the sub-bass section doesn't hit like crazy but man when the mid bass comes in it comes hard. Also, it’s not very bloaty or out of control there is a good amount of texture to it. Drums and bass guitars sound very natural and organic.

Mids: The iem’s late midrange dip around 700Hz makes it perfect for songs that are very lively, but due to this it can seem that vocals sometimes take a backseat. Not only that but guitars and male vocals sound great. Though male vocals are presented a bit warm because the pinna compensation starts a bit early compared to other iems in my collection. There is a dip at 3k Hz making female vocals a bit tamer. This all makes for a relaxed listening experience.

Treble: These iems have nice treble presence. The high hats and cymbals sound quite nice and not inorganic at all. There is also good amount of air in them making them sound surreal.

Tech: They are no slouch in the tech aspect. One of the largest stage I have heard in my collection. Also, they do seem more holographic than my Um mest mk2. The microdetails are quite prominent in my music library. Man, to be honest I have heard things in my music that I didn’t even know existed.
unlike regular comparison section I will like to just make a brief ranking section (of all Totl iems I own) in each section and then give my reason for it.
Bass: Ne4>Mest Mk2>U12t>ExE Gaea>CA ARA. I mean after reading the bass section I don’t think I need to explain it any further.

Mids: ExE Gaea>U12T=NE4>CA ARA>Mest mk2. I do prefer a bit of lean midrange as for me it brings out more of that texture in vocals. The NE4 mids are similarly tuned as u12t’s but both the peaks are a bit early making them warmer and quite relaxed.

Treble: ExE Gaea > NE4 > CA ARA > U12T> Mest Mk2 . The treble presentation is quite good in this iem but not as good as Gaea due to its tuning. But, Gaea sometimes feels a bit harsh to quite a lot of people due to this. The NE4 treble feels perfect.

Conclusion: These Iem have a very steep asking price. But if you ask me, I would definitely say that these are well worth it. One cannot listen to these crazy technical and lean sounding iems for extended amount of time it’s quite fatiguing. Whereas, that is what is unique about this set its quite non fatiguing not only that but it is fit and comfort is so good that it makes you feel like they aren’t in your ears at all. All these factors lead them to become my daily drivers.

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