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Introducing INTUAURA Splendor 2 IEM: A Sonic Masterpiece

INTUAURA Splendor IEMUnique Hand-Drawn Design

Elevate your style with the INTUAURA Splendor II IEM, a true masterpiece featuring a custom hand-drawn design. Crafted through advanced 3D printing technology, the solid semi-transparent resin shells undergo a seamless one-piece process, resulting in a high-end, exquisite, and upscale aesthetic.

High-End Dynamic Driver

Experience audio excellence with Splendor II's high-end dynamic driver, crafted in collaboration with Mr. Xie Yu, a renowned supplier. With a state-of-the-art Balanced Armature driver and an identical shell sound cavity as our acclaimed Lutzer Earphones, Splendor II ensures a distinctive and unparalleled sonic journey.

Precision Acoustic Structures

Immerse yourself in precise sound quality and clarity, thanks to deep collaboration with top-tier 3D printing suppliers. Splendor II's acoustic structures are meticulously crafted, enhancing the overall auditory experience.

A.W.C.T Acoustic Tuning Technology

Immerse yourself in a textured and comfortable sound experience with Splendor II's A.W.C.T acoustic tuning technology. The sound cavity absorption system absorbs inharmonic energy peaks, enabling extreme tuning strategies for realistic and detailed sound reproduction.

Radical Tuning Approach

Engineered by Mr. Tang, Splendor II delivers a fast and powerful bass, clear instruments, and vocals with a balanced and slightly pop-oriented sound adjustment. Say goodbye to muddiness or rigidity and embrace a new level of audio precision.


Ergonomic Design for Comfort

Enjoy a comfortable and prolonged listening experience with Splendor II's ergonomically designed fit. The earphones are crafted to ensure not only stunning audio quality but also a luxurious and enjoyable wear.

Higher-Quality Cables

Equipped with a high-purity copper 0.78 double-pin high-quality cable, Splendor II's custom 16-strand wire core enhances low-frequency performance. Experience excellent sound quality with minimal failure rates, all while enjoying the elegant visual experience of the cable's high-cost unequal curved surface design.

Frequency response range: 5Hz-50kHz (Free Field)

Effective frequency response range: 20Hz-20kHz(IEC60318-4)

DC impedance: 18.5Ω(土5%)

Sensitivity: 125dB/Vrms @ 1kHz(3dB)

Total harmonic distortion: <0.05% @1kHz

Plug specifications: 0.78mm dual pins

Cable length: 1.2 meters (+0.1 meters)

Warranty Period: 1 Year from the date of Invoice
Covered: Manufacturing Defects Only
Warranty Form:

Cable: 1-month warranty only for manufacturing defects only

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